Chipotle Delivery

We’ve all been there before. We’re starving, and too lazy to do anything about it. So, we sit on our couch and we search online, and we search our phone books, and we ask our friends – “What should I eat?!” In the end, the options end up being very limited. There’s pizza, chinese, or chicken. All things that you’ve probably ordered a million times before. Well, rejoice people! There’s a new option on the table.

According to Grub Street the restaurant “Chipotle” has started delivering in 67 cities. Those of us not in those cities, are probably wishing we were in them, and excited for the idea that maybe one day it will come here. But, we’ve been missing out – those lucky suckers in 67 cities have been eating Chipotle from the comfort of their own homes.

Chipotle has been using Postmates deliver service which is the same one that Starbucks uses. Chipotle has new and exciting plans on the way as well. Soon owners of the Apple Watch will be able to order and pay for their Chipotle from almost anywhere, as well as eat it almost anywhere!

So congratulations to those who get to max on their burritos from wherever they are, while the rest of us have to drive to a store. Here at AnastasiaDate ( are hoping one day soon Chipotle comes to us. The world needs more fast food delivery services, so kudos to Chipotle for making it happen!

McDonald’s Suffers Sale Woes

McDonald’s woes seem to be getting worse and worse. The one-time king of all fast food franchises is experiencing a huge drop in earnings. Sales in the United States are continuing to slump and there does not appear to be any reversal of this trend occurring in the near future. Overall, profits are down 11% and the corporation is hoping to put a new “turnaround” plan into action. Can McDonald’s come up with a plan that will put the company back on track? Sam Tabar thinks he answer is “no” if the reasons for the decline are the result of changes in consumer trends.

McDonald’s has a few things working against it. During the heyday of the company from the 1960’s into the 1990’s, fast food was mainly burgers and fries. Today, the landscape is a lot different. Pizza, chicken, and Chinese food franchises among others are chopping away at McDonald’s market share.

People are a bit more health conscious today. At one time, eating a high fat fast food meal now and then was not considered all that big of a deal. Today, more people outright refuse to eat this type of food ever. McDonald’s also marketing a lot towards kids and, unlike in the 1970’s, parents aren’t moved to buy those unhealthy happy meals for the young ones.

McDonald’s has also been a victim of bad publicity. New stories chronicling the low wages the company pays employees harm the perception of the brand in people’s minds.

Burger King Co-Founder Talks Wage Protests

With the recent protests by fast food workers concerning their minimum wage hourly salaries and how difficult it is for them to sustain a living below the poverty line it has some of the founders of the industry to give their thoughts on the subject and where they see fast food moving in the future. Burger King Co-Founder David Edgerton believes that the protests will be successful in raising the minimum wage. However, he does not believe it will reach the desired $15 per hour they are seeking and will more likely reach $12 or $13. Pointing out that their goal of $15 per hour is far too high for unskilled labor when the majority of them work’s less than full time.

Sam Tabar, an investment advisor, believes that the positive PR that will come from raising the wage will mitigate any upfront costs. (PRNewsWire)

Additionally, he foresees that the company’s like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King and other fast foot places will do away with low priced food items typically found on the dollar menu. Pointing out that rarely do companies take on additional costs of personnel or materials without raising the prices of their food. These companies are in business to make money and increase their profits for their franchise holders. Otherwise they would be forced to go out of business. Something many McDonald’s owners are trying to avoid as they have lost market share in some areas of the country. The point is that while the protestors may get their way in getting higher pay it will be short lived because the prices at these fast food places will be increased almost immediately after.

New Alcohol Product Has Not Even Hit Shelves And Is Already Causing Controversy

The next big alcohol trend could come in a format that would confuse most people, it isn’t sold in a can or a bottle but rather a packet. Interested? Palcohol is exactly what it sounds like, powdered alcohol. It is set to be released in the U.S. later this summer but is already facing some stiff backlash. In fact, many states are trying to not only prevent it from being sold but also to make possession of it illegal. It seems odd that the response would be so overwhelming, especially considering the fact that this product has federal approval.

Mark Phillips, the creator of Palcohol, is already fighting back with positive PR and insists that all this publicity will make his product more desirable. He also is trying to make it clear that this product is safe and intended for adults ages 21 and up. reports in a few months when this product is available for purchase America will see what all the fuss is about and make their own decisions on whether or not it is an item they will purchase regularly. Meanwhile, many legislatures are working tirelessly to ensure that Palcohol products will not be for sale in many states. It is the battle between wills.

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Write a Brief Article Based on Trending News

Japanese women can now combine beer drinking with gaining better skin. According to brewer Suntory, their new beer named “Precious” contains collagen, which is a benefit to skin tone and texture in women. The beer has a 5% alcohol content and also is infused with approximately two grams of the supposed skin enhancing ingredient in each can. The collagen content is stated to contribute to the flexibility of the beer drinking women’s skin, though it could also aid men.
Marketing is aimed at the Japanese female population only at this time. No word as to whether the beer is actually effective or not. Christian Broda knows has heard that whether women in other countries will get to sample the benefits of Precious, is not yet known. For the time being this beer will be available only in Hokkaido, Japan. The Suntory company has stated that they will advise when further distribution will be available.

