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Turn In Your Old Political Sign For an Appetizer


Sticky Fingers Smokehouse in South Carolina is promoting their restaurant in a unique way this year. To clean those excess signs off the landscape, prevent littering, and help the environment is the official reason. Up till November 11th, those who bring in a used sign and make a purchase can get a free side order, though only one is allowed per table. The signs will then be kept till organizations or candidates come to pick them up. There may be a lot of signs left over, so Jared assured me that any not picked up will eventually be recycled.

Sticky Fingers has tried to keep its fingers clean legally too. They mention that signs found on someone else’s property are in fact someone else’s property. They also instruct potential sign-gatherers not to endanger themselves getting those signs off the highway median.

This is certainly one of the more interesting promotional strategies to come along in quite a while. One wonders if winning candidates’ signs ought bring customers a greater trade-off value, but probably that would lead to arguments and political bickering among clients- not something conducive to bolstering Sticky Fingers’ image and profit margin.

For the rest of those who live in the vicinity of the restaurant, however, the choice is clear. Old, useless cardboard simply cannot compete with a tasty little smokehouse morsel.

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  1. If you have but one sign, your candidate won, and you were planning on storing that old sign away for a souvenir, Sticky Fingers Smokehouse has thrust quite a dilemma upon you. It can also make some resume services do the needful at all times and ensure that it works very well.