America’s Love Affair with Diet Soda May Be Over

Diet Soda falling out of favor with the public was prematurely made in 1997. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi sales were slumping. In the 2000s, the popularity of diet sodas resurged again, increasing by 30 percent with sales of $8.5 billion, a new record says Flavio Maluf.

It’s believed that once again, sales for diet sodas are going dry. Diet Coke’s sales have diminished by 15 percent in the recent two years while Diet Pepsi is down 35. Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet 7 UP are experiencing an even worse decline than Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke. Coke is fighting back with a new diet drink called Coca-Cola Life, and Pepsi just introduced Pepsi True; both these drinks are made with cane sugar and Stevia.

The blame is being put on America’s growing negative attitude towards artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame. There’s data out there that diet sodas contribute to belly fat rather than eliminate it. Other data claims diet soda dulls the brain’s senses to natural fruit sugar and can spike insulin levels in the body, putting the body into fat storage mode. Some experts claim diet soda leads to Type 2 Diabetes or make things worse for someone who’s already a diabetic. It’s believed diet soda can also lead to strokes, headaches, and heart disease. Diet soda has no nutritional value and can be toxic mixed with alchohol.

Intermittent Fasting Provides Health Benefits

Fasting is not a new concept. Our ancestors have fasted either out of necessity or because of religious belief since the dawn of time. Recent diet fads have included intermittent fasting as part of the plan to reduce weight. While the concept and act of fasting is nothing new, the realization of the health benefits fasting provides is new.

Fasting causes a drop in blood sugar, which forces our cells to work harder to use other forms of energy. SlideShare suggests that the extra energy expended not only cause the body to lose weight, but it also causes a slight rise in the release of free radicals within the body. Our cells respond to the increased free radical production by releasing natural antioxidants to combat the free radicals.

A study group was formed to study the effect of intermittent fasting on health, not weight loss. The study participants feasted and fasted, eating almost twice as much as normal on feasting day and only 25% of their normal diet on fasting days. According to blood samples taken before and after the feast and fast study, the researchers found decreased amounts of insulin and increased production of a free radical gene fighter called SIRT3.

Less insulin and more SIRT3 helps the body remain healthier and slows down the aging process by fighting free radical damage at the cellular level. The loss of a few pounds following an intermittent fasting plan is also good for health.

Antibiotic Use in Meat is Soaring Worldwide

America is quickly eliminating antibiotics from it’s meat, due to studies that indicated that the widespread use of antibiotics as a growth hormone is dangerous to humans, but now developing countries around the world are beginning to adopt the practice. The controversial practice has been linked to the increase of deadly antibiotic resistant super bugs, but developing nations are starting to treat otherwise heathly animals with antibiotics due to the increased demand.

Gianfrancesco Genoso said that the demand for meat, eggs, and dairy has increased as these countries continue to grow and expand, and the changing diets of the people in these countries have led farmers to turn to alternative methods including the use of antibiotics in order to meet that demand.

Just a few weeks ago, McDonald’s announced that they would no longer be using antibiotics in their healthy chickens, and that they would not be buying sick chickens. They said they would still use antibiotics to treat chickens who became sick after they purchased them. This is considered a tipping point for the poultry industry, as McDonalds is one of the biggest buyers of chicken, and one of the few large buyers that was still using antibiotics in their meat.

But a new study by the International Livestock Research Institution indicates that there is a much larger battle to be won, and that the dangers caused by using antibiotics to treat otherwise healthy livestock is far from over.

Olive Oil Offers Eight Health Benefits

It tastes good and is versatile, but who knew it was so good for you? Olive oil provides that delicate balance few food products do: it’s good and good for you. Consider these eight health benefits olive oil provides when deciding which type of oil you should use according to Dan Newlin:

* Olive oil contains omega-3, antioxidants and nutrients which support heart and brain health.
* When applied directly to minor wounds, olive oil reduces inflammation and speeds healing.
* Olive oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamins which speed up the healing process of burns.
* When rubbed on skin after exercise or sports, olive oil reduces muscles fatigue and prevent sports-related injuries.
* Olive provides a two-fold protection against stretch marks related to pregnancy and/or weight gain/loss. When rubbed directly onto skin, the oil keeps skin supple and smooth, helping to prevent stretch marks. When eaten, olive oil does the same thing from the inside-out.
* Olive is a natural sunscreen and protects skin against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.
* The vitamins and minerals in olive oil help prevent facial wrinkles and promotes smooth, youthful-looking skin.
* Promotes overall skin health. Instead of using a chemical-laden skin moisturizer, olive nourishes skin naturally. Olive oil us a natural and effective treatment for eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash and other minor skin problems.

Shake Shack Annouces That it Will Begin Using Non-GMO Buns

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO, has been a hot button issue for a while now, and now a major chain has taken a stance on the side against GMO. Shake Shack, by way of owner Danny Meyer, the popular diner known for it’s burgers and milkshakes has announced that it will stop serving buns made from GMO ingredients, and that in the future all of it’s buns, for both hamburgers and hot dogs, will be GMO free. The chain already sells GMO free potato rolls.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, the jury is still out on the health effects of GMO ingredients, but many people are choosing to err on the cautious side, and not without reason. The FDA approved the use of GMO without requiring farmers, companies or scientists to conduct long term studies on the health effects, and does not even require that they disclose whether food contains GMO ingredients, or if a particular food source is a GMO. It may turn out that most, if not all, GMO ingredients and food sources currently on the market are no different than their non-GMO counterparts, but it is hard to say for sure at this point.

No matter what side of the debate you stand on, the fact that a major chain like Shake Shack, is taking a stance on the issue is definitely interesting, and shows that there is widespread caution about the safety and possible health effects of GMO foods.

