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Certification for a Better Tomorrow


Securus Technologies, a leading producer of unique and adaptive communications solutions, recently stated to the media that eleven of its field technicians have successfully completed a regimen of training that classifies them as being highly trained and reliable assets to the information technologies industry. The certificate is given by Building Industry Consulting Service International, a corporation that covers a medley of variable information technology subjects such as voice, audio, security, data and above other focal points, project management. This certification gives Securus field technicians a wide range of powerful skills that projects their abilities far beyond the normative in field technician skill level.


Securus Technologies is an interesting company in that it focuses mainly on providing security and communications solutions to the well defined niche of the United States penal system. By producing quality level products aimed at making communication between incarcerated individual and loved one simpler and more convenient, Securus is doing a great deal of humanitarian work alongside trying to credit business capital. A specific example of this is a free to download video chat application that Securus has made available for both Android and Apple devices. The application is free, although it may accrue minimal calling charges based upon distance, and allows inmates to keep in direct contact with their family members and friends without the hassle of travel and security check timing for physical visitation times.


Securus offers a high level, quality product that provides both convenience and reliability to its customer base. By allowing eleven of their more highly trained technicians to take part in such an important and robust educational certification program. This training not only broadens horizons for these technicians but also increases the prestige of Securus Technologies as a total package company that truly cares for its clients.


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WEN By Chaz Dean Still Offers Amazing Results


Emily McClure recently tested out the WEN hair care products by Chaz Dean to see if they could hold up to their hype. Emily is a writer for Bustle Magazine, and regularly writes to give her readers info on various subjects. As a skeptic that deals with hair problems on occasion herself with her very fine hair, Emily tested out the product for a week, taking before and after photos while she did so. Within just a few days she was seeing results, and with some tweaking her hair was looking shinier as well as fuller.

The great part about Chaz Dean‘s WEN hair care products is that they have been designed to work on all types of hair, be it thin, curly, thick, fine, oily, or damaged. Whatever it may be, WEN cleansing conditioners can give women results with their hair, making it manageable and glamorous. WEN was created with a special 5 in 1 formula that is all natural and free of chemicals for cleaning, such as sulfates. Because of this it can also be used in place of most conditioners and shampoos as well as deep conditioners and detanglers. Because WEN is so gentle, it can be used daily along with other hair styling products, as long as they are not chemically harsh.

There are a few different varieties of WEN cleansing conditioners to choose from, all of which come in at $40 dollars or under, which is quite good when compared to the prices at high profile salons, which have mid range hair care products surpassing over $100. WEN is readily available through Guthy-Renker, Amazon and Sephora exclusively, and is delivered quickly. They even have a support line to call in case of any issues with the product or its arrival. At such an affordable cost, everyone should give WEN a test to see how it can transform their hair.



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Goettl Air Conditioning Has Great Reviews and Service To Match


When running a company, there is a lot of responsibility to handle and a lot of things to consider, especially when running a company that has been around since 1939. The last thing that someone wants to do is sully the good name of that company that they have worked so hard to get. In the case of Goettl Air Conditioning, they had fallen on some hard times before Ken Goodrich took over. However, once he came in and took over, the company was back on its feet and back in the good graces of its customers. That means a lot to Ken Goodrich.

It is a reminder that all of the hard work him and his team have put into the company has been worth it and people are noticing. If someone takes the time to go online and read the reviews on such websites like these, better business bureau and Angies List, they will see that people are ecstatic about the work that has been provided to them by Goettl Air Conditioning. Make no mistake about it, people are honest, and if they are unhappy, their voice can and will be heard. They will not go quietly into the night. That is why this means so much to Ken Goodrich and his crew.

He is extremely proud of his crew as they are out there on the job, working hard, and providing the great service. Just like Ken Goodrich, they are proud of the work they do and they know it is work that matters and makes a true difference for those living in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. For the older people, they rely on working AC, and not only working AC, but AC that is really booming with air and booming with power. They can either install a machine, repair one, or just make sure it is running the way it should.

Ken Goodrich and his other company The Sunny Plumber along with his son Duncan, who is only sixteen years old and members of his football team, took the time, effort, and resources to help out a man that needed repairs that would have cost him eight thousand dollars. However, the bottom line was the man could not afford it and it was not in his budget. Ken Goodrich and everyone pitched in to help this man and he is now living comfortably without any worries.

