Pizza Hut Pizzas Larger and Saltier in U.S.

A study done by the group World Action on Salt and Health has turned up some interesting disparities between Pizza Hut’s pizza in the U.S. as opposed to in Canada and other foreign nations.

The U.S. pizzas were found to be 70 percent saltier overall. The saltiest of all Pizza Hut’s pizzas, the thin-crust pepperoni, had about 2,160 mg of salt per slice. In Canada, that same slice of pizza would only have 1,436 mg of salt. The Veggie Lover’s pizza had 472 mg of salt per slice in the U.S. but only 194 mg in Canada. The pepperoni pan pizza and the Meat Lover’s pizza were also involved in comparisons between U.S. salt levels and those of Canada and New Zealand.

There are differences in the types of pizzas offered in different nations, so everything could not be fairly compared. But everything that could be compared consistently showed that the U.S. pizzas were saltier. Those U.S. pizzas were also 40 percent larger than those in Canada, but the comparisons were done on a salt-per-ounce basis and only then extrapolated to a per-slice basis.

Thus, we see that Pizza Hut chooses to make its U.S. pizzas bigger and saltier than its foreign ones. The reason is obviously based on demand. Americans, including Christian Broda, want saltier food and more of it. We probably get way too much sodium, however, and should take a cue from foreigners here.

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Mission BBQ recites “The Star-Spangled Banner”

September 11th, 2001 is a day that will be remembered in everyone’s hearts. It was the day of multiple terror attacks on the United States, including the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City where thousands of lives were lost. Each year as a country we remember September 11th and Honor those that lost their lives. One, Virginia Beach restaurant honors September 11th every day. 

Mission BBQ in Virginia Beach, Virginia celebrated their grand opening on September 11th 2001. It became a day they would never forget. Since that day and every day since Mission BBQ has paid tribute to those that lost their lives on that terrible day. Every day the staff and diners stand and join together at noon to recite “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The restaurant gets a large lunch crowd. It is said that at noon every day a staff member gets on the intercom and invites everyone to stand and face the flag that hangs in the middle of the restaurant. Together the staff and patrons sing the national anthem. What an awesome way to remember the fallen, not just once a year but every day. 

If one is ever in Virginia Beach, it would certainly be a good idea to certainly be have lunch at Mission BBQ. Might even be a good place to bring your Skout dates. Honoring the fallen during the noon time hour is a practice that can enrich the mind and soul.

Boarding Passes Used to Have a Security Breach

A security breach for Delta Airlines was allowing any passenger to access the boarding pass of another passenger to check-in. All a passenger who had a valid boarding pass needed to do was, switch the URL numbers. The information that could be seen was the passenger’s name, their flight, and even their frequent flyer number. With this information it was possible for anyone, possibly even Igor Cornelsen,  to go ahead and cancel a stranger’s flight. The boarding passes were not protected at all. This security breach could have hurt passengers if Delta Airlines had not addressed the security issue.

Flight safety has been a big concern for Americans ever since 9/11. Airlines have employed different measures of security for passengers. Passengers have to go through security before boarding a flight. Certain items have been prohibited. All of these have been procedures established by airlines to ensure passengers are safe. Security breaches like this one can be a concern for passengers. Although, airlines do not do this intentionally, it is problematic. If simple things like this can be done, it is difficult to imagine what else someone could do. Boarding passes up to now were not protected. There are so many security measures it place, and yet there are still flaws. Information like this should not be released to the public. Instead of alerting the public for their safety, it just opens the door to hackers.

Bulletproof Coffee, Healthy or Not?

Bulletproof coffee is a concoction of coffee, butter, and medium-chain triglyceride (MTC) oil. This coffee, weighing in at a whopping 450 calories, is said to promote weight loss according to the New York Times . The recipe that inspired Bulletproof coffee got it origins in Tibet where such a concoction was the mainstay for Mr. Asprey as he hiked the mountains of Tibet, drinking yak tea to restore his strength. Mr. Asprey first posted a blog about this coffee confection in 2009, calling it “bulletproof”, a name suggestion given to him from a friend because the coffee makes you feel as if you are bullet proof. As this post became highly popular he developed his company, Bulletproof Executive, which now has 20 employees.

