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Securus Technologies Innovating Civil and Criminal Justice Technologies

Russell Roberts, the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies, said, “We exist to Serve and Connect to make our world safe. With the largest IT development staff in the corrections industry, Securus helps improve public safety and reduce the inconvenience of incarceration – making everyone’s experience better.” Securus Technologies located in Dallas, Texas, is changing the way law enforcement and correction facilities use technology.

Securus Technologies is currently being used by more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies across North America. Their services help provide public information, emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and much more.

One of the features Securus Technologies boasts is it’s Video Visitation. This allows people to visit inmates in the convenience of their own home. This helps people avoid the long lines, limited visitation times, and travel costs. For inmates, they also get to have a sense of being at home viewing their loved ones with this method. Security wise, this keeps direct contact from inmates and their visitors. I believe saftey for all those involved is drastically improved. Registering for a Video Visitation is also streamlined from in-person visitation. For more information you can visit the official page for Video Visitation.

You can also download the app here >>

Securus Technology sales team is expanding by adding John Bell as the Senior Vice President of Sales. With his addition, the team is looking to accomplish goals such as:

  • More targeted presentation of fully bundled products to decision makers
  • More face to face presentations and interactions per month
  • Better utilization of the Securus Technology Center for presentations
  • Improve customer knowledge of Securus product set
  • Create an advanced sales associate training program

Here you can learn more about the expansion of Securus Technology’s sales team.

The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. “Rick” Smith, is very optimistic about the future of his company. He boasted, “With each release, our product set becomes larger and we move further ahead of our competition. This isn’t possible without a great team, a single state-of-the-art [inmate phone calls] platform that all of our customers have been migrated to, and the investment strategy necessary to continuously improve technology for our constituents: family and friends; inmates; and corrections agencies.” Securus Technologies is #1 in their field for a reason and their future innovations are sure to change civil and criminal justice fields.

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Beneful® Adapts to New Age Customer Base

Food for humans and food for dogs could soon become not so different. Recently, dog food has seen a significant rise in quality and price. The Daily Herald wrote an article in November 2015 describing this recent facebook trend for increased canine food quality. This article, titled “Premium Dog Food Sales Surge with New Innovations in Healthy Food”, explains how premium dog food has grown 45% since 2009. Properties such as where the food was grown, if probiotics are introduced, and if the smell of the food is similar to human food may all affect customer sales now. One brand addressing these issues, while maintaining its roots, is Beneful.

Beneful is accepting the new customer base by promoting healthy and happy dogs. Beneful’s website explains in detail the quality of food and where it is coming from. Along with the information regarding producing the product, Beneful on Purinastore even has a dinner for two section. In this section, there is a cooking show for both the dog and the owner. Cooking for two is just one interesting example of how dog food is evolving to become something a pet owner should really care about.

Beneful also offers their own version of nutritional labels that can tell the buyer exactly what is in the product. Included is a calorie count, as well as analysis of percentage of proteins, fats, fiber, and moisture. Each product is also labelled if there are real meats and vegetables grown in the United States. While all of these new features are available, the original dry food can still be bought at a reasonable price.

Premium dog food will continue to grow in the United States, and also in the world. The more people can learn about the effects of eating well, the more pets will benefit. Along with pets benefiting, the few companies that make these foods will benefit financially. People will be willing to spend the extra dollar to know that their dogs can live longer and happier.





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Chef Loses 110 Pounds Eating Pizza Every Day

A move to America changed the life of Jon Urbana, who moved to America from Italy in 2012. After the move, he started eating the typical American diet of fast food, fried foods, and diets. Soon, Urbana watched his weight balloon to more than 370 pounds. He realized that he was having a hard time playing with his newborn son because he was always short of breath. Therefore, he went to the doctor who told him his extreme weight put him at a high risk for a heart attack, according to what Urbana told reporters.
Returning home, Cozzolino decided that he must take drastic measures to take off the weight. Therefore, he started eating homemade pizza every day. He was so dedicated to his diet that he combined flour, water, sea salt and yeast to make his own crust and topped the pizza with tomato sauce, basil and fresh mozzarella. Soon, Cozzolino started losing weight. In fact, he lost 110 pounds in all. While, Cozzolino says that eating pizza everyday was an important secret to his weight loss success, it was not the only change that he made. He started eating healthy breakfasts and dinners and increased his physical activity by taking kickboxing classes.

