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The Importance of Nutritious Dog Food

In a recent article, it discusses the importance of fresh and nutritional ingredients needed in dog food. The health of our beloved pets can sometimes come before our own- let’s face it. What’s being put into dog food is something much more talked about than it was twenty or so years ago.
This author went on to talk about the types of fresh products put into some of these new, organic foods. They are refrigerated, which is something new being introduced to the pet food product lines. Owners are not afraid to dig deep into their pockets for these foods like Nestle Purina Store, Blue Buffalo, and Freshpet because of their healthy reputation and organic seal of approval.

But even the popular line of dog food, Beneful contains a hefty list of healthy ingredients used in making their products. Using real meat and vegetables that are rich in nutrients for your favorite four legged friend, Beneful is a well loved and talked about dog food brand. With different foods for different sized breeds, and to meet the needs of your dog, Beneful is also cost effective and still provides the nutritious balance needed to live a long, healthy life.

Beneful can be found in various markets and stores like Walmart and Target at a price significantly lower than that of kibble said to be certified organic. We all know that our pets are treated like kings and queens and their health means everything, but their are cost friendly alternatives with natural and nutritious ingredients. That is where Beneful really comes in. Beneful is veterinarian recommended at times for weight control or weight loss which goes to show that the dog food line is beneficial to your pets health. Beneful is a fantastic option to anyone looking for a healthy dog food for their beloved pet. Visit the Beneful Youtube Channel now!

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The Upcoming World of Image Recognition

Currently manufacturers and marketing companies, have had to come up with new ways to ensure sales. Imaging recognition is one of the new innovative ways. It allows you to capture the image on your phone and using software, convert it into a hyperlink, connecting you with information and videos related to that product. This can also allow you to spot the item in an advert or a magazine.

This technology cannot only be used in business, but also in security and surveillance, forensics and police and m-commerce. Currently there are over twenty large companies within the United States alone, which offer these services.

There are a number of companies, which have established themselves in the product recognition business. To make your product stand out it needs to be.
• Fast- nobody wants to load a picture then have to wait a long time before the system can locate it for you or find you a similar product.

• Easy to use- the technology should be easy to understand and use. There should be no need to read a tutorial or watch an instructional video. The client should be able to snap their photo, upload it, and then just wait for results.

• It should be applicable in the real world-sometimes after you take a photo it may be blurry, or the lighting may not be good. The technology developed should be able to use this kind of image and still give accurate results.

Image recognition is available from any web browser be it your tablet, phone, or pc without you having to download any applications. The content needs to be constantly updated in order to stay relevant to the consumer. It also needs to be affordable and flexible, in order to attract and maintain clients.

About Slyce Inc.

One of the big names in the image recognition business, is Slyce Inc. This is a visual search and recognition company based in Toronto. They also have offices in Calgary, New Waterford and Minneapolis. It was founded by Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot in 2012. They went ahead to launch their image recognition technology, in 2013. Their technology allows customers to identify items from pictures on their phones, and also purchase them form their phones.

The company develops visual recognition software, for large retailers in the United States. They have come up with a number of products, for example the snap to buy platform, which can be used to make purchases. They also have a service which can help you identify products from social media pages, like Facebook and Instagram.

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Venezuela Hit By Power Shortages

Venezuela Plagued by Power and Water Shortages Still

Internal problems are ones that can plague just about any nation on Earth, and Venezuela, as of right now, is no different. News was all over Linked In of what’s happening in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a country that is heavily reliant on its oil industry, but recently a global drop in the oil industry’s prices has caused a serious effect on the South American nation. First the local citizens have been suffering from random electricity blackouts and water shortages, but this has now escalated to include damaged phone lines and communications.

To put this into perspective, the oil revenue for the country went from $37.2 billion in 2014 and dropped to $12.6 billion this year. Combined with the fact that Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro also happens to owe $700 million to cable and telecom companies, services across the country have been shut down, resulting in the aforementioned shortages in power and water.

Digitel, a mobile phone company for example, is one of the many that has stopped its long distance calling service to the country as well as any international roaming plans because of the failure to reach an agreement with cell phone providers. Adding on to this is how state-run television services such as Cantv no longer broadcast because they have to review their contracts, leaving tons of citizens without anything to watch.