Bulletproof coffee is not simply coffee, butter, and oil, and Sam Tabar knows this. The coffee beans must be low-mold beans, the butter, unsalted, and the oil of the finest quality. It is advised to begin low and slow on the MTC oil as it can have negative effects on the digestive track until the body adjusts. Many people make the mistake of not blending the butter and oil into the coffee. If the butter and oil are simply added to the coffee, unblended, the coffee appears to have an oil slick on top, which is most unappetizing. Blended, the concoction is compared to a latte.

Sugary Treats Do Not Cause Hyperactivity

Many parents forbid their children to have sugary treats, like candy and sodas, except on rare occasions, because they say it will make their child hyper for hours. While allowing children to have sugar only on occasion is a good thing for their overall health, sugary treats do not cause and will not cause them to be hyperactive Andrew Heiberger says, according to documented research.

The mythical ‘sugar high’ that parents for decades have claimed their children get after eating candy is just that, a myth. The recent results of a double-blind study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that when all participants of the study (children, parents and researchers) were kept in the dark regarding which children received a sugary treat and which children received a placebo food containing a sugar substitute, the behavior of all the children were unchanged after ingesting the food item.

In other words, the study concluded that the sugar high is all in the mind and does not exist in the physical body. Sugary treats do not cause hyperactivity in children (nor adults). Too much sugar will still cause tooth decay, weight gain and a host of other health problems, but not hyperactivity.

Man Eats 24 Burgers in Under 20 Minutes

Everyone builds up a bit of an appetite every now and then, but one man can really put away the food. A competitive eater named Furious Pete recently showed up to a Las Vegas eating competition and scored an incredible win. The challenge, which was put on by master chef Brian Massie, was to fully consume 24 hamburgers within 24 minutes. 

Furious Pete proved that he was indeed up to the task. Furious Pete ate all 24 burgers in 19 minutes and a few seconds; finishing the competition with time to spare. It should be noted that the hamburgers eaten in the competition where reported to be of “decent” size. Not the small White Castle style burgers that are easy to consume.

Andrew Heiberger says that despite his frenzied consumption of the hamburgers, Furious Pete still managed to offer up some critique of the burgers. According to Furious Pete, the hamburger buns where too hard. He thought that maybe the had been sitting under a heat lamp for too long. Also, he didn’t particularly like the chef’s special sauce. Hopefully for Pete, the meal was on the house.

The Antique Wine Company: Why AWC is the New Black When It Comes to Wine

Everyone enjoys wine every now and then. There are good wines and bad wines, cheap wines and expensive wines, affordable wines and extravagant wines, and there are antique wines. The various health benefits related to wine probably make it such a popular option. It can prevent anything from heart issues to brain decline. Most people dabble in wine on a daily basis but cannot claim any sort of expertise. Some wine companies, however, make choosing the right wine for special occasions, daily victories or even investment purposes extremely easy. For absolute fine wine, the name that pops into any wine connoisseur’s mind is AWC.

AWC is the last word in wine for a number of reasons. Their CEO, Stephen Williams, is a wine connoisseur himself and he’s elevated his hobby to an art and then to a successful business. Stephen Williams used to work in the banking industry and one of his hobbies was to entertain his clients with the help of fine wine. One day, he realized that the market had a huge gap when it came to catering to private users with fine wine. Thus, AWC was established and it has been 25 years since it was founded. Both Stephen Williams and AWC have not looked back since then, and have expanded to other products, and into social media at the same time.

