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Lovaganza: Something for Everyone


In today’s market and economy, it is all about having something for everyone. That is exactly what is the blue print and the outline for the wonderful company Lovaganza. They are a franchise that specializes in entertainment and embracing the uniqueness of every single Nation by providing the means to enjoy culture, music, and dance from all around the global. This is more important than ever with some of the problems the world has been facing. We have to come together and let everyone have their day in the sun and allow everyone to get along and be on the same page.

This provides that and then some. When it comes to culture, Lovaganza really are all one-in-the-same. We are all people and deserve to be treated as such. There isn’t much separating us. We might do things differently than others, but at the end of the day, we all want respect, kindness, love, and to be treated equally. That is universal, in my mind. Music and dance are vital as well because they make us feel good, dance, and embrace our fun side. Music with a great message and theme behind it is even better as it provides the best of both worlds. You can send something positive out into the world.

Again, now, more than ever, we need to send out positive vibes, messages, and images to each other. Lovaganza are already working on a special event that is going to take place in 2020 from May to September. They are already working on the caravan and getting everything set up. That is how excited people get about this event. It really means something and people walk away from it feeling closer to each other than other and with a bond that can never be broken. It is an event and a day to remember.

As a wise person once told me, memories make us rich. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. When it comes to Lovaganza, they are providing us with plenty of memories that will make us rich for a long, long time. They can never take those away from us and they will always be right by our side. Let’s spread the word about Lovaganza and get the word out about all the good that it is doing and how important it is to the world. Again, if we stand united and stick together, the negativity can’t get us down.

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Report by Securus Technologies on Maintaining Integrity


For quite a long period of time there has been a cry for justice across the globe. More often, many would assume and sit to watch as cases of injustice prevail. However, Secures Technologies, an A+ rated company by, has taken a step of courage to stand up for inmates and stop integrity breaches that they are facing from services offered by Global Tel Link. Top management of Securus Technologies has registered its disappointment of GTL unprofessional standards. This has led to Securus releasing a report exposing the integrity breaches of GTL as well as their potential breaches. According to Rick O. smith’s statements on PR newswire who is the head of Securus Technologies, he feels that inmate communication services should not be based on money but the ability to help in the correctional market.

How GTL is going against the Set Laws

GTL being one of the firms providing inmate communications service has engaged itself in activities against the law. Inmate communication services are meant to enhance relationships between prisoners and their loved ones as well as families at home and therefore exploiting the inmates is a completely unethical practice. It has been alleged that GTL has advanced its clocks thus charging higher amounts against the set tariffs and laws of Louisiana Department. The add-ons programs that GTL has brought up are also unethical because they are aimed at hiking the clients’ budgets. Additionally, GTL is billing calls twice which should not be so. A single call should be billed once. These actions by GTL were investigated closely and it was found out that GTL was having intentions to overcharge customers. This indicates the lack of integrity in all operations offered by GTL.


Customers require quality services at all times and therefore cases of integrity breaches might lead to them doing away with services. This was the main reason why Securus exposed GTL because they were engaging in actions that would cause destruction for their market.

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The Best Ski Resorts Around Lake Tahoe



Some of the best ski destinations in the United States are located around Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada. Home to stunning winter beauty, blizzards that produce perfect powder and plenty of world-class ski resorts, the Lake Tahoe area is a skier’s paradise just waiting to be explored!


All About Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, and straddles the border between Nevada and California. The surrounding mountains and scenic lake views make Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty attractive to adventure seekers of all stripes, but it’s the winter’s snow and ski conditions that draw the biggest crowds. As such, several ski resorts and sled parks have found a home among the slopes along Lake Tahoe.


Lake Tahoe Ski Conditions
During the winter, blizzards are a famous occurrence around Lake Tahoe, and responsible for the excellent ski conditions that make the resorts here top-notch destinations. Lake Tahoe receives on average about 360 inches of snowfall a year, providing enough powder for all who travel here to enjoy the slopes. Ski season usually runs from mid-November to late April or even May for some resorts. Other resorts also provide activities during the summer months to take full advantage of all that the Lake Tahoe landscape has to offer.

Two Resorts Well Worth Checking Out: Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ( resorts have stood out as giants among the best ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region. Partners in business, both provide skiers with plenty of powder, slopes and history to satisfy any winter adventure.


Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley has enjoyed a place in history as one of Tahoe Valley’s most famous ski resorts, having been host to the entire 1960 winter Olympics. Home to 4,000 acres of skiable area, Squaw Valley provides plenty of space for skiers of all experience levels to enjoy the powder as well as plenty of actives off the slopes. The snow packs in at 450 feet of white stuff a year, but those who tire of skiing can take respite at High Camp with swimming, roller-skating and high-altitude disk golf.

Alpine Meadows
Alpine Meadows is Squaw Valley’s next-door neighbor, and in 2011 the two resorts merged. One pass to Alpine Meadows lets you enjoy Squaw Valley perks as well, but here you’ll find more focus on the slopes and less on the extras. Nature-loving skiers can get all their thrills while exploring the slopes in Alpine Meadows.

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Better Reputations Are Possible With Online Management


The Internet has changed the way we see ourselves and the world around us, however, the Internet has not always been the best way of keeping any reputation as clear as possible. The rise of review sites, such as Yelp, have made it easy for a business reputation to take a hit from an unexpected angle; for individuals the use of social media is now seen as a major part of life, and is often looked at by possible employers and clients to check the character of a person.

Whether a business or an individual it is important to make sure an Online presence is as clear of problems as possible, which can mean looking to find an Online reputation management company to help with PR and the way we are all viewed Online. It is simple to see any reputation damaged by a poor Online presence, which can be affected by issues with unhappy former employees or those simply looking to cause trouble. Both business leaders and individuals should understand the fact the world has become based in the use of the Internet whenever an individual wants to find out about a product, business, or person.

No matter whether an individual is experiencing problems with their Online presence or hopes to avoid issues in the future the choice of a management company is always an important one. Taking a proactive approach to your Online reputation is the advice of Better Reputation, an Online reputation Management company offering its services in the U.S. and other territories. Better Reputations offer a free evaluation for any business or individual that will provide details of how best to make sure any reputation is always seen as mark free. The Better Reputations company works hard to ensure any business or individual has a high quality reputation spread across a number of different platforms and Online options.


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Fabletics Marie Claire


In a recent article for Marie Claire at, the online version of the international fashion magazine, author Mehera Bonner interviewed actress and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson about upcoming additions to the online activewear retailer’s line. Because Fabletics was preparing to launch an intriguing assortment of athleisure dresses as well as new performance-oriented swimwear for Spring 2016, the conversation revolved around these items.

Expanding Fabletics’ offerings beyond exercise gear, Kate’s new athleisure dresses are made of the same fabric as Fabletics’ leggings and performance tops, giving support while creating a smooth, snug line, and allowing the freedom of movement that customers expect from all of the company’s garments. The dresses are casual-chic, designed to be worn anywhere an active woman wants to go: to work, shopping, visiting friends, on a date, or out to dinner. Some of the dresses have built-in bras, all are easy and fun to wear. As for the new swimsuits, they too are focused upon providing the wearer all the freedom of movement she needs and wants. They’re comfortable, stylish, feminine, and completely performance-oriented. There’s no worry about embarrassment or discomfort when wearing them, even when doing yoga or pilates on the beach.

When Mehera Bonner asked whether it’s possible to make athleisure garments high fashion, Kate said that yes, it could happen, but that it would cost more money. Since Fabletics’ brand is all about motivating as many women as possible to be as active as they like while still feeling secure and confident in their clothes, going for high fashion at a higher price just doesn’t make sense. An added bonus for customers is Fabletics direct-marketing model: high quality and great performance at half the price.

In addition to providing customers with amazing prices, Fabletics’ online subscription service also makes shopping for Kate Hudson’s super-chic activewear quick, convenient, and fail-safe. When you shop the Fabletics site, you can select any items you like and check-out as a guest. But if you’d like to take advantage of the membership program, you’ll save up to 50% off regular prices, be eligible for special sales, and earn points that’ll add up to free loyalty items. Here’s how the VIP membership program works. When you sign up, you’re asked to take a short quiz. The purpose of the quiz is to give the Fabletics team some information about your lifestyle and workout routines, as well as the styles you particularly like. At the beginning of each month you’re sent a selection of new styles especially chosen for you. If you see something you like, just let Fabletics know and your order is on its way. (You’ll get your first outfit for $25, plus shipping is free for members.) If you want to skip that month’s selection, indicate your choice on the website and you’re good to go. If you forget to skip, your credit card will be charged $49.95 and you’ll receive a credit that allows you to shop the Fabletics site for whatever you like. And it’s easy to make a return or exchange if something doesn’t work out. Source:

There’s nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. When it comes to style, performance, quality, and price, Fabletics has it all covered. 

