TV Land Pulls Reruns Of The Dukes Of Hazzard

At what point does righteous outrage become ridiculous? Whatever the line is I think we might have just reached it.

For the last couple of weeks there has been a growing outrage against the Confederate Battle Flag being flown over government properties in a number of different states. Whether you agree with taking it down or not, there are some legitimate complaints about it’s use on government property. That side did lose the war.

But the protesters aren’t stopping with government institutions. They want the flag removed everywhere. In an article seen here it has even gone so far that TV Land has pulled reruns of the Dukes of Hazzard from its lineup. They refused to comment on the reasons for the move, but the timing suggests that it is due to the Duke’s iconic 1969 Dodge Charger, the General Lee, having a Confederate flag prominently painted on its roof stated Zeca Oliveira.

In addition to TV Land’s move, Warner Bros., who owns the rights to the television series, made the announcement last week that they would no longer be licensing products that feature the car.

I understand the protester’s outrage. I really do. But I grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard and now they’re messing with my memories.

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There Will Be A “Walking Dead” Cruise In 2016

The show “Walking Dead” is so popular that there has been tons of merchandise for the show. The show also has a spinoff that will be coming out soon, and it’s called “Fear The Walking Dead.” Not only is there a spinoff of the show, but now there will be a Walking Dead cruise. “The Walking Dead” Cruise. Yes, you heard it right, there will be a cruise that is based around the Walking Dead theme. In 2016, those who are fans of the show The Walking Dead will actually be able to go on a cruise ship that has the Walking Dead theme implemented. The cruise ship will sail to the Bahamas, and cast members from the show will be on board the ship as well.

What could be better than sailing to the Bahamas while getting to act out a Walking Dead fantasy? There will be games on board the ship, and they will all be zombie themed. There are also plans for concerts, panels, and contests while everyone’s sails to the Bahamas. There will also be some makeup artists on the ship that will be able to make anyone look like a zombie, according to Beneful.

Although this seems creepy, the Walking Dead is such a beloved show that many would love to live out the fantasy of being in the show. Anyone who tried out for the show, but they were denied, at least they’ll still be able to take a cruise that will give them the same experience.

The Brutal Link Between Junk Food, Sugar, and Depression

No one is going to even remotely state that junk food is good for you. Even during the heyday of sugary snacks being promoted to kids, the 1970’s cereal and cupcake era, public service announcements warned children (and adults alike) about the woes of eating too much sugar. Gaining excess weight or suffering from tooth decay are not the only problems you may have to contend with when your sugar and (bad) carbohydrate intake is way too high. You run the risk of developing depression. Apparently, the negative effect of sugar includes the possible onset of a depressive disorder.

This is not to oversimplify the serious issue of major depression. There are a lot of factors that could cause depressive disorders. Chemical imbalances in the brain and a troubled life are both common reasons why someone might feel very depressed. Still, the link between depression and sugar should never be ignored.

Research does indicate to James Dondero that people who suffer from depression are quite often persons who eat a diet very high in sugar. One reason may be the “high” sugar delivers leads to a crash once the effects of sugar wear off. Again, to say that eating too much sugar is the root cause of depression would be an over-simplification and an incorrect assessment as well.

Still, those who do feel depressed frequently may wish to curtail their intake of sugar. Too much sugar means too many problems.

From Food To Fuel

There’s a few causes in this world that people truly get passionate about. Two of those come to my mind almost instantly as stated. The first one is pollution. People are constantly upset and protesting how bad our earth, air, and water have gotten. They blame a whole array of problems from cars and planes that emit fumes, to a variety of other sources. Another problem that people have with the world is how wasteful we are of food when there are people out there that are starving. Well now two problems that you think wouldn’t have anything in common seem to have a common connection.

