Be Careful of the Meat Replacement in Your Diet

There’s a growing trend in our nation to eat less meat. What started out as Meatless Monday has now turned in the ever-increasing number of people who identify themselves as vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians.

Keith Mann also says that the trend to move away from consuming meat on a regular basis is being pushed forward by several factors. The cost of meat is one factor, the unwanted additives in meat like antibiotics is another, and just the overall desire to eat a heart healthy diet has fueled the trend to go meatless.

But the meat that is taken out of the daily diet has to be replaced with some other type of food, and some food choices are worse than meat.

When you take the steak, pork chop and bacon off the plate, what are you putting on in its place? If the meat-lovers pizza is being replaced by stuffed crust pizza and the morning bacon is being replaced by donuts, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Meat is not only a source of protein for the body, it also provides the body with several vitamins and minerals that dairy and plants just don’t have on their own. Trying to replace the missing meat protein with cheese, as many people do, often leads to increased fat intake since a small piece of cheddar cheese has triple the amount of fat as three ounces of lean beef. A well-rounded diet containing plants and diary is essential to maintain health when going meatless.

QNet Is Moving Their Manufacturing To India

QNet is a Hong Kong based online marketing company who has decided to move most of their manufacturing from all over the world, directly to India within the next few years. QNet has a very wide selection of products which include 30 different highly known brands that are divided up into 9 different categories. These categories are designed to help the lives of all of QNet’s customers and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

QNet’s products are focused on a variety of different topics including, health, nutrition, skin care, Swiss watches, and jewelry. These are just to name a few because QNet’s product base is limitless and customers can find anything they may need by just shopping with QNet (Twitter).

The knight began their business with South East Asia, but have now expanded to over 100 different countries located in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, East Africa, West Africa, Europe, and Russia.

Their manufacturing warehouses are located all around the world with more than 12 locations. Their distributing process is an exclusive franchise with their manufacturers. QNet does not stop at just products. They also offer services including vacation packages and online education services. QNet really has it all!

QNet has had difficulties with India in the past, but they have recently decided to invest a lot of money in manufacturing facilities with brand new product development in India. They currently produce watches and their one of a kind energy drink, Nutriplus in India. This is because the energy drink was specifically designed for the Indian market with the warehouse in Himachal Pradesh. QNet eventually wants to move this product to their global markets as well.

So, why are they going to shift their production to India? Well, QNet has become extremely successful since their launch in India 13 years ago, so they would expand this success significantly if they shift their production in full. It will give them a cost benefit of 8-12 percent, which is significant in a large company like QNet.

It was only three years ago that QNet decided to focus on more of a niche in their product development process. They would only choose items that people actually needed to enhance their daily lives. This decision is what really put the company over the top. They switched from lifestyle to life enhancement, which was a great choice because now, they can offer things beyond the everyday product, including education, weight management, water filtration, and air purification.

Benefits of Adding Vegetables to Your Diet

AVVO reports that everyone remembers the childhood drama of what happened to you when you did not eat your vegetables. As we grow up, science and medical studies are revealing that our parents got it right when they grounded us for not eating our vegetables. If we could spin back time, many would find that those beets, carrots and green beans are which once adorned our plates with dread are now missed. Adding vegetables to ones diet now can be as easy as adding a salad with each meal or adding green beans, broccoli or other vegetables as a side dish or even selecting desserts and food items which are made from 100% fruit and vegetables, including some juices and even pop cycles.

One should eat more vegetables knowing that there are four main benefits to vegetables. First vegetables reduce one from bloating. Most vegetables do not have the acidic base which can cause bloating in people. Second, the nutrients in vegetables provide a youthful glow to one’s skin and helps to prevent skin dryness and other conditions consistent with aging. Third, vegetables and the nutrients from them will help to protect one’s bone and reduce the effects of aging. This is an added help if one is living an active life style. Lastly, vegetables reduce stress and cleanse the body of free radicals which can cause other physical and mental illnesses to an individual. More Vegetables Equal a Healthier Life

America’s Favorite Restaurant Chain Develops The Ultimate Thickburgger

There are three foods of of which Americans have become popular for eating beginning at childhood. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato chips are the foods and now a Carl Jr.’s has combined all three of them together to create the ultimate burger.

The Ultimate Burger Home

Carl Jr.’s is know for making the heartiest burgers that are sure to fill their customers up before the last bite. They offer thick burgers, frisco melts, and breakfast sandwiches that only grandparents would make to ensure their family would not go hungry throughout the day. The burgers and sandwiches are not the only thing they are known for, but a complete meal will definitely satisfy the daily calorie intake for an entire day.

Are Sides Really Needed?

The Most American Thickburger is already over 1,000 calories itself, so who would even think about adding sides to that. Adding a fountain drink and fries would help anyone reach their calorie intake for the day, and they would have to spend at least an hour in the gym to burn off the greasy fat that is sure to clog pores.

Worth The Price?

An extremely large loaded thickburger with fries and a drink at Carl Jr.’s usually starts at no less than $8. The price on this new burger set to hit their menu late May is sure to exceed $8, and will be one of the priciest items on their thickburger. Your dog may enjoy eating your leftovers from Carl’s Jr. but you’re probably better off feeding them Beneful by Purina.

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Subway’s Defense Against Robbers

What happens when an individual attempts to rob a Subway restaurant? What happens when an individual looking for a place to hit up and get some cash chooses Subway? How will the life of that individual change? What is the likelihood of him or her getting caught? Pretty good, it seems, with a new idea that Subway has put into action.