Essentially, the country’s financial crisis has had a crippling effect on nearly everyone.

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White Shark Media’s Online Marketing Solutions

The primary reason why many businesses opt for marketing is to ensure that the business entity gets more clients which eventually boost the sales for the company. To succeed in this, it is important for the honchos of the company to sit down and come up with impeccable marketing strategies that will ensure that the intended goal is achieved. Alternatively, the company may outsource from a company providing marketing solutions for different clients and receive the professionals services that are best suited in the particular industry.

For online businesses, it is imperative to seek the services of firms that provide online marketing solutions for clients in order to boost their sales. It is necessary for a business entity to make sure the firm picked for the job is reputable and has previously provided good service for other clients. After establishing this, then it is safe to hire the firm for internet marketing solutions to help grow your business entity. One of the internet marketing solutions provided by online marketing firms is the use of particular keywords on the website to ensure more traffic to that website. In common internet marketing parlance, the use of some target keywords to attract traffic to the website is often referred to as Search Engine Optimization internet marketing solution. This is one of the sure ways of securing traffic to a particular business website.

Often the established internet marketing solutions according to Shopify, providers conduct thorough research and find the main keywords that most people use to search for information about a particular product. Once they find the exact keywords people use then they use them on certain pages of the website. It is imperative that the use of the keywords isn’t too repetitive. Once this is accurately done, then the business entity will likely rank on the top pages of the search engines that the people use to search for the information about products they are interested. Therefore this will lead to more people clicking to the business website to get the information about the particular product. Once satisfied, then the people go ahead and purchase the products from the website or communicate with the company’s agents to get more information the end result being an expanded client base.

White Shark Media is leading firm providing top notch internet marketing solutions for its clients. White Shark Media Complaints has helped many young companies as well as struggling companies grow and become medium sized enterprises with high profits after receiving internet marketing assistance from them. White Shark Media Complaints managment team prides itself with a team of professionals who are diligent in conducting their research work to ensure that they get the best possible internet marketing solutions for the companies that hire them for their expertise. This information can also be sourced from



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U.S. Money Reserve Is A Unique Coin Dealer

Investors of all proverbial walks of life realize they must diversify assets. Precious metals are very desirable assets, which is why U.S. Money Reserve is attracting so many customers. Concerns over what might happen to currency and stock markets in the future lead many to purchasing gold, silver, and platinum.

U.S. Money Reserve focuses on the coin market. Coins have many traits that make them preferable to other forms precious metals come in. Collectability and aesthetics add to their value and desirability.

U.S. Money Reserve is a company very seriously interested in providing customers with coins on Gold coins are surely the most popular, but silver and platinum should never be dismissed. Silver is used in manufacturing to a far greater degree than many realize. The scarcity of silver could jump at any time leading to increases in price. Those who wish to keep track of daily updates to the prices of gold, silver, and platinum should check out U.S. Money Reserve’s outstanding new e-commerce site. Real-time prices are prominently on display all the time.

U.S. Money Reserve’s acquisition of coins is expertly managed. The company puts a tremendous amount of effort into all phases of customer service. From research to customer consulting to packing and shipping, U.S. Money Reserve operates effectively and efficiently.

Philip N. Diehl is the president of U.S. Money Reserve, and he joined the company after an enormously successful stint as Director of the U.S. Mint. Diehl’s experience is not exactly something even incredibly skilled executives can match. His presence at the top of the managerial chain of U.S. Money Reserve is enormously beneficial to the company. In truth, his position as president ends up being quite beneficial to clients as well. He is tremendously customer service driven in his managerial approach.

U.S. Money Reserve has taken many steps to ensure the company is capable of delivering the best service to customers. The business has become a member of the prestigious Austin Chamber of Commerce, and this shows U.S. Money Reserve is a legitimate company capable of serving customers well. In addition to being a solid member of the Austin business community, U.S. Money Reserve has also helped out local charities on numerous occasions.

Anyone wishing to learn more about U.S. Money Reserve should like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. To keep up on business arrangements, follow them on LinkedIn.

