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Foreign exchange market with Greg Secker


Foreign exchange market is a decentralized international platform for currency trading. It is the largest liquid market with an average of $5 trillion daily trading volume. Forex trade is made all day, unlike the stock exchange. Forex trading is all about transacting using a suitable currency, be it the US dollar or the sterling pound. Either way, anyone can make profits whether the market is up or down.

An advantage of trading in Forex is that it is effortless and easy to start since you can begin with 250 US dollars. Forex has demo accounts for a personal training on how the Forex platform works. You need to trade online making it easier to make trades anywhere and anytime.

The First success tip for successfully trading on Forex market is choosing appropriate software. The software you use will determine your chances for making profits. One is kindly advised to investigate other options available and pick the suitable software that best suits them. Secondly, find a successful mentor to lead you to a suitable trading style and method. Thirdly, stick on one long-term trading strategy, learn it well and understand it to avoid confusion. Another important tip is to keep your fear, regret, frustration, anger emotions out of your trades because it only worsens results.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and philanthropist globally known as the master trader. The England born trader graduated from the University of Nottingham with a bachelor in agricultural and food science. Greg began working at Thomas cook financial services as a trading technologist. Greg later became Mellon financial corporation vice president. At Mellon, he learned and followed best financial traders footsteps. Greg later resigned from his position at Mellon and started his own companies to work together to allow Greg to help people become skilled operators so that they can improve their lives. His companies include Knowledge to Action Group, Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index, and Smart Chart Software.


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Vincent Parascandola-A Financial Services Executive Icon


Vincent Parascandola is an accomplished financial services executive at AXA Advisors in New York City. He currently holds the position of Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. He has over 25 years experience in the securities industry and has held a securities registration for the duration of his tenure.


Prior to his current position he held a number of increasingly responsible executive roles including President of the Advantage Group, and prior to that worked at MONY Life Insurance Company where he held a number of important executive management roles.

Because of his driven success he is requested as guest speaker at GAMA’s National LAMP meeting and uses that platform to inspire future financial advisors in the field.


Vincent’s ability to mentor his executive management team has lead him into the leadership role that he has today. At AXA Advisors he is tasked with the responsibility of meeting sales goals, recruiting and retaining of executive level management, and as a driven coach and mentor he is also responsible for the development and training of new financial advisors.


At AXA Advisors, he is also responsible for the continued growth and profit of the company as well as business expansion and community and employee relations. As a business executive he can help his customers meet their financial goals and help them keep their business on the right track.


With driven success come rewards. Some of Vincent Parascandola’s accolades include GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. During his early years he earned the title National Rookie of the Year.


Vincent Parascandola holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University. Check out his Facebook page for more information.

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How Why Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes The Internet of Things Will Bring Marketing Into The 21st Century


When people think of marketing they might think of the popular show Mad Men which depicts an era of advertising, a component of marketing, as it was during the 1960s. Through that lense marketing looks as though it is all about wheeling and dealing, selling snake oil and coming up with visually appealing advertising campaigns. While visuals are no doubt an important part of running a successful marketing campaign it suffices to say that marketing is much, much more than that. Marketing is a discipline that is both an art and a science. It requires a flair for writing and creating innovative ideas and the ability to understand important marketing tools such as the SWOT analysis and the customer journey. Marketing is much more than slogans, catchlines jingles and crisp videography or beautiful photographs. It is understanding how to tie all of those things together in a way that will influence a customer to take a very specific action. That said, however, in order for a marketing campaign to be effective a marketer must have enough solid information about the target demographic and on how consumers behave with regard to the product or service that is being sold to them.

While having a gut instinct or intuition about how to anticipate changes in the marketplace can be valuable at times it is best to make decisions about how to reach out to a consumer demographic based on solid data. These days there is more marketing data available to marketers and the companies that employ them then there has ever been because of the internet. This information is valuable but due the Internet of Things technology has the power to yield even more useful data about consumers’ behaviors and expectations. According to technology enthusiast and entrepreneur Jason Hope the Internet of Things will likely be one of the most important trends to impact how marketing is done in the coming years. One of the things that Jason Hope pointed out in an article for the website is the fact that the Internet of Things has a lot of potential to impact way that marketers are able to approach the concept of the customer journey.

They will likely be able to know more about the series of touch points and actions that a customer takes that eventually leads to them purchasing a product or a service. In his article Jason Hope notes that these devices, whether they are smart sneakers or smart watches, will be able to collect real time data on how they are being used that can be connected to a marketing team’s CRM software that can result in demystifying the customer journey and giving marketers up explicit tactics that they can use to reach the customer. Marketers will also be able to access information such as knowing where an item was purchased and the exact time that it was purchased which might be useful in helping them determine the best times to send out marketing messages via email or social media.

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Essential Information on NuoDB SQL Database Technology

NuoDB SQL database technology is an SQL system for distributed deployment in the cloud. It is a NewSQL database with traditional SQL databases features and incorporates the characteristics to support scale-out procedures in cloud computing activities. Application programs use SQL statements to communicate with NuoDB. NuoDB groups data components into atoms for easy transmission. NuoDB Inc. software vendor develops and market NuoDB. The software has advanced over the years and is currently in Release 2.0.3.

