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How OSI Group Leads Food-Industry In Environmental Management


On November 25th, 2016, the British Safety Council awarded OSI Group a coveted Globe of Honour: an award for exhibiting outstanding competence in environmental management.

In order to reach a higher sustainability, OSI Group places environmental protection as an equal priority to health and safety. At each of its world-wide operations, OSI has distinguished itself by becoming more efficient while _ conscious of environmental risks: a practice the British Safety Council say they hope to see many more firms doing, while congratulating OSI Industries.

OSI Group takes “corporate responsibility” for their (and every other company’s) environmental impact by implementing various “green” initiatives into their operations, including environmentally efficient lighting, steam re-circulation processes, and wastewater reduction plans. “Zero waste-to-landfill” status is maintained at several OSI Group facilities. Some locations even promote ride-sharing programs to encourage car-pooling and the use of public transportation.

OSI Industries plants are dedicated to green efficiency, regularly partaking in energy conservation audits. OSI Europe annually celebrates the United Nations’ World Environment Day (WED), by actively raising awareness. Employees demonstrate presentations and distribute leaflets during the celebration’s parades and street-rallies all around the world. An employees’ photo competition was promoted within OSI UK, in honor of WED 2016. In fact, many of OSI Group’s World Environment Day initiatives are aimed to educate children on important environmental topics; in OSI Poland, kids built and decorated breeding boxes for birds.

OSI Group was not only awarded a 5-star rating based on the British Safety Council’s rigid environmental management audit scheme, but won the prestigious Globe of Honour, one of three accumulated company-wide awarded Globes (winning one in 2013 then again in 2015). Environmentally conscious sustainability is highly prioritized, alongside their renowned quality products and custom services. OSI Industries continues to actively reduce pollution from all facilities and operations, leading the world’s food-industry in environmental management.

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