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Huge round of funding leads to massive growth in Seattle-based biotech company


Bothell, Seattle based company which specializes in biotechnology, Seattle Genetics, is about to receive its largest round of funding yet. Within just one week this September, the firm announced that its public stock offering grew from $480 million to $552 million. It did this by using the over-allotment option.

The CEO of the company is Clay Siegall. Regarding the huge change in value, he said that the firm has been receiving a lot of attention from investors, and therefore increased its offering. He further talked about the ways the company will be using this funding.

This funding will help the company continue and expand on its drug research, which includes promising cancer drug Adcetris, which is the company’s most profitable drug. The money will also be used for growing the company itself in infrastructure, as well as people. Siegall boasts of the company’s plan to hire about 100 people each year over the next half decade. This would mean having 1,300 employees by 2020.

Another plan in the works is to add infrastructure to the company by leasing more buildings in the Canyon Park area where it is currently located. The expected growth will mean needing more space, and Siegall doesn’t want to move too far away.

This company, although not yet profitable, is one of the region’s oldest biotech companies, having been found in 1998. Clay Siegall, however, is not concerned about this, and claims the firm would be profitable if that was it’s goal right now. Siegall says that at this time, Seattle Genetics is focused on long-term growth rather than short-term profit, which isn’t uncommon for biotech companies.

About Clay Siegall
Clay Siegall, Ph.D., is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, the firm’s President and Executive Officer, as well as Chairman of the Board. Trained as a scientist who specialized in cancer therapies, he built this company in an effort to help people and drive scientific innovation through research into drug development.

Siegall has secured the company’s place as an industry leader in the development of cancer treatments. Through his dedication to developing medicine, the firm has been actively growing and advancing research, prioritizing quality and growth over short-term profit.

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Lovaganza: You’ve never Seen Anything Like it!


Lovaganza is producing and connecting six different locations to simultaneously display the entertainment extravaganza of a lifetime. The event will occur in six strategically placed locations: the Middle East, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania, with the world-wide ceremony called “Hands Across the World” bringing the event to a close.

This is so exciting because nothing on this scale has ever been attempted before, and it has been in the works for over a decade. Lovaganza was originally planned to occur in 2015, but it has been postponed to 2020 to allow for more advertising and to take advantage of more advanced technology.

The entertainment will highlight all cultures around the Earth, and will be groundbreaking on HD and 3-D motion pictures, spectacular exhibitions and other live events will be the focus, and “Embarking on a Bohemian Adventure around the world” is the theme,

Lovaganza is a non-profit organization known officially known as Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, and it is partnered with Lovaganza Foundation, which creates incredible, global entertainment on Lovaganza is dedicated to bringing wonderment and awe to every person around the world who sees the event.

The concept behind Lovaganza is highlighting and accentuating the cultures and nations around the globe. The two Lovaganza organizations work together to successfully and openly support significant global initiatives in many countries. For more information, go to

As early as 2017, the amazing traveling show called the 2020 Cultural Entertainment Celebration will begin to take the news of this extravaganza, and Lovaganza will go around the world. The traveling show will have a wonderful film trilogy, complete with special 3-D glasses and state-of-the-art technology that will have you mesmerized. Preliminary footage has already been released in France, America, Africa and India showing the trilogy in both 3-D and 2D theaters.

The incredible and advanced technology and the intensive planning and preparation that has already gone into this universal celebration are extensive. Lovaganza will be a life-changing event that you and your family will not want to miss!

With all the strife and tension that is in the world today, it is refreshing to know that this celebration of the peoples of the Earth will be a one-of-a-kind event that everyone can enjoy. Make plans now to participate in this grand four-month celebration and all of the pre-event happenings.

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Livio Bisterzo Creates Healthy, Delicious, Socially Responsible Snack


hippeas bags pile livio bisterzo


Livio Bisterzo is the creator of Hippeas, a gluten free, vegan and Kosher snack. Hippeas, a playful contraction of hippy and chickpeas, are flavored chickpea puffs available in roughly 100-calorie portions that contain fiber and about 3 to 4 grams of protein per portion. Hippeas’ bags are fairly small dimensions and fit easily into a gym bag, purse, carry-on or large pocket.