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Mike Baur Dares to Go at it Alone This Time


In order to make a name for yourself, you sometimes have to take the road less traveled. The evidence here is that ex Clariden Leu banker Mike Baur, who managed banking at Sallfort, has left the comfort of that position and decided to go at it alone.

Mike Baur had made quite a name for himself working at Sallfort, but it appears he is already on to bigger and better things as reported by He has based his new company in Pfäffikon SZ and will cover four divisions.

The Timing is Perfect
Mike Baur has started a new company that will make use of his financial expertise to help Swiss start-ups follow his lead.

According to Mike Baur, it can be especially challenging to match the right transaction at the right time, but he feels with his experience and understanding of the industry, he can help to broaden his portfolio. It all comes down to how much preparatory work one is willing to invest in order to reap those huge rewards.

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This Is Not a Leap of Faith
Mike Baur is going to make use of his vast experience, his knowledgeable partners, and his growing customer base, to implement sustainable strategies that will allow his latest venture to hit the ground running. Mike Baur was adamant about the succession of the new company being a successful transfer and not a leap in the dark. In order for the company to succeed like all his other ventures, the transfer must be a well thought-out and systematic effort on everyone involved.

Financial Specialist for Startups
To get a better understanding as to why many in the financial world expect big things from Mike Baur, one only need look at his long track record. He is a fixture in the Swiss financial world, and brings over 20 years of banking experience to the table whenever he decides to branch off into a new business direction.

As a financial specialist, Mike Baur has invested more than money into his many different startups, he has dedicated a tremendous amount of his time in the Swiss youth movement. During his 20 years in the industry, Mike Baur has also accompanied many different Swiss startups as their financial consultant.

Mike Baur last worked for the Swiss bank Sallfort, and it is there that he developed private banking that puts the focus on equity transactions.

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Mark Sparks Making a Difference with New Funding Program


Marc Sparks is an entrepruener with a philanthropic streak. His cites his faith in God as a pioneering force in his personal and business success. His story is on of constant assertion and positive beliefs that have brought him through adverse circumstances. Mark’s highest level of education is a high school diploma, but he has done exceptionally well in the world of business.

Spark’s open door policy is well known amongst investors. He is also a critical mind that enjoys trackling challenges common to establishing successful projects. Sparks Speed is the term coined for the quick and efficient method of problem solving that Spark’s employs. Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight and @msparks5010

He is on record as having an encouraging and realistic approach that inspires startups world wide. In his book They Can’t Eat You, Marc outlines how these tactics have helped him in personal and business challenges.

He has contributed to several different startups. In fact, he has started Sparks Tanks, a funding program for new businesses. In the first round of 2016, Sparks Tank founded Dogs Matter, a program that provides kennel servies to dogs without homes.

These animals within the program are all disadvantaged and in transition. It is difficult to provide the food, shelter and medication that some of these dogs need. By giving funding to the program, these problems are mitgigated, and the business is able to run more efficiently without worrying about immediate needs. They are able to focus on their vision: getting these dogs into loving home.

Marc Sparks stresses that customer service and happiness is what he looks for in judging whether a business will be successful or not. Does a business plan successfully fill a market gap? That is essential, however Sparks notes that the longevity of a business depends upon its ability to serve customers consistently.

Another entreprenuer can easily take one companies ideas and capitalize on it, making it better, and if they are able to employ the staff and authorities to serve customers in a more efficient manner, then that is the company that will ultimately make it. It is in this philosophy that one can see Marc’s moral aptitude makes him a much more effective business man. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

In addition to his multiple business ventures he has also been involved with American Can! Academy Habitat for Humanity and Marc’s Sparky’s Kids Foundation. The latter venture has been responsible for getting disadvantaged children new computers. It is easy to overlook the value of a computer.

It helps kids write reports for school, apply for jobs, and also learn more about the world. These children then have a better chance at success. Sparks has also invested in homeless shelters. Sparks tank is running its 3rd and 2nd round of investment for businesses in 2016.