The database is using the tiered approach that comprises of multiple and redundant storage managers(SM) and transaction engines (TE). This strategy assists in scaling data in the cloud. Adding SMs and TEs helps in boosting database capacity. The SQL database was to align and expand IBM relational database rules and enhance data security. NuoDB partnered with CauseSquare in 2017. NuoDB was the official database for social engagement that connects organizations and causes with volunteers and donors.

NuoDB is a data company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB serves Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, UAE Exchange, and Alfa Systems. Gartner Magic Quadrant recognized the data entity for operational database management systems and visionary for its applications. Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey founded the company in 2008 as NimbusDB before changing to NuoDB in 2011.

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Lime Crime vs The Competition


When it comes to cosmetic makeup in general, the industry is made up of numerous products such as foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, eye liners, lip toppers and more. Just about every popular brand in the field has products across the board. Companies like L’Oréal, MAC, Maybelline and Almay have been running the industry for years. Their products are made of high quality, especially when being compared to other brands. Unfortunately, these companies have become a bit stagnant as of late. There just isn’t anything new or innovative that’s sprucing up from these respectable names. Fortunately, there is hope for the industry, and that hope has come in the form of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime has been around since 2008, and it has grown into a worldwide powerhouse. These are some of the most brilliant products on the market today. The company’s CEO, Doe Deere, has started a revolution of change thanks to her unique personal style. Bright colors and intensely deep hues is the formulation here. Users will be addicted to wearing these innovative cosmetics. For those who want a certain appearance or just want to stir up a commotion, this is the right product line to use. The company’s mission is to provide the very best of colors, which emits true expression. Users of the products are not discriminated against as this is a modern day unisex brand. Every base seems to be fully covered.

Competitor brands tend use a lot chemical additives to their products, which can cause a number of skin issues like itch, pimples and rash. The consistency for many of these products are thick, which can clog the pores. When pore are clogged, issues commence. This is why Lime Crime stands out among the competition as it is vegan made, it’s animal cruelty-free, and it’s safe to consistency use. When it’s all said done, there is no competition at this point in time.

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Samuel Strauch Influences Foreign Investors To Bring Business In Real Estate


Samuel Strauch is an alumnus of Hofstra University located in New York, Erasmus University and finally the Harvard School. He majored in business management. His passion in banking as a career began after his graduation.

He later joined his family in the real estate business. The firm was located in South Florida. Samuel Strauch then started his company in 2002. He focused on the growth of major areas like equity sourcing, complementary enterprises, management, brokerage in real estate as well as platform integration.


One of his best attributes is his curiosity which has contributed to his passion for exploring businesses as well as partnerships. Being an avid photographer, Samuel Strauch enjoys life’s deep exploration, and he has a different approach towards work. To him, it does not matter if it is a big or a small detail in life as long as it can be explored and brought to success. He has passion for helping people in different sectors of investment. He is a dedicated investor in several internet businesses as well as restaurants. Samuel Strauch loves photography too.

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In an interview with IdeaMensch, Samuel Strauch was asked about the establishment of his business in real estate. He stated that having worked in Miami for years, he spotted a business opportunity in the real estate industry because of several businesses. He then decided to explore the niche by investing in the ever growing business. Samuel Strauch thought it wise to bring investors together and influence them into contributing to his idea.


As the principal of Metrik Real Estate, Strauch understands that foreign investors are interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to grow their shares in the market. He uses their interests to influence their participation in real estate. With the expectation of a rise in the business, Samuel draws foreign investors while protecting the assets of the natives.

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The “Voice” for World Activism: Avaaz


Avaaz, named after the Persian word “avaz,” meaning “voice,” is one of the single largest activist platforms in the entire world. Avaaz was founded in January of 2007 by Ricken Patel, a promonent political activist and alumni of both Oxford University and Harvard, from which he graduated first in his class and Tom Perreiello, a well known congressman from Virginia in The United States of America. Since its founding, the platform has grown rapidly into a worldwide presence that operates internationally and is home to approximately 45,000,000 users across and around the world.

Issues key to Avaaz’s activism include, fighting for human rights, raising awareness concerning global climate change, animal rights as well as specific political policy issues, such as those recently enacted by Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America. One of the aspects of Avaaz’s program policy which makes it quite unique amongst big time political and cultural activist groups is that, despite its size, it is entirely grassroots funded and refuses to accept donations or contributions for big corporations or foundations. Additionally, the group never accepts more than $ 5000 US dollars per donation. In 2009 alone the group crowd funded over $ 21 million US dollars or around £ 12.4 million British pounds.