Hippeas, released in 2016, is the inaugural brand from Green Park Brands, which Bisterzo founded in 2015. “Peas love and giving back,” is the brand mantra, while its whimsical name targets millennials with a modern hippie worldview. Green Park Brands aims for Hippeas to keep its feet firmly planted in social responsibility. Proceeds from every pack sold support chickpea farmers in Eastern Africa.

Based in Los Angeless where he lives with his family, Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur with nearly a decade of experience in the health and natural food industry. A graduate of the University of Arts in London, Bisterzo previously worked with Little Miracles, a beverage producer.

Bisterzo’s Green Park Brands seeks to maximize the growing nutrition and health sector and to create innovative drinks and multi-channel food brands. The company also aims to be on the vanguard of positive change in the food and drink industry, to offer consumers patently healthier options that initiate cultural and behavioral transformation.

On Hippeas’ potential to become a globally loved snack brand, Bisterzo said, “We truly believe that there is great opportunity to revive this category by creating a premium, affordable, better-for-you proposition.” Completely organic, Hippeas current line of flavors includes Vegan White Cheddar, Happenin’ Hickory, Far Out Fajita, Maple Haze, Sriracha Sunshine and Pepper Power.

Hippeas are also Non-GMO, free of monosodoium glutamate and packed with good vibes. As of 2016, Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar are available as grab-and-go options at approximately 75,000 Starbucks locations across the United States. The journey from idea to Starbucks counter was long and beset with starts and stops. Hippeas are the result of much product development and consumer testing.

“We started working with chickpeas as the hero ingredient,” Bisterzo said. He and his team aimed to align their product’s taste and texture to consumers’ collective palette while striving to create something people can feel proud to purchase and eat. “We wanted our snack to be culturally relevant, address many consumer trends and resonate with customers,” Bisterzo explained.

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Evolution of Smooth Can Bring Life Back Into Your Lips


Lips go through a lot of abuse throughout the day, because of this they start becoming chapped or even cracked. This is why it is important to have a good lip balm for taking care of the lips and repairing and damage when it happens. Most people have experienced cracked and peeling lips before, it’s painful. Luckily, lip balms are small and can be taken anywhere for a anytime ready way of moisturizing the lips to keep them supple and smooth, while looking there best as well. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are changing the game, not only with their all natural ingredients and quality balms, but with their unique design and fun applicator.
Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are made with the highest quality ingredients, and never using any substitutes or harmful chemicals to make their products cheaper. Despite this, they still offer their product for less than that of their competitors. EOS’s lip balms come in a variety of different scents, flavors, and colors, and can keep the lips moisturized and protected all day long. They even have active protection smooth spheres that offer SPF protection for when someone is out and about for long periods of time. Picking up one of the balms is simple, as they are in nearly every major retailer around the country and can also be purchased online.

There are so many choices in fact that one could use a different balm for each day of the week if they wanted to do so. But everyone should be able to find a perfect match with the wide variety they provide. EOS will always put the quality first for their customers to ensure they have a good experience and can experience soft and smooth lips all day long. At a fraction for the cost of most of their competitors, Evolution of Smooth is a no-brainer when it comes to filling one’s needs for lip care. Their products are sold online from retailers including and eBay.



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Understanding the Investment Advisory Unit


In any financial organization or setting, an investment advisory is a unit that links together investment professionals to the relationship managers or clients who have ties to the asset management organization. This unit functions by explaining different investment ideas to clients, financial experts, and proposes or recommends the best investment solutions for an organization or company.

Initiating an investment advisory in any business requires the right mindset, especially if the parties involved are dealing with a huge company that brings together the combination of experts and financial professionals.

Also, as an individual, if you have accumulated a huge chunk of assets, it’s highly advisable to seek advice from investment advisories. In any given case, these advisors help in managing your wealth, providing an excellent tax return policy as well as preserving and protecting your hard-earned cash.

In any business, it’s hard to assume the important roles played by these advisory units. For any company to succeed in their financial plan, an excellent financial advisory unit has to be laid down and adhered to at all times. The following are some of the key features that each and every company or individual should look out for when seeking help from an investment advisory unit.

-Go for a financial advisor that perfectly understands the appropriate investment products. A good investment advisory firm should be in a position to know the market, and come up with a product that perfectly suits different consumers.
-In any given business, an investment advisory should be in a position to effectively carry out investment transactions on behalf of the company.
-Always ensure that the investment advisory team in your firm is fully registered and licensed by the Security and Exchange Commission.