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Ricardo Guimaraes Still Steering BMG In The Right Direction

The son of Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes, Ricardo Guimaraes, had the privilege of starting his life in one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Minas Gerais. Mr. Flavio, a successful entrepreneur, invested in agriculture, a tannery as well as coffee plantations. Ricardo Guimaraes is however well known for his role in his presiding role over BMG Bank.


Ricardo Guimaraes is described as a talented, hardworking and innovative leader in his role as the president of the bank. He has proven his leadership skills since taking over leadership of the bank in 1998. He worked hard to make BMG Bank the National Loans leader within a short period.


The interests if the Guimaraes family in the financial sector began in 1930 when Antonio Mourao Guimaraes founded Land Credit Bank. Ricardo Guimaraes’ position as the president of BMG makes him the fourth in line in the management of the family’s financial empire. Read more about him in wiki.


During the tenure of Ricardo Guimaraes, BMG adopted an innovative strategy. This strategy was aimed at making BMG the leader in consigned credit monitoring in the country. With its operations being handled by a lean and efficient team, and with consultants spread all over the country, BMG’s main focus has been on providing credit to a low default level audience. This focus has seen the bank emerge as the leader in the credit industry.


Apart from offering sound credit facilities, Ricardo Guimaraes is also involved in sponsoring football clubs as well as athletes. Currently, BMG ranks as the largest football sponsor in Brazil. The bank enjoys an excellent return from these sponsorships, making the bank one of the top Brazilian sponsors to enjoy great financial returns on football investments.


Football sponsorships provide a lot of advertising for the bank. The visibility of the bank is greatly increased when the bank’s three orange letters are placed in the various clubs all over the country. Apart from sponsorships, Ricardo Guimaraes also served as the chairman of the Alvinegro Mines, succeeding Nelio Brant. His tenure lasted five years, and Ziza Valadares later succeeded him.


His commitment during his presidency was clearly evident. On several occasions, he contributed money from his own pocket to help the team in difficult times. Today, almost a decade after he left, he remains one of the most respected figures in the club, this respect extending even to the fans.

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CCMP Capital Becoming Top Investment Firm Quickly Not Quietly

When it comes to investments in general, the consensus has been for many years that as long as an organization is able to repay the funds that they promise, and as long as they deliver when it comes to wealth generation, people and investors just seem to go along with the flow more often than not. However, when you go through a great recession like most all current investors had to, there are questions about the structure and the overall goal as well. Throw in the fact that most young investors are millennials, and when it comes to the structure and operations of an organization companies and firms need to be willing and able to explain the specifics and not just tell people to go with the flow.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is not only excelling at this model, some would argue that they pioneered the method of putting investors first and making sure that there was a transfer of knowledge at every step of the way. While former President and CEO Stephen Murray has passed away, his spirit still lives on within the organization at each and every step of the operation. Whether it is the extra mile that every employee continues to go for their clients, or the personal relationships that many individuals are shocked to be a part of. The fact of the matter is every client should be on a first name basis according to Wall Street expert Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, and the personal relationships are exactly what has allowed CCMP Capital to grow so quickly and so strongly over the last handful of years.

CCMP Capital doesn’t just pride themselves on being able to work well with others, however. The underlying issue is always about making solid and sound financial decisions over the long haul. However, when there are lifetimes worth of savings at stake, and there are hundreds of thousands, millions, and even more dollars at stake each and every year as well, the curious case that everyone needs to know is who will have their back when it comes time to make significant and complicated financial decisions?

Because CCMP Capital was founded on the principles of Stephen Murray, the focus will always be on making sure any investor at any stage of their investing life will have access to help and guidance in order to help them become more savvy along the way. But, because CCMP Capital was so heavily influenced by Stephen Murray’s strong moral code, what investors are really getting when working with CCMP Capital is an organization that will not only call you by your first name when it is time to make personal decisions, but a financial firm that will guide you for long run success and not just short term profits.

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A Co-Founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp Gets Serious About Charities

Jon Urbana hails from Denver and is currently serving as the Head of Business Development at Ellipse Technologies, a medical devices industry. He is also the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. During his spare time, he likes to use his music talent, photography, aviation and is also a philanthropist. He frequently updates it on his Tumblr blog.