Due to how successful the group has been in its activism, Avaaz has garnered a great deal of mainstream support from various prominent figures such as statesmen and celebrities. Some of the group’s supporters include luminaries such as climate change activist and politician, Al Gore, who said of the organization, “Avaaz is inspiring, and has already made a difference.” Other supports include Dr. Barbara Hendricks, the Federal Environmental Minister of German, who said of Avaaz, “I would like to thank the millions of people who have joined Avaaz in the effort to increase pressure on World Leaders to act now, not tomorrow.” Perhaps their most well known and beloved supporter is longtime political activist and famed musician, Peter Gabriel who stated that in a increasingly divided world, Avaaz was one of the few organizations which was not only putting power in the hands of the people, but was also doing its utmost to bring those very same people closer together.

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How Karl Heideck Demystifies The Roles Of A Litigator


Litigation attorneys have always been at the neck of cases such as crime, persons seeking compensation and other related legal issues. In their line of work, most people believe that these professionals are tasked to handle civil cases in disregard of the already defined boundaries in this noble profession. To a large extent, the reigning confusion comes in when the legal attorneys are witnessed preparing various cases for trial, yet most of these cases do not advance to the trial stage. Suffice to say; the proceedings always advance as scheduled only that the defendants in most cases agreed to take the plea in cases such as accidents.

Understanding the Roles of a Litigator
It, therefore, goes without saying that most individuals least understand the various roles of a civil litigator, and his role in a case to say the least. A look at their career spotlight defines their roles from the moment they pick up a case until the time it reaches the trial. It, therefore, means that a civil litigator’s work starts promptly from the investigation, where he has to arrange for collection and subsequent recording of vital pieces of evidence that in turn strengthens the case at hand. When the two sides deem it fit for a consensus to be reached just before they file a lawsuit, they can strike new terms that end up saving time and finances involved in the case.

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Karl Heideck: the Experienced Contract Attorney
Karl Heideck confirms that the daunting task which civil litigators always face is finding the resolve the cases before they reach a pretrial stage. He asserts that litigators always look up to experienced civil litigators in the industry; to sail through such cases. As a respectable personality in this department, Karl Heideck turns out as an experienced contract attorney with an outstanding experience in civil litigations.

His Qualifications and Responsibilities
Karl Heideck is a holder of Bachelor of Law Degree from James Beasley Law School. Since 2009 he has handled various consultancy services such as commercial litigation and risk management assessment. Since mid-2015, he has worked at Hire Counsel as their Senior Litigation Officer handling corporate law and employment proceedings. Karl Heideck also turns out as a writer on various legal issues in local dailies and journals.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Changes Lives


Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who was born into a medically focused family, and she is someone who used the knowledge that she gained in her early years to help her become great at the career that she chose for herself. Her mother worked as a surgical nurse, and her father worked as a dentist. She grew up in a home where she was exposed to medical issues regularly, and she learned a lot through all that was experienced by her parents. She works as a plastic surgeon, and her early life was influential regarding the way that she works now.

When someone has a passion for something, they accomplish great things. Dr. Jennifer Walden is someone who has a passion for the work that she does. Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews is someone who cares about all of the jobs that she completes and she cares about the patients who come to her for help. She gives of herself because of the passion that she has. She is dedicated to doing things well, and she puts all that she is into the work that she completes on Walden’s patients.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a media commentator and a medical consultant. She is someone who has much information to share with the world and who is not afraid the share all of her knowledge with those who would like to learn through her. She is someone who has a heart for those out there who are looking to change some aspect of their body.

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Fabletics Knows to Use Crowd Power for Successful Opportunities


Ever since Fabletics first started, they have been helping their clients and they have been doing what they can to show people what they need to get out of different situations. By remaining committed to all of their clients, Fabletics has shown them what will make their lives better and how things can be changed depending on the issues that they have with the clothing that they would normally wear for their own workouts. The gear that they choose will always be something that can change and people can get more from these things since they know what they are doing.


Out of all of the opportunities that Fabletics has created for people, the crowd power is one of the best that they have been able to do. Even Huffington Post is impressed with the way that Fabletics has harnessed the power of crowds so that they can get a more positive experience. Out of everything and every type of advertising that Fabletics tried in the beginning, using reviews and making things easier for their clients was the single most successful opportunity that they had in a different way that they could be successful to try more options.


As Kate Hudson has been a huge part of the company from the beginning, there are different things that she knows how to do and different opportunities that she has created for the company. While there have been new options that people have used with the experiences that they have, Fabletics continues to use Kate Hudson and continues to make things better for people who want to use her for successful things. She knows a lot about the way that things work and also knows that Fabletics will only get better if she can help the company grow.


Despite all of the issues that people have had with clothing and athleisure wear businesses in the past, Fabletics continues to impress them and make things better. A huge part of this is their commitment to their customers and the ability to use things like the Style Quiz. They try to make all of their customers take the quiz so that they can use it for their own benefits. By doing this, Fabletics has shown their customers what they can get from different situations and what they will be able to do to make things easier on their own in different situations. Kate Hudson knows that the style quiz is important and even uses some of her own personal stylists to make it a better quiz.


Growth is in the future for Fabletics. While they have grown a lot since they first started, they want to be able to grow even more in the future. Their plan is to make things easier for people and they are going to try different things with the experiences that they have. As Fabletics often points out, they are doing what they can to show people what they can get from different situations in their own personal athletic life.

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