The Downside of Processed Foods

Most people lead busy lives. This means that they have little time for cooking. For this reason, they appreciate the fact that they can go into the grocery store, find food of that has mostly been prepared, and then go home and spread a meal out on the table. Packaged and processed foods make life easier. However, more and more individuals are becoming concerned about the food additives that are contained in many processed foods.

One of the reasons why people are concerned is because of a recent study that was done involving two chemicals that are usually added to processed foods to thicken them stated Brad Reifler. According to article, these chemicals were given to mice, and the mice experienced adverse health effects because of it. They experienced inflammation, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, and other issues. Researchers would like to do studies on animals that have a diet that is more similar to humans, like pigs. Ideally, they would like to do the study on humans. In a study like this, they would compare individuals who regularly consume these chemicals with individuals who never consume them. However, since these additives are extremely common, it is difficult to do this study.

It is important for individuals to take their health into their own hands by learning about different chemicals and additives that are common in foods that they consume regularly. This will help them to make informed decisions about items they should eat and items they should avoid.

More Ingredients to Be Concerned about

Individuals who are conscience of the things they put into their body will be interested to know that there are other ingredients that they should be concerned about. Food additives that are usually used to stabilize and thicken processed foods have recently been shown to disrupt the bacteria in the stomach. This can lead to a variety of health problems.

In a recent study, mice were given two different chemicals that are usually used as food additives. These mice gained weight, they developed digestion issues, and they had altered blood sugar. It was also found that they experienced metabolic syndrome and inflammation.

It is extremely important for individuals to read the ingredients that are listed in foods that they consume on a regular basis. Marcio Alaor BMG knows that taking time to learn about what is contained in these foods can go a long way in helping a person to avoid health problems. Because of the additives are commonly found in foods, more and more individuals are trying to take on a natural diet.

One of the reasons why people are drawn to processed food is because of how easy it is to access. Most people lead busy lives. Opening a package and eating its contents is a lot easier than preparing a healthy meal. However, for individuals who are concerned out their health and the health of their family members, taking time to prepare healthy meals is worth it.

Montana Beer Brewed to Support Troops

After more than ten years of active duty in the Marine Corps and after years of saving money, Seth Jordan, a business major in college, was finally able to realize his dream of opening a craft brewery said Brad Reifler.

Dog Tag Brewery makes two beers that are available in Montana says The beers that this family-run business produces are available in aluminum cans. The cans house two different styles of beer, an IPA and a lager. On the outside of each can, Seth decided to decorate each can with a set of dog tags, of course, and a personal story about a fallen troop.

Seth is hoping that his beer will be “drinking with a purpose”, and perhaps the drinkers will toast these fallen troops. At the very least, the lives of those soldiers whose stories are featured on the cans will spread, as is deserving of all our soldiers who aren’t coming home.

Prepare to Enjoy Eggs, and Other Cholesterol-laden Food, Once Again


An alert is soon expected about a major change in the dietary recommendations for healthy people in the United States. In sharp contrast to recommendations that have been made previously, the U.S is joining many other countries in changing dietary recommendations for cholesterol.

Specifically, the link between dietary sources of cholesterol, good blood cholesterol, bad blood cholesterol and heart disease has long been assumed, but cannot be proven. According to, the link between elevated levels of bad cholesterol, low levels of good cholesterol and heart disease remains unchanged, it’s no longer believed that dietary cholesterol for otherwise healthy people, like Haidar Barbouti, is a major causing factor.

Why The Change?

For years, physicians were stumped when patients of healthy weights, with a healthy diet and exercise habits, developed heart disease. Therefore, the link between cholesterol in the blood and heart disease may be caused by other factors. Specifically, genetics are thought to play a significant role.

The new recommendations are being released, at least in part, due to research conducted in 2013 or before by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. Startlingly, the research clearly identified the need for more specific research to be conducted. In addition, many studies that had been previously been used as fact, were actually too broad to be helpful.

The recommendations mean that it’s possible for most people to enjoy a guilt-free breakfast with eggs once again.

Heineken Caves to Consumer Demand

A recent article on the UPI business news online site explains how the makers of Newcastle Brown Ale removed the caramel coloring used in the beverage. They did this in response to concerns in the United States especially that the coloring could cause cancer. Heineken, the company that makes the beer has said for years that the coloring is safe, and independent studies reached the same conclusion. However, Heineken went ahead and removed the caramel coloring anyway simply to please their customers.