AWC not only deals with deliciously decadent and fine wine, the company advises buyers about how to make the right choice from their extensive collection. Wine cellars are also managed by AWC all over the world in various palaces, chateaux and hotels. It also finds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling 1811 Chateau d’Yquem, the most expensive wine bottle of the world and celebrating the film Titanic’s launch in 1997 to Paramount Pictures with the help of a collection of various 1912 wines signifying the year of Titanic’s (the ship) launch.

Majority of current wine sales of AWC come from their recent vintages. Collectors and wine lovers are guided by the experts of AWC into choosing the current vintages which would go on to become the most popular antiques in the future. Everyone dreams of having such a wine vision and the experts at AWC actually possess it. They have helped people in realizing their love of wine and converting it into investments that pay in the future.  In 2011, AWC launched the Wine Academy where food pairings, masterclasses and tasting is offered with the help of the best sommeliers in the industry. People who want to pursue this as a career can also study WSET here. The events of AWC are never ending and a dream come true for lovers of wine.

They have a host of experts, and are always looking to hire more, but to this daythe most popular events are those hosted by Stephen Williams. There was a Burgundy Masterclass which was attended by Robert Joseph – award winning author and wine expert. Both horizontal and vertical tasting events are hosted by AWC. Horizontal tastings involve the same vintage coming from different locations. In vertical tastings, one winery is chosen and the patrons taste different vintages offered by the winery. AWC’s annual pinnacle tasting event is soon going to be announced. It is a much awaited event by all wine lovers and fans – dabblers, experts and others.

Rogue Ale Brewing Company Combines Hot Sauce with Stout Beer For an Interesting Christmas Gift

Rogue Ale, an Oregon based brewery, is at it again. The company that is known for their unique and fun concoctions, are now taking pre-orders for a new brew; their Srirachi Hot Stout.

The stout, which uses real srirachi for flavor, promises to deliver a bit of heat with the dark richness of a stout. The stout at Rogue Ale is similar in nature of Guinness or Killian’s.

As a bit of a novelty, Sriracha Hot Stout would make a great Christmas gift for the beer lover in everyone’ life. The stout is packaged in a bright red bottle, with the Srirachi rooster emblazoned on the front. A green cap finishes off the package.

Rogue is planning to ship the beers, which run $13 a piece, on December 8th. They will also make their way into stores, although which chains has yet to be announced, sometime after that.

Rogue produces beers, spirits and sodas, among other beverages. They are known for their unique concoctions and flavor combinations, as Keith Mann has tried a few while in town. Rogue Ales was founded in 1988 in Ashland Oregon. Since then, they have partnered with several different companies to bring fun and unique ales and sodas to the market. Most recently they partnered with Voodoo donuts to create a Bacon Maple Ale, which was thought to complement the bacon maple donut, available at Voodoo Donuts.

That’s a Spicy Beer

Micro brews are all the rage in the would of beer today. The big named brands have attempted to silence the small brewers that dot the landscape of our great nation. In true American home grown spirit, these small brewers keep marching on. Big business may have the market cornered on mass produced average beer, but for the consumer who prefers quality and taste over the popular brand, micro brews are the way to go. 

Simple beer flavor is a thing of the past in the micro brew business. Enthusiast Andrew Heiberger says the beer is produced on a small scale and quality is the utmost of importance. The brewer adds different ingredients to the basic beer mixture to allow for more flavor notes in every sip. These micro brews are meant to be savored and not merely guzzled down. The individual flavor notes dance on the tongues of happy customers. 

Rogue Ales, based in Oregon has come up with a new brew that will add a little zip to any holiday party. They have incorporated Sriracha into the new brew.

Sriracha is a spicy sauce traditionally used in many Asian dishes. Adding Sriracha to dishes brings out the underlying flavors of the ingredient. Added to beer, the Sriracha will have the same effect. The added spice will bring out even more flavors in the beer due to the liquid content. Sriracha Beer will, no doubt, be a hit during the Holiday season this year.

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