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The Importance of Nutritious Dog Food


In a recent article, it discusses the importance of fresh and nutritional ingredients needed in dog food. The health of our beloved pets can sometimes come before our own- let’s face it. What’s being put into dog food is something much more talked about than it was twenty or so years ago.
This author went on to talk about the types of fresh products put into some of these new, organic foods. They are refrigerated, which is something new being introduced to the pet food product lines. Owners are not afraid to dig deep into their pockets for these foods like Nestle Purina Store, Blue Buffalo, and Freshpet because of their healthy reputation and organic seal of approval.

But even the popular line of dog food, Beneful contains a hefty list of healthy ingredients used in making their products. Using real meat and vegetables that are rich in nutrients for your favorite four legged friend, Beneful is a well loved and talked about dog food brand. With different foods for different sized breeds, and to meet the needs of your dog, Beneful is also cost effective and still provides the nutritious balance needed to live a long, healthy life.

Beneful can be found in various markets and stores like Walmart and Target at a price significantly lower than that of kibble said to be certified organic. We all know that our pets are treated like kings and queens and their health means everything, but their are cost friendly alternatives with natural and nutritious ingredients. That is where Beneful really comes in. Beneful is veterinarian recommended at times for weight control or weight loss which goes to show that the dog food line is beneficial to your pets health. Beneful is a fantastic option to anyone looking for a healthy dog food for their beloved pet. Visit the Beneful Youtube Channel now!

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The Upcoming World of Image Recognition


Currently manufacturers and marketing companies, have had to come up with new ways to ensure sales. Imaging recognition is one of the new innovative ways. It allows you to capture the image on your phone and using software, convert it into a hyperlink, connecting you with information and videos related to that product. This can also allow you to spot the item in an advert or a magazine.

This technology cannot only be used in business, but also in security and surveillance, forensics and police and m-commerce. Currently there are over twenty large companies within the United States alone, which offer these services.

There are a number of companies, which have established themselves in the product recognition business. To make your product stand out it needs to be.
• Fast- nobody wants to load a picture then have to wait a long time before the system can locate it for you or find you a similar product.

• Easy to use- the technology should be easy to understand and use. There should be no need to read a tutorial or watch an instructional video. The client should be able to snap their photo, upload it, and then just wait for results.

• It should be applicable in the real world-sometimes after you take a photo it may be blurry, or the lighting may not be good. The technology developed should be able to use this kind of image and still give accurate results.

Image recognition is available from any web browser be it your tablet, phone, or pc without you having to download any applications. The content needs to be constantly updated in order to stay relevant to the consumer. It also needs to be affordable and flexible, in order to attract and maintain clients.

About Slyce Inc.

One of the big names in the image recognition business, is Slyce Inc. This is a visual search and recognition company based in Toronto. They also have offices in Calgary, New Waterford and Minneapolis. It was founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot in 2012. They went ahead to launch their image recognition technology, in 2013. Their technology allows customers to identify items from pictures on their phones, and also purchase them form their phones.

The company develops visual recognition software, for large retailers in the United States. They have come up with a number of products, for example the snap to buy platform, which can be used to make purchases. They also have a service which can help you identify products from social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram.

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Venezuela Hit By Power Shortages


Venezuela Plagued by Power and Water Shortages Still

Internal problems are ones that can plague just about any nation on Earth, and Venezuela, as of right now, is no different. News was all over Linked In of what’s happening in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a country that is heavily reliant on its oil industry, but recently a global drop in the oil industry’s prices has caused a serious effect on the South American nation. First the local citizens have been suffering from random electricity blackouts and water shortages, but this has now escalated to include damaged phone lines and communications.

To put this into perspective, the oil revenue for the country went from $37.2 billion in 2014 and dropped to $12.6 billion this year. Combined with the fact that Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro also happens to owe $700 million to cable and telecom companies, services across the country have been shut down, resulting in the aforementioned shortages in power and water.

Digitel, a mobile phone company for example, is one of the many that has stopped its long distance calling service to the country as well as any international roaming plans because of the failure to reach an agreement with cell phone providers. Adding on to this is how state-run television services such as Cantv no longer broadcast because they have to review their contracts, leaving tons of citizens without anything to watch.

Essentially, the country’s financial crisis has had a crippling effect on nearly everyone.

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