Shadow of a Stout

Joe’s Crab Shack Makes Deadly Error By Serving Tots Alcohol


Joe’s Crab Shack has long been a favorite dinning local of people frequenting the beach area. The restaurants chain has many other establishments, according to Facebook page research by Igor Cornelsen,  that are not beach front, like the one in Colorado Springs. As a parent I am horrified of the reports that this location served alcohol to children from the ages of 2-8. This is one accident that could have ended up deadly.

The children were served hard liquor by a mistake to the small tots. They were given heavy doses of alcohol in a fruity drink called a “Shark Bite,” when it was supposed to be a kid’s drink called “Shark Nibbles.” When the server and management caught the error, they immediately went to the table to stop the tots from ingesting the drinks. Unfortunately, they were too little-too late. The 2 year old had finished her drink and the other children had drunk much of their fruity liquored drink too.

The police are investigating but as a parent how real is the threat of something like this happen again? Actually I am surprised this is the first time it has happened. With all the fruity kids drink made up to look like adult drinks, it was just a matter of time. But the real question is why is the bar tender who serves hard liquors making the kids drinks in the first place?

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  1. The parents, Trista and Omar Montoya, were livid and the paramedics were called to the scene. Apparently it was the bar tender that mixed up the drink order. It is hard for custom essay online to understand the full force of what is going among them in fantastic way.