I think that this is an interesting example of how things work in business. It doesn’t matter what the reality is – in this case the caramel coloring being perfectly safe – but rather what consumer perception is. Right or wrong, companies have to give the people want they want. There is no arguing or reasoning with consumer demand. Jaime Garcia Dias has heard that critics of large corporations say that corporations heartlessly manipulate consumers by convincing them to buy products they don’t really need. The truth is something different. Basically, corporations just try to figure out what the masses want and give it to them. Just ask Heineken.

Researchers May Have Found A Cure For The Peanut Allergy


A Melbourne-Based Study May Have Found The Key To Cure Peanut Allergies

Australian researchers from the  Melbourne-based Murdoch Childrens Research Institute have already made a huge impact on the lives of children suffering from peanut allergies. The study gave 30 allergic children a daily dose of peanut protein along with a probiotic. They increased the amount of the dosage over an 18-month period.

The probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus was used in the study. The dose prescribed was equivalent to eating about 20kg of yoghurt a day. When the trial ended, 80% of the children could eat peanuts without suffering a reaction.

Mimi Tang the lead researcher said, “These findings provide the first vital step towards developing a cure for peanut allergy and possibly other food allergies. We focused on peanut allergy because it is usually lifelong, and it is the most common cause of death from food anaphylaxis,”

More research is needed to confirm whether patients will be able to eat peanuts as they age stated Sultan Alhokair. The researchers plan follow-up studies with the children. Some of the children in the study did experience some negative reactions, so the researchers advise parents, not to try the procedure at home. Tang said the treatment should only be done under the supervision of a doctor.

Fines Wines


Can you picture yourself lying by the fireplace with a nice glass of wine? The smell sweet smelling wine fills the air. Relaxing with your sweetheart and toasting your glasses with antique wine. Sit back and enjoy the peaceful scenery and enjoy your wine.


The intense pleasure of opening up a bottle of rare wine is so exciting. Enjoy a glass of Petrus or Chateau d’Yquem. These wines are made from some of the oldest vineyards. Oak barrels help in the ageing process of La Rioja Alta’s wine. The quality of a great wine is definitely known; rather the wine is aged or not. You can always taste the quality in wine, from an expensive brand to a lower priced brand of wine. Who wants the bland taste of a lower priced wine? Well not many people they prefer the taste of a more aged or expensive brand. The Antique Wine Company founded by Stephen Williams in 1982 specializes in rare and fine wines.


The Company headquarters is based in central London and offers luxury wines. The wines are sold in about 70 countries. The owner use to have a career in banking in his earlier days. He built his business up to a global scale and is considered a leading fine wine expert. The Company has sales offices in Asia. The wines are sold in fine Hotels and Restaurants. The owner has strict selection procedures that he uses in his cellars and vineyards. With a certain selection process, that makes his wines so highly sought after.

In 2011 The Company broke the Guinness World Record for the most expensive bottle of wine that was sold. The rare wine was reported to have sold for over $100.00 to Christian Vanneque owner of SIP Wine Bar in Bali. Vanneque had served as an expert wine taster in Paris in 1976. Some of the company’s wines are Brion, 1961 Chateau Latour Magnums, 1982 Mouton-Rothschild and Chateau d’Yquem. People really do enjoy fines wines and the smooth taste that they indulge in. The Chateau d’Yquem is a collection of consecutive vintages starting from 1868. The company holds over 10,000 bottles of fine wine in its cellars. The Antique Wine Company has over 20,000 clients, a company that knows its business and works hard. So be inspired to pick out your favorite wine glass, your favorite aged wine and set by the fireplace. Indulge in your sweet tasting wine and cuddle up with your sweetheart.

Christopher Cowdray: CEO of The Dorchester Collection

Christopher Cowdray is the CEO of the Dorchester Collection, which is a luxury resort operator located in Europe as well as the United States of America.

Personal Life
Cowdray, a local Zimbabwean, obtained his undergraduate degree in Hotel management from his indigenous country prior to attending Columbia University located in New York City. Once he graduated from the Columbia Business School where he undertook an Executive program, Cowdray was able to manage hotels in Africa, Middle East, Asia, United Kingdom and Australia.

With more than a 30 years experience in Hotel industry, Cowdry has served in managerial dockets in hotels all over the world. In the UK, Cowdry was formerly the M.D at Claridge in London. In the year 2004, Cowdry worked as general manager of The Dorchester Hotel. Cowdry was later appointed to become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Dorchester Collection in the month of November 2007.

