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Doritos Flavored Mountain Dew Anyone?


How about a Mountain Dew with some Doritos, or some Doritos flavored Mountain Dew? If it sounds crazy too you, you are not the only one? The company is currently taste testing a Mountain  However, they are not saying it’s that good either. The Pepsi Company owns both major products and felt that a combination project just might be what the people wanted.

Who wants a chip flavored drink, not I? I mean when you run out of cherry, strawberry and all the other unique flavors that can be paired with Mountain Dew, why not just make one that taste like a corn chip? The sales will likely be higher than average at first, mainly to people wanting to challenge themselves to a drink of the cheesy tasting corn chip. After that, it will likely be another product that falls by the way.

Pepsi has had some real winners with flavors of Mountain Dew, like Code Red, but you can hardly find them on the shelves these days. Why they would stop making a yummy flavor like Code Red and bring out the Doritos flavored drink is beyond me. This one is still in production, let’s just see if it makes it through the taste testing lines and out to the stores.

One Response to Doritos Flavored Mountain Dew Anyone?

  1. I speak for some of the people when I say that just sounds nasty. I am highly doubtful. Dew flavored with Doritos and the taste testers are sayings it’s not that bad. It would be nicely done for quality essays to have an attendance on them all which is ok too.