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Prominent Grand Rapids Businessman DeVos Enters The Liquor Industry

The business empire created by the DeVos family has included many different options in a range of industries, but the latest investment made by Dick DeVos has brought him into the liquor production business for the first time. His business, Windquest Group has been reported by MLive to have applied for the liquor production license of the Coppercraft Distillery transferred to it in the first steps towards taking a controlling interest in the craft brewer. Coppercraft is one of the new generation of craft liquor producers springing up across Michigan, which has attracted the DeVos family to invest through the Windquest company that has been looking for Michigan based business opportunities.

The return to investing comes after a long period of philanthropy undertaken by the AmWay executive ( Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy. The couple have become important figures in providing charitable programs for those in need across Michigan, which includes the establishment of charter schools across the state. Despite the wealth of the DeVos family, Dick was educated in Michigan’s public school system and has established an aviation based charter school that reflects his own interests, Wikipedia reports. 

The business interests headed by Dick DeVos have given him a global view on life and the philanthropy he undertakes through his family foundation. Dick DeVos has looked to develop programs with internationally known charitable groups, such as the Kennedy Center for the Arts. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation recently made a major donation to the Kennedy Center to help expand the building and provide an improved range of educational programs.

Through Windquest the move into the liquor industry will see Dick DeVos look to expand upon the work and ideas of Coppercraft Distillery founder Walter Catton III. The exact details of the deal to invest in Coppercraft have yet to be released, but Catton III has recently discussed expanding the range of beverages produced along with an expansion of the tasting room within the distillery location.

Learn more about DeVos by connecting with him on LinkedIn or liking his Facebook page.

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European Collapse Forecast By George Soros

George Soros may not be a name many people know, but the billionaire hedge fund manager holds great sway when he discusses the global economy and politics throughout the world. Despite his advanced years Soros remains an active figure in global finance and recently turned his attention to the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump in an interview published by Forbes. The ire of George Soros has turned to Trump’s comments about banning people of the Muslim faith from entering the U.S., which the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992 claims is doing the work of ISIS and other terrorist groups for them.

The crisis in the Middle East has been one of the major issues Soros has addressed as he focused upon the problems caused by ISIS and other terrorist groups. The liberal donor to many humanitarian groups explained he has been shocked at the tide of refugees entering Europe to escape the conflict in Syria; George Soros believes the prediction of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the migrant crisis could cause the European Union to collapse has a good chance of coming true. A change in leadership could be required in the eyes of George Soros after he remained critical of the German Chancellor for looking to please her own countrymen, and ignoring the needs of Europe as a whole.

The migrant crisis has already caused many European countries to increase border controls, which is the first step to destroying the ideology the European Union was built on. Soros himself was a refugee following the Second World War, which he says formed his political view and now sees him believe the people of the World are less open to refugees than in the past, the George Soros Website reports.

George Soros also discussed the many other problems facing the European Union, including the need to address the issue of economic problems facing Greece and the Ukraine. Soros believes the Ukraine remains a vitally important part of the European Union’s future as it remains the only stepping between the community and Russian aggression.

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Brazil’s Monetary Policy Committee Did The Right Thing By Not Raising Interest Rates

The Inflation rate in Brazil is running more than 10 percent, and some economists predict it will increase in 2016. Many economists and bankers were hoping that Brazil’s Monetary Policy Committee would raise the interest rate that the central bank charges banks by 0.5 percent, but Ricardo Guimarães was not one of those bankers. The banks are charging more than 25 percent interest on loans, but fewer and fewer loans are being granted the standard way. Most Brazilians are applying for payroll loans, and BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães wants BMG Bank to continue making those available to people that are working.

Ricardo Guimarães came up with an ingenious way to advertise his payroll loans. BMG Bank sponsors soccer clubs. On game days, the bright orange BMG logo is worn by players, and the fans make the connection. According to, the Logo’s visibility has made BMG Bank the go-to bank when it comes to payroll loans. Mr. Guimarães thinks the payroll loan business will be better in 2016, and he doesn’t want an interest rate hike to stall that business.