World Health Organization Says Limit Those Hidden Sugars in Foods

The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to limit consumption of hidden sugars in food products such as ketchup or sugary fizzy drinks, responsible for numerous health problems, including obesity, overweight and decay.

The World Health Organization says the main cause of numerous health problems, including obesity, overweight and decay is sugar as BizJournal has mentioned before.

According to new WHO guidelines, those sugars should not exceed 10% of the daily energy intake of the population, both adults, youth and small children.

This is the equivalent of 50 grams of sugar, which fits into 12 tablespoons of coffee.

WHO reminds everyone, many of sugars consumed today are “hidden” in foods that are not considered “sweet” in the strict sense, like sauces and beverages.

A tablespoon of ketchup represents 4 grams of hidden sugar, and a can of sugary soda can contain up to 40 grams, the equivalent of about 10 teaspoons.

The WHO considers it desirable not exceed 5% of daily energy intake.

It proposes measures such as better food labeling, in which the amount of hidden sugars are included.

Also desirable would be less “advertising campaigns toward children as a target audience for products with high content of such sugars.”

BRL Trust: Services for Serious Investors

Their Services

The company known as BRL Trust has a variety of valuable services that they offer to interested parties. They have fantastic fiduciary services that help give investors streams of confidence in their actions. BRL Trust has innovative techniques that assist all types of people in managing their financial accounts. They have the ability to give control and guidance to financial customers. Their business is poised to directly help others manage their assets and protect them. Additionally, BRL Trust helps people with asset writing and risk protection services.

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When finding assistance in investing in the market place it is important to locate a reliable, trustworthy company like BRL Trust. Their services to investors are ground breaking, and they have the experience to ensure investors that their money is safe in the market place.

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The company has been authorized by the Securities Commission to assist investors with their custodial and controlling services. The custodial services they provide are helpful to both businesses and consumers. They are able to give custody and settle assets, which includes cash settlements. They are also able to help corporations with some of their investing procedures. They provide controlling services that can be very helpful for corporations in setting up their investment opportunities for their employees and outside parties. The custodial services they provide include setting share prices and controlling shares, as well as many other custodial services.

Other Services From BRL Trust

BRL Trust has a plethora of other services they offer to clients. They have investment solutions for both individuals and corporations. Their asset management and protection services assist people in protecting and maintaining their share of assets. They also have asset writing services that can assist people in all parts of the world. The company is based in Brazil, but they can assist people in other countries, as well.

What’s in Your Milk? May Be Illegal Antibiotics

The FDA has recently discovered a few dairy farmers are giving their milk cows antibiotics that were never intended to be given to cows.

Farmers are allowed to give their diary cattle antibiotics when the need arises. They are also required to put the milk from those cows on hold so that it does get to market during the time the cow is taking antibiotics. Milk shipments are regularly tested for six commonly given bovine antibiotics. Gianfrancesco Genoso pointed out that if traces of those antibiotics show up in the milk during testing, the milk is pulled and never makes it to your grocers shelf.

The FDA discovered some dairy farmers hae been giving their cows antibiotics that are not intended for bovines and which do not show up in the standard milk testing. The kicker to discovering the un-approved antibiotics in the milk is that the FDA can’t do anything about it. They don’t know which dairy farmers are the guilty ones.

Samples of milk were taken as part of a study and were all taken anonymously. Currently, the FDA has no way of knowing which dairy farmers are giving their cows un-approved antibiotics and which ones are not. You may be getting a little more than you bargained for in your glass of milk today.

Ramen Noodle Doodle

Well if you’re like me then you’ve been in college, and you’ve been broke. And usually you’ve been the two simultaneously. With only a few dollars left in your bank account, it’s really quite hard to figure out how to meal plan. Instead of just saying I can’t get anything for those 2 bucks and choosing to starve, turn to Ramen Noodles.

Ramen Noodles are a staple in any college kids cabinet as Susan McGalla is very well-aware. They were created by businessman Momofuku Ando because he thought that noodles were the cure for world hunger. Hey, even if they weren’t they were certainly the cure for hungry college kids on a budget.

According to Grub Street Ando would have celebrated his 105th Birthday just a few days ago. Google did a nice little tribute. He was the reason behind the little Google doodle on the home page.

Ando passed away in 2007 so he never got to see the doodle. He did, however, get to see the success of his popular Ramen Noodles. That’s something he’s can be proud of. I’m fairly positive that Ramen Noodles will be around for years to come due to their possibility. So, here is hoping that on Ando’s 200th Birthday he gets another Google tribute!

I’m beginning to think that Ramen Noodles will outlive people in that sense.

KFC Can Sell Pot In Colorado

KFC Got A Cannabis Retail Recreational Marijuana / Medical Cannabis Occupational Business License

Will medicinal fried chicken be on the menu at all the KFC locations in Colorado this year? The KFC Corporation may have that thought in the back of their minds since they can now add a pot dispensary to their marque in that state stated Susan McGalla.

Franchisees in the state can now add that name and service for an additional $35,000 fee. The suits at KFC saw the numbers posted by pot sales in the state, and they wanted a piece of the action. All they had to do was get a Cannabis Retail Recreational Marijuana / Medical Cannabis Occupational Business License, and it was approved in February.

Customer coming into KFC to buy weed must have a picture ID with a birth date that says 21 or older. Those customers can only purchase 28 grams at a time. Non-residents can only buy a quarter bag at one time. KFC’s cash business will certainly increase since pot can only be purchased with cash. The new edibles on the menu include Macaroni Munchies, Bong Time Biscuits and Smashed Potatoes. They are all made with a mixture of butter and pot.

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