According to GrubStreet, United Airlines has created a way to turn food waste into fuel. They will be creating biofuel that is made out of a few different things including table scraps! It’s an interesting concept, and one that’s out of the box. It will of course have to undergo lots of testing first to ensure that it is safe. The fact that fuel is made from table scraps is bound to make a lot of people nervous. But, hey. If it works, it works and it’s kind of a nifty idea. It’s going to seriously help decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

If something works, its better than the environment, and it’s cheaper than shouldn’t we all encourage it’s growth and success? Too long have people gotten behind ideas that weren’t good for everyone. This may be one idea that is.

Cutting Sugar Can Make You Happier

It’s no secret the health benefits that come from cutting sugar. The sugar-free diet is still gaining steam as the latest and greatest trend for improving your health. As the public’s eyes are opened to the amount of added sugar in our foods, which including most processed foods like ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings, and cereals they’ve begun to cut back or cut sugar all together. One of the biggest offenders is soda.

Cutting sugar has a variety of health benefits that include:

  • Weight loss
  • Lower blood pressure
  • A sharper brain
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Younger and clearer skin
  • Reduction in risk of disease

In a recent study, there was a link found between consuming sugar and depression.James E. Gangwisch, PhD, assistant professor at Columbia University conducted a study to find out whether foods with a higher glycemic index affected depression. The study included 70,000 postmenopausal women who didn’t have symptoms of depression earlier.

Diets with a higher glycemic index showed higher risk for depression. In a similar study, adults who drank more than four servings of soda each day were 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

Brad Reifler always says it can’t hurt to try and replace soda with water, or take small steps to remove or cut sugar from your diet. A diet of whole foods is much more beneficial for overall health.

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Novelty Ice Cream, The J-Cone Takes New York By Storm

According to Kevin Seawright, New York City has a never-ending supply of tasty, albeit, strange treats. But, just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, a frosty, kooky-looking treat has taken Soho by storm: the J-Cone. The J-shaped ice cream cone, sold exclusively off the J-Play food truck, has been making its rounds for about six weeks now.

The truck, owned by Chulho Kang and Rich Kion, are the first to introduce the cone to America. The cone itself is made by a special machine brought from Korea and shaped by hand. The J-Cone comes in chocolate or vanilla and cost about $4. Kang says he is interested in introducing more exotic flavors such as green tea and black sesame in the near future.

The J-Cone exploded onto the scene in Korea in 2013. The craze soon spread and before your knew it, Filipino vendors were selling the “Jipangyi” in malls like hotcakes. The J-Cone’s weird design actually has some benefits, as it slows down melting and eliminates dripping. Also, the cones taste a lot like Corn Pops cereal, which can’t be a bad thing.

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Pastry Shop Serving Cronuts Opens its Doors in Tokyo

Last year the cronut took Manhattan by storm, now the Japanese have gotten in on the trend. The bakery opened yesterday in Tokyo, amid much fanfare.

The cronut was developed by pastry master Dominique Ansel, and became all the rage in his New York City bakery. People lined up for hours prior to the opening of the shop to score a cronut, and they were limited to just two per person.

According to local reports, Dominique Ansel rented out a parking lot to contain the crowds that formed the night before the bakeries big opening. Break dancer and other forms of entertainment were also on scene.

Ansel is a famed pastry chef, known for his whimsical and unique creations. He is a native of France, but spent several years in New York, working in some of the most renowned kitchens. His bakery endeavors have proved to be fruitful, as well. The award-winning chef is now proud to be sharing his creations with Tokyo, and it is likely just the first stop on his international bakery journey.

According to the Wallstreet Journal Tokyo culture borrows a great deal of pop culture from New York, and vice versa. It only makes sense that the next pop-up cronut shop would land in Tokyo, after all.

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Jonathan Veitch on Running Occidental College

A former professor, author and American college administrator, Jonathan Veitch was born January 31, 1959 in Los Angeles, California. Succeeding Robert Skotheim as president, Veitch became president July 2009. He served as dean at the New School’s Eugene Lange College and served as professor at University of Wisconsin.

