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Are Strawberries Doused In Dangerous Pesticides?


We all know how important it is to eat our fruits and vegetables, but each day we learn how farmers are using pesticides and other harmful products on our foods. In one article specifically, we learn that our strawberries are possibly linked to very dangerous pesticides.

In an article posted on Cir Online, one pesticide regulator in question is being brought center stage about a lot of pesticides being used when growing California strawberries. Uh oh.

The name of the regulator in question is Paul Helliker, and he worked for California’s Dow AgroSciences. He had looked the other way while some farmers actually used a ton of pesticides on their strawberries. This obviously was against the law and put Helliker’s job on the line.

Instead of two years, this turned into twelve years. Now, with people like Gianfrancesco Genoso watching what they eat (as they should), many companies such as Dow AgroSciences are having their jobs on the line. We can only hope they learn from their past mistakes and our fruits and vegetables are not linked to such disturbing and dangerous pesticides in the future.

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