Taco Bell Takes On Delivery

When people reach a certain point in time of day where they feel too lazy to get up and go out but are still craving some delicious fast food, the last thing on their mind is probably having the ability of getting their food delivered. Of course, depending on the restaurant, that is. Taco Bell is certainly one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in all of the nation. However, its customers have been limited to eating the foods either by getting it to go, whether it be from the lobby or drive-thru, or eating in at the lobby.


Now, the restaurant’s CEO Brian Niccol has announced that by the end of the year the restaurant will give it a go on delivery options. Ricardo Tosto can’t wait to try it out. If this delivery period is based on a trial basis, it is certainly safe to assume that it will be around for quite a long time. Some have even added it as an option on the Wikipedia page. Taco Bell delivery sounds like the fast-food enthusiast’s dream. There is little one can do from stopping that individual from feasting on one of their favorite meals.

Free Food for the Poor

What does a rich land do when it knows that there are poor individuals around who are going without food? It depends on the land, but Qatar is doing great things.

There is a restaurant that is located in the rich land of Qatar that has opened its doors to those who need a good meal. This restaurant knows that there are poor individuals out there who will go hungry if someone does not help out and they have chosen to help out. This restaurant feeds the poor, giving them the sustenance that they need. This restaurant feeds those who can’t afford to pay for the food, even though they receive enough paying guests to keep them busy. In order to care for the poor in the best way, everyone like Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG needs to do what they can do. That is why one restaurant in Qatar is doing.
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Burger King Pays for Couples Upcoming Wedding

An Illinois couple recently announced their engagement and Burger King has offered to pay for the wedding. That’s right, the fast food chain announced they would be covering all expenses.

Joel Burger and Ashley King are college sweethearts and have known each other since kindergarten. Just last week their local newspaper, the State Journal-Register announced the couple’s engagement. Dan Newlin suggested it did not take long for the news of the “Burger-King” wedding to make its way to the Burger King Corporation.

The fast food mogul contacted the couple via Skype and dropped a whopper on the couple, announcing that they wanted to pay for the entire wedding. Caught on video, the couple’s reaction the news was priceless. A spokesperson for Burger King said they were elated that the news made its way to them. In fact, they loved how the couple found each other and their story found them.

The Burger King Corporation was not asking for anything in return. Rather, they just wanted to the couple to enjoy their goodwill gesture and generosity. They’re only stipulation was that the couple live happily ever after. Joel and Ashley are eternality grateful for the fast food corporation’s kindness and generosity.

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Pricey Steak from Disney

How much would you pay for a good cut of meat? How much would you be willing to spend on a steak that is delicious and ready to eat? Would you spend more if you knew that the steak was coming from Disney? The company must be hoping that you would, as they have released a new steak that is very pricey.

Disney World’s newest restaurant offers a delicious steak to their customers. According, this steak is mouth-watering and full of flavor. This steak costs over a hundred dollars. This steak is a little pricier than most steaks out there, a bit pricey even for Disney.

The Boathouse is a restaurant with quality food at prices that are above average. This restaurant offers a variety of menu selections, each with a price tag that is more than what one would pay at a traditional restaurant. Could the quality and the location be worth the price, though? That is to be determined.

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New York Luxury Real Estate Remains in High Demand

Introduction: Global Luxury Real Estate Markets

The Prime International Residential Index follows the sale of luxury residential properties in urban centers around the world. It offers one way for companies and investors to track the sites where upscale properties obtain the highest demand. The index ranks the top 100 international real estate markets for luxury properties.

New York Leads a Global Market

According to the analyst firm Knight Frank, New York enjoyed exceptional popularity as a site attracting buyers of luxury homes and apartments. The reported average values of these residences skyrocket by 18.8% between December, 2013 and December, 2014, compared with average 2% increases globally. Small wonder then that many people seeking to acquire upscale premises consider the New York marketplace when searching for a luxurious place to reside. New York actually topped the list of the 100 best places to buy this type of property, according to the Prime International Residential Index.

Aside from the fact that real estate remains a strongly location-based field, and high end New York homes and apartments remain close to many unique leading business and recreational sites, the interest in luxurious accommodations in the New York area reportedly gained some impetus from the widespread appeal of the New York market for buyers seeking solid values. Several other U.S. cities shared this appeal, including Aspen, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

A Hot Market

The attractiveness of luxury apartments, houses and condominiums in the New York metropolitan area has generated widespread interest in these properties. A leading real estate company marketing this type of exclusive inventory is Town Residential. With 10 offices scattered throughout New York for the convenience of clients, the company engages in the sale of luxury NYC properties, leasing and property development. The firm recently received the honor of being listed as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.

New York benefits from the presence of many exceptional attractions. Served by 22 four year colleges and over 88 hospital and medical centers, and a major hub for transportation in the Northeast, New York continues to draw many new inhabitants every year. Leading businesses maintain offices in the area, a cultural and artistic center. With recreational opportunities ranging from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park to over 1,000 local parks and unparalleled shopping and dining opportunities, New York can offer a luxurious quality of life to residents.

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