Brazil has a lot of hurdles to overcome in 2016. The country’s export business is suffering, and most economists say China will not help that situation next year. Guimarães was recently interviewed by, and he said China’s GDP projections were not realistic given the fact that the government is dealing with a shrinking manufacturing sector and a stock market that is on the verge of collapse.

In spite of the economic and government issues that are tearing Brazil apart, football is still the main focus of millions of Brazilians. Soccer is the escape that the middle-class needs to survive all the negative issues that are turning the country into something it isn’t. Brazil is still the eighth largest economy in the world, and it has one of the best soccer teams in the world. In fact, Ricardo Guimarães wants Brazil to follow Denmark’s lead and make soccer a required course in school.

More than 86 percent of the children in Denmark are involved in soccer, according to Guimarães. The Danes use soccer to build character in kids. Ricardo wants to do the same thing in Brazil, and he has the soccer and government connections to do it. Ricardo believes soccer helps develop motor skill, as well as mental awareness. Soccer improves well-being, and it also helps older people overcome some of the ailments that interfere with their quality of life.

Ricardo talks about the values that soccer instills in kids on his website, and he also travels around the country talking about his involvement in the sport. Soccer and banking are two of Ricardo’s passion, but his country always comes first.

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George Soros and The Importance of Recognizing a Problem

In an interview that was recently done about the upcoming collapse of the EU, George Soros has painted a picture of the future that many would call bleak. However, this was done so that people could see the problem that the current circumstances could cause. Before his current line of work, George has ran a hedge fund of his own. He retired from his business in order to work on his foundation. One thing that he has pointed out was that given the advances in science mankind has gained control over nature. However, the same can’t be said for society. There is still the tendency to destroy civilization.

George Soros does admit on CNBC to a bleak prediction. However, he points out that it takes one to recognize a problem before he can work to solve it. One thing that he understands is that it is better to face a harsh reality, than it is to put one’s head in the sand. For one thing, if a lion is about to eat someone, it is better for the person to do whatever he can to get away from the lion than to close his eyes and pretend that the lion is not there. With awareness of danger, there are certain risks that could actually improve one’s chances of survival as opposed to just walking around and being part of the crowd.

One thing that George Soros has trained himself in is to look on the dark side of seemingly good things. He has had a huge success rate when it came to finances. This time he is using it when it comes to politics. His goal is to find a winning strategy. He sees the opportunity in danger. For this reason, he does not give up on the fight until he finds a winning strategy. One saying that he believes in is that it is always darkest before sunrise.

As of right now, George Soros is working on a winning strategy for Greece. From what he sees, everything happening with Greece was a result of a mishandling from the very beginning of the situation. While the EU rescued Greece, there were extremely difficult charges applied to the country in the form of interest rates. For one thing, he plans to avoid any conditions being placed on Greece that would bring the economy into further depression.

The original article can be read on NYBooks

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OrganoGold Offers Great Coffee Taste, Enjoyment

There is great news for Organ Gold coffee fans. Bernardo Chua and this super product earned five top awards recently; including the “People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan Awards.” In fact, a recent press release detailed how this famed “Organo Gold” coffee is credited as one “of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world.” Organo Gold has been a trending coffee since it was first introduced back in 2008. Today, this great gourmet organic health coffee product is being praised for providing customers with lots of great taste, and true coffee drinking enjoyment.

Organo Gold wins major awards

According to the National Consumer Affairs Foundation website, the Dangal ng Bayan Awards and the accompanying People’s Choice Awards for Organo Gold is based on the product’s smooth coffee taste; while also noting its antioxidant qualities. In turn, there are thousands of Organo Gold distributors worldwide who also attest to the unique flavor and health benefits of this trending coffee product that always as customers coming back for more. Organo Gold contains “Ganoderma Lucidium,” a mushroom famed for its antioxidant healing qualities.