The Dorchester Collection
The Dorchester Collection is under the ownership of Dorchester Group Ltd.
Following the management role in The Dorchester, among the 10 hotels that are under the umbrella of Dorchester Collection, Cowdry was appointed the CEO of this magnificent hotel management in 2007. In 2008, after his appointment to Chief Executive Officer, Cowdry included Hotel Bel-Air as well as the New York Palace Hotel into the Dorchester Collection. From that time, New York Palace Hotel was traded, although the Dorchester Collection has stretched out with additions like Le Richemond based in Geneva, Coworth Park as well as Park Lane in England, in addition to Hotel Eden located Rome.

Furthermore, Christopher Cowdry is a highly sought after speaker, and his profile portrays him in a simple way. An initial impression regarding Chris Cowdry is nothing less than that of a noble man who is also very professional. His attributes consist of inner calm, total integrity, confidence in others, smart business understanding and an enthusiasm for fineness as well as high quality customer service. His expertise comprise of the capability to change business via people, the ability to direct other people in both self-manifestation and ground-breaking thinking, in addition to highly efficient communication. It isn’t astounding therefore that Cowdry commands the allegiance and love from his employees.

Recently “Elite Traveler” Chief Editor Douglas Gollan bumped into Cowdry at the head office of a company immediately off Hyde Park located in London to discover the way the special group is steering the crisis as well as the manner it is going forward regardless of the tests of numerous other luxurious hotels.

Beneful Builds Dream Dog Parks

If your dog could design a dog park what would it look like? Would it have toys and a splash pad for hot days? Would it have grass that always stayed green?

Since 2011 Beneful has been hosting a Dream Dog Park contest. The contest is meant to encourage owners to play with their dogs. The 2014 contest brought a new dog park to Prescott, AZ.

Contestants write an essay telling what they would do if they had $500,000 to create a dream dog park for their furry friend. Finalists then submit a video with their dog talking about their dream dog park. A team of designers then comes and does a dog park makeover in the winners city.

Beneful is a line of dog food from Purina that is focused on wholesome and nutritious ingredients. Beneful uses real meat, whole grains and vegetables in their ingredients.

It is one of the top selling brands in the United States because it offers nutritious options like real meat and vegetables without the high price tag of the specialty brands.

Beneful includes dry dog food, prepared dog food, and treats. The dry food offers formulas that are targeted towards health areas like weight management, healthy coat and healthy teeth. More information is posted on Facebook for people to read through.

The prepared meals were created with input from dog owners about what they wanted to feed their dogs. The prepared food is made with real meat including beef, chicken and lamb. They also include vegetables like peas and carrots.

Beneful doesn’t just build dream dog parks. The Beneful website if full of resources to help dog owners get out and play with their pet. The website features a dog park locator that lists dog parks and dog friendly businesses in your area.

In addition to the dog park locator there are articles with tips on puppies, dog training, dog parks and travelling dogs.

Oreo Debuts Red Velvet Cookie


Oreo has done it again, they’ve taken a truly iconic flavor and turned it into a delightful cookie. Oreo is selling a limited edition Oreo in Red Velvet flavor.

The red velvet confections will go on sale nation wide on February 2nd and will be joining a long list of oddly flavored Oreo cookies. For decades Oreo focused their business on the traditional Oreo that featured sweet, vanilla cream sandwiched between two cookies. In the 1990s they began selling multiple other incarnations, but didn’t cross over into the “weird” until the last five years.

Over the summer, for example, Oreo began offering a watermelon-flavored confection, and a Root Beer Float flavor soon followed. Banana Split Oreo’s were also made available during that time. Today, Oreos can regularly be found on the shelf in everything from Very Berry, to Birthday Cake flavoring, and Red Velvet is soon to join the ranks.

While there is no official word on how these red velvet wonders will taste, the pictures released suggest the cookies were be red velvet flavored, and the creamy middle may try to mimic the traditional cream cheese frosting found on a red velvet cake.

In the last 10 years, the popularity of red velvet has soared nationwide. Once considered a southern cake, the cocoa-flavored, cream cheese frosted confection has garnered fans across the world.  Red Velvet is one of my favorite confections, I recently ate my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich’s family recipe which was to die for. I hope these cookies can keep up.

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