As the co-founder of, Jon is dedicated to helping the young individuals learn the sport and make a difference in their lives. With his expert knowledge of lacrosse, he trains Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s young players to get them to the level he was at their age. As a player at Villanova, Jon Urbana received All-American honors in 2004, also won the defensive player of the year award that year. It is considered a top lacrosse camp in the country and Urbana holds training clinics for five days every year.

His new fundraiser is out there for Earth Force, a Denver nonprofit that supports the environment. The charity focuses on getting kids active, interested in environmental issues and keep their environment beautiful. Urbana’s has another charity drive for the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society and is being hosted on CrowdRise, and donors can visit Fox Carolina to read more and directly make donations to the cause. They are a no-kill cat shelter, they offer a safe place to homeless cats in the Denver area.

Urbana has created a number of custom videos and remixes of electronic tunes or his own compositions. Some more recent samples of his electronic remixes can be found on his Twitter stream. He has a big fanbase on Soundcloud where he shares his music.

Jon Urbana is a really skilled pilot. He has received special recognition from the FAA and have included Jon in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. This sets him apart and demonstrates to his Facebook audience that he is a trustworthy pilot who has met the highest criteria set by the aviation board; which qualifies him as a commercial pilot.

Photography is one of his favorite hobbies, his main interests of travel, food and animals are reflected in the work he posts to different platforms.

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Where Business Advice is Cheap Igor Cornelsen’s Advice is Golden

In Brazil it seems like every person you meet has their own system, their own special scheme, and for a fee they will gladly share their business advice with you. Igor Cornelsen is different. His advice is genuine gold! This is because he is well educated and well connected when it comes to all things business. He built up his encyclopedia mind of sage and effective commerce savvy over many years. His mastery of business deals and useful networking techniques alone are worth consulting with him. Part of the most important pieces of his knowledge empire from newsvine is the intricacies of Brazilian melting pot of sub-cultures. Along with this knowledge he has accumulated many good relationships with the wealthy and well-connected of Brazil. He believes it is very important to have connections with the native people.

Walk around in a circle in any city of Brazil and you will see an array of small businesses. Most are mom-and-pop family owned businesses of every description, and they all offer their advice, which usually is simply a derivation of “I will scratch your back if you will scratch mine.” Their advice thus tends to be of a mediocre caliber.

When people consult with Igor Cornelsen, they are required to take on his education process. He does not simply advise his clients, he educates them so they can teach others. He explains his reasoning about his own investments, which have been mostly in the area of agriculture. For Brazil’s export businesses, he has become legendary, with profitable advice based on a diverse and long career in business. Cornelsen requires clients to study business profiles, sometimes for whole sectors of the economy and sometimes before investing in particular companies. Whenever anyone asks how he became such a sage at business, he tells them they must wade through the tedious details, the red tape if you will, in order to make smart decisions that consistently lead to high profits down the road.

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Sam Tabar’s Chick-fil-A Challenge Brings Back Face-To-Face Communication

Many of us have been in a situation where we head out to dinner or lunch with friends or family members and someone just won’t get off their phone. Sam Tabar and a lot of other people fail to realize that a dinner out is supposed to be a time for people to enjoy one another’s company. Yet, that often does not happen. Instead, people turn to their phones, says Tabar. The art of face-to-face communication seems to quickly be dwindling. It’s sad but Sam Tabar believes there are some steps that restaurants are taking.

According to GrubStreet, Chick-fil-A is offering a bit of a strange promotion. They will now have a box for those who dine in to put their cell phones in. If no one touches their phone then they get a coupon for ice cream. It’s a neat little idea that truly helps to bring people back together.

Tabar notes that it’s also a little sad that we live in a society where people have to be rewarded to do something like talk to one another. It’s great that a small family company like Chick-fil-A is really working to bring communication and laughter back together in the restaurant. The box the cell phones go into has instructions printed on the side.

The challenge isn’t available at all restaurants just yet. It’s quickly becoming a nationwide thing and pretty soon all people will be able to partake in this. For now, the idea has been widely popular and has caught on.

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