Bernardo Chua top Organo Gold CEO

Thanks to Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua, coffee fans worldwide can enjoy this product’s great full-flavor taste and natural healing benefits. For example, it was CEO Bernardo Chua who helped spearhead the product’s super success with its unique “network marketing” approach. As a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medial recipient, Chua is accustomed to lots of praise and awards for his super Organo Gold coffee product. However, the company news release made special note about how pleased this CEO is with recent news that his product earning both the prestigious Dangal ny Bayan and two People’s Choice Awards.

Organo Gold popular coffee worldwide

Organo Gold is viewed as a truly “global gourmet coffee,” while the company also offers a variety of other products on its user friendly website, most of them very healthy as well. There is nice selection of other coffees on the Organo Gold website; along with a selection of teas, nutraceuticals and specialized personal care products. Organo Gold is thus a suite or top quality products offered through its user friendly independent distributor network. Organo Gold is sold in over 35 countries. Visit the product website at

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Social and Dating Apps

For parents, it is important to be tech savvy and know about the social apps that their children are using on their phone. This is so that they can help their children figure out the best type of apps. They can also help children avoid danger when it comes to certain types of people. There are some apps that actually protect children from stranger danger. Of course, there are other types of apps for the social scene which include dating apps. Dating apps are probably some of the fastest growing apps in the market. People are looking for ways to meet someone that they are going to spend their life with.

Skout is one of the dating apps that is worth looking into. Skout is a very powerful app for people that are looking to expand their social circle. One advantage that Skout has over other apps is that they can connect people when they are in distant communities. They also help with the traveling aspect of dating and meeting people. Skout was originally a social media platform. However, they have introduced a travel feature that helps people look at other areas and take virtual journeys. This has also brought forth a surge of new users by the millions.

The travel feature of Skout was originally intended to help people make friends in different cities. This was Skout’s way of setting up pen-pals for the users. The other way the travel feature works for users is that it helps them take a planned trip with no contacts in their city of destination. The travel feature of Skout has proven to be very successful for people. Even better is that Skout can be used on iOS and android devices. This app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play on either a tablet or smartphone.

There are plenty of other social media apps that could be downloaded on a smartphone or other mobile device. They are very convenient for people in that they don’t need to be used on a desktop computer. They could be used on the go. As long as one is set up with a mobile service or has Wi-Fi, then he could use the app. Social media apps are one way for people to keep connected. With social media apps like Skout, users do not have to limit themselves to their place of residence. They can easily expand their horizons.

Among the other types of apps available are texting apps and micro-blogging apps. There are apps like Tumblr, and Facebook which get people involved with each other through the Internet. These apps are simple to use and very convenient for the user. The user could also set up his account to be private so that only a few people can look at his profile or set it to public so that anyone can find him.

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What You See is What You get – Visual Search Takes Shopping to The Next Level

Everyone shops with their eyes. Scanning images, looking at elegant designed photographs of products. How would you like your eyes to actually do the shopping for you. In twenty years we have seen technology advancements on in just about every aspect of our lives. We still rely on test based searches to navigate our way through the web, but that is slowly changing. A new technique that has emerged is called “deep learning”. This enables software to match humans by way of image recognition. Two companies, Pinterest and, are already experimenting with this new technique.

Pinterest users will be able to simply draw an outline box around and item of interest within a snapshot of the product and the software will access a database of information and filter out the ones that are similar in appearance. This eliminates the need to text search. A few companies have attempted to use this method, such as Amazon, but have not been successful in their results.

Shoes. Com is using a slightly different approach with deep learning. They utilize a “Visual Filter” button that when pressed brings up a grid of twelve images of like items that closely matches what the software thinks the customer is looking for. You click on one of the items that interests you and the software pulls from a huge database and filters the ones that matches even closer to your option.

Slyce is another company that is trying to cash in on this advanced technology. Founded in 2012 by Cameron Shell and Erika Racioit, it is one of the leaders in this new vision of shopping. Their technology takes real world images that are taken on the go and allows you to focus on the object in interest and returns an exact match or very similar items in the results. This is especially useful because it combines the technology used by the competition and provides a user experience unlike anything out there.

Although it is reference as a “universal scanner” it is far more than that. Slyce’s fast growth has allowed them to partner with a growing list of Fortune 1000 companies that see the immediate need for this simple and effective technology. There is a usable demo that you will give you and idea of what they offer.

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