Functions of an Investment Advisory

-An excellent investment advisory firm should be in a position to complete a personalized investment portfolio, which perfectly outlines your goals.
-Should select your investment solutions in regards to programs that perfectly suit your needs.
-It should review and monitor your financial accounts in an extent that it can comfortably accommodate any financial changes in your financial situation.
Richard Blair is the brain behind Wealth Solutions, an Investment Advisory Company based in Austin Texas. According to Blair, the main reason behind the start-up of the company was his desire to make a difference in the lives business owners, families, and single business individuals.

With over 20 years in the financial advisory industry, Blair has gained unmatched experience in the field, something that has helped Richard Blair Wealth Solutions oversee the smooth transition of financial assets for different individuals and companies.

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The Benefits Of Medicare Advantage Plans And The Contribution Of InnovaCare Health


Medicare Advantage is a medical insurance scheme that operates within the U.S. The system allows people to have better choices for health insurance as there are different packages that one can subscribe to. Medicare Advantage is provided through private insurance companies, which receive fixed monthly remittances so they can transfer the benefits to the beneficiaries of the program.

This means there can be different rules governing the way a person can receive rights to enjoy the packages offered by different companies. It is unlike Original Medicare, which is managed and overseen by the federal government. For those who are yet to try Medicare Advantage, here are some of the benefits users get when they embrace the program.

Enjoy as low as 0% premium
Some insurance firms that work with the government to effect the program offer up to zero percent premiums, so members enjoy the cheapest rates when they use Medicare Advantage. This, however, may depend on your state of residence and the companies available since not every state offers Medicare Advantage. In some regions one is forced to rely on Original Medicare.

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Daniel E. Straus, CEO & Chairman of CareOne, InnovaCare Health


Additional benefits
Everyone would like to receive a comprehensive cover, but this is not always possible. Medicare Advantage has tried to offer extra coverage, which, upon application, may include items not covered in Parts A and B like vision and dental coverage.

Out-of-pocket limits
Additionally, each Medicare Advantage plan offers an out-of-pocket amount that applies to your limit of spending each year. Once the limit issued is attained, you are not requested to pay any additional costs for services covered. This amount may change from time to time depending on various factors that control the industry.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is an established provider of physician practices and managed healthcare services. The company has helped to create sustainable and cost-effective models that have been easily integrated into modern technology. InnovaCare serves within Puerto Rico and the membership base of the Medicare Advantage plans they offer is estimated at 200,000 individuals.

Under the leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto, the company has grown its addressable market and influence across Puerto Rico. Dr. Richard Shinto, the President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, enjoys more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry, where he has formulated policies and offered solutions to problems. He works closely with the Chief Administrative officer of the company, Penelope Kokkinides, who has also been actively working in the medical field for more than 20 years.

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Don Ressler: The CEO That Gets It


So often, I find and discover CEO’s that just don’t get it and they understand the business landscape. As we all know, it is changing and it is up to us to change with it and roll with the punches. The more we do that, the better off we will be in the long run. You have to be adaptable and be able to ready for changing trends and a changing market. Don Ressler has always prided himself on knowing what is happening right know, what has happened in the past, and what is going to happen in the future. Of course, he doesn’t have a crystal ball of any kind, but he does have his pulse on trends.

When you have your pulse on trends and you are a man of the people, you get to know what people like, what they don’t like, and how they operate and how they work. Don Ressler has found someone that thinks the same way he does and that is Adam Goldenberg. Goldenberg and Ressler have started and co-founded JustFab, which is a monthly subscription program for women that allows them to get monthly products for a low price each month. They can’t wait for the mail to come, as they don’t know what awaits them or what is around the corner in those bags. See:

One thing is true, however, whatever is in the bags, they are sure to love it, embrace it, and fully enjoy it, because it is catered to them. They listen to their customers, their needs, and their wants. They aren’t only interested in having a niche market. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler want to appeal to as many people as possible and get the word out to as many folks as possible. They know the key to any successful company is to stay in touch with your customer and their needs.

Today, more than ever, people have a voice on the Internet and it is important to listen to that voice, as it will tell you everything you need to know about a company, both good and bad. No company is perfect and if someone is unhappy with something, they are more than happy to rectify it as soon as possible. They stay in contact and they hear back from customers. They find out what works and what does not and they go from there. That is how Don Ressler has always worked and that is why people love JustFab.

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