Dating app users feel that it seems that Subway is protecting itself against robbers in a very unique way. It seems that Subway has set up a system that will spray robbers with DNA before they can escape what they have done. A new security system that Subway is implementing will spray robbers with DNA that will make them easily identifiable. This DNA is traceable and it will help Subway – and law enforcement – catch those who have robbed from the restaurant and are trying to get away from the mistake that they have made.

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Bye Bye Keurig, You’ve Price Gouged Us For Too Long

Keurig came into the United States in a wave of popularity. It wasn’t long before many homes and businesses had an expensive coffee machine available. Other major coffee brands came out with their own K-pods to keep up with the times. The entire time it was growing in popularity, some were pointing out the lengthy list of negatives to deaf ears. First of all the actual machine is expensive, the coffee is even worse. On average Keurig coffee costs about $50 a pound, be sure the general public is not crunching the number too much or there would be public outcry. Moving on to the environmental impact, those disposable little pods are only good for a single cup of coffee and then are chucked into the trash can, destined for a landfill. Keurig is on the decline, sales are down, popularity has dropped off, and k-cup sales are pitiful. It seems that the populous is finally wising up to the wasteful, and costly, ways of Keurig and moving on to other options. Keurig is still planning a comeback this holiday season but hopefully consumers will have wised up by then, enjoyed better coffee from other machines, and had a little extra money in the grocery budget from not having to buy any useless K-cups. The Aspire New Brunswick will likely offer a new and improved coffee maker at their luxury suites.

McDonald’s Shifting Toward Healthier Options

Why eat a cheeseburger with fries when you can have a grass-fed sirloin hamburger on an artisan role with sea-salted potatoes julienne? There has been an undeniable shift from convenient to healthy, natural foods lately, and even mighty McDonald’s is feeling the pressure to keep up.

Surrounded by a culture of healthy options and smaller portions, McDonald’s seems to still be stuck in the “bigger is better” era. Where the chain once joked about healthy options, such as kale like in a commercial seen at Reddit, McDonald’s is now scrambling to remain relevant. FreedomPop said the food giant has undergone several restructuring tactics, such as new personnel and a refocused menu, in order to attract customers back through the Golden Arches.

Could we soon see honest-to-goodness healthy alternatives at McDonald’s? Perhaps, but is the most-recognized fast food restaurant willing to bet it all on a new trend? Only time will kale..erm, tell.

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Kevin Bacon’s UK Selfie

Kevin Bacon has recently posted a selfie on Twitter and Instagram captioned “Greetings from the UK!” The pic has his fans super worried: it shows him noticeably much, much chubbier in the face. It is particularly mysterious considering the fact that he was publicly seen just weeks ago with his normal slim and trim figure.


Many speculate that in the picture he is wearing some sort of prosthetics for a new show, movie, or commercial. The last seems pretty likely; the actor has recently been starring in a number of commercials for a mobile network operator in which he has transformed his appearance in various ways. Then again, some have hypothesized other explanations: some say it’s a British look-alike others that it’s the result of an allergic reaction. At Amen Clinics, they can’t decide. There is seemingly few people who know for sure. The actor himself has remained mum on the subject.

Florida’s 1,200 Mile Coastline Is Being Swallowed By The Atlantic

Governor Rick Scott Is Skeptical Of Man-Made Climate Change So He’s Doing Nothing To Prevent The Upcoming Disaster

The nation’s oldest city is under attack by the sea, and no one is doing anything to defend it. St. Augustine has been around for the last 450 years but if sea levels continue to rise, the city might not survive the next thirty years. St. Augustine is one of many Florida cities that are facing disaster unless Governor Rick Scott wakes up and starts a state program that will help save Florida’s coastal cities.

Signs of the pending disaster are everywhere for Ivan Ong to see. Clean water wells are flooded with seawater, high tides floods the roads more often, and storm surges are taking a toll on buildings and homes that have been around for decades.

Under the guidance of Rick Scott, the state has done nothing to address this issue. Scott ignores all the warning signals as well as the experts that tell him he has to put a plan in place that will help these cities deal with rising sea levels. Scott can’t stop the water, but he does have the ability to organize a strategy that will help these coastal cities deal with rising water levels.

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Dress Was Years In The Making

If you paid attention to the Met Gala, chances are you paid attention to Rihanna whether or not you wanted too. This is because she had a dress that stood out by miles, almost literally. Her dress was the source of much water cooler chit chat, social media posts, and a large variety of memes.

In case you didn’t see it however, there are only two words to describe it. Yellow and huge. The dress was literally huge, covering lots of ground behind her as she walked. Kevin Seawright couldn’t believe his eyes at first.

Rihanna’s outfit wasn’t the most comfortable or attractive looking thing in my opinion. One thing many can agree on however is how much work probably went into making a dress with that much material! It’s quite impressive just looking at how much ground it covered. If anyone is wondering how long it took to make the answer is just a few years. That’s according to Reddit. ne lady named Guo Pei is responsible for the dress. She worked on this creation for 2 years and it looks like it paid off.

Rihanna loved it and it sure gathered a lot of compliments and attention. Even after the event is over with, people are still talking about it! They’ll probably be talking about it for a while to come as well just because of how different that dress was. I think we can all tip our hats to the creator though for that much dedication and work on one dress.

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