Early Life

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California John Veitch, his father was president of Columbia Pictures and Alan Ladd (actor) was his step-grandfather. Jonathan Veitch received his bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from Stanford University and attended high school in southern California. He went on to obtain his doctoral degree from Harvard University in the History of American Civilization.


Jonathan Veitch became an associate professor of English in 1993 at University of Wisconsin. During his time there, in 1997 the University press published “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1030’s, which was his first book. In the same year he became an associate professor at The New School when he moved to New York. He taught course such as, American history, cultural history and American film which pertained to the 19th and 20th centuries. He remained in tenure for four years as Dean of Eugene Lang College until he stepped down in 2009 to become the president of Occidental College.

Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch was the first native Angeleno of Occidental College coming from Los Angeles. He followed Robert Skotheim as the 15th president in He worked diligently to improve the relations between the community and the college, limiting the political strategy into the community in reference to neighborhood concerns. In August 2010, his first Anniversary, he hosted a public forum for activists in Los Angeles and the local officials to speak about the environmental future for the city.
In 2011 he announced a new name for Occidental College football stadium, which was renamed Jack Kemp who was an alumnus and former pro football player. Jack Kemp was also a Republican in the United States House of Representatives, he passed away in 2009. A new statue was also unveiled in the former student’s honor.

In April 2012, the university’s 125th anniversary, President Jonathan Veitch announced that Occidental College would receive a $5 million donation for renovations to Johnson Hall, which is one of the three original campus buildings.

Personal Life

Jonathan Veitch is married to former director of international licensing and distributorship for Calvin Klein, Sarah Ann Baxter Kersh. They were married December 1992 and they reside in the Wallis Annenberg President’s quarters on Occidental campus with their three children.

Sweet Baby Jesus

When it comes to beer there is usually not much discrepencies or fights over it. If you like a beer, you buy more of it. If you don’t, you don’t. If your 21 you can drink it, and if you’re not you can’t. That’s basically it, or was. Now, there’s a controversy brewing over a beer that is Baltimore based.

The beer itself is actually supposed to be quite delicious. After all, how could something tasting like chocolate and peanutbutter not be? Well now a grocery store chain in the midwest has pulled the beer from its shelves after getting too many complaints. So what are the complaints you may ask? It’s all in the name.

Alexei Beltyukov told us that the name of the beer is called Sweet Baby Jesus and it’s really getting people angry about the relicious theme that it has. What place does God have on a bottle of beer as clever as it may be. According to GrubStreet, the company has released a statement saying they never meant to be offensive in any way, shape, or form. He wanted the name just to mean something of astonishment. The company likes to name their beers after the emotions they stir up, and apparently this one is so delicious it would have you saying Sweet Baby Jesus!

The beer can still be bought in other stores, but those traveling to Heinen’s for it will be out of luck.

The Perks of Leaving Out the Tip

Despite being culturally unacceptable in Europe, the United States tips. What if by eliminating tips, the annual income and popularity of a country could actually increase? Instead of paying the employees a low-wage that would be compensated with tips, a restaurant owner has eliminated tipping and has, instead, given every employee a annual wage.

Bar Marco, owned by Bobby Fry, has recently released a no tipping policy. Since releasing the tipping policy, weekly income has increased from 3,000 to 9,000 dollars. With this new policy, FreedomPop and Fry has reported that the water bill, liquor bill, and linen bill have all been cut in half.

A new system has also been designed to make this new system more appealing to employees. Each employee gets a base salary of 35,000 dollars with health care included. This package also comes with paid vacation and 500 shares in the company. The salaries, thanks to Fry’s new found wealth, have since then been increased to 48,000 dollars a year with bonuses.

Fry’s theory is that tipping “hides how people actually feel”. When people do not like the service, they end up tipping and never come back again. Fry instead wants to make a community where customers actually feel welcomed. By also giving the employees higher salaries, Fry wants to reflect how special and important each employee actually is to him instead of just being another waiter or waitress.

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