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Lime Crime vs The Competition


When it comes to cosmetic makeup in general, the industry is made up of numerous products such as foundation, lipstick, lip gloss, eye liners, lip toppers and more. Just about every popular brand in the field has products across the board. Companies like L’OrĂ©al, MAC, Maybelline and Almay have been running the industry for years. Their products are made of high quality, especially when being compared to other brands. Unfortunately, these companies have become a bit stagnant as of late. There just isn’t anything new or innovative that’s sprucing up from these respectable names. Fortunately, there is hope for the industry, and that hope has come in the form of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime has been around since 2008, and it has grown into a worldwide powerhouse. These are some of the most brilliant products on the market today. The company’s CEO, Doe Deere, has started a revolution of change thanks to her unique personal style. Bright colors and intensely deep hues is the formulation here. Users will be addicted to wearing these innovative cosmetics. For those who want a certain appearance or just want to stir up a commotion, this is the right product line to use. The company’s mission is to provide the very best of colors, which emits true expression. Users of the products are not discriminated against as this is a modern day unisex brand. Every base seems to be fully covered.

Competitor brands tend use a lot chemical additives to their products, which can cause a number of skin issues like itch, pimples and rash. The consistency for many of these products are thick, which can clog the pores. When pore are clogged, issues commence. This is why Lime Crime stands out among the competition as it is vegan made, it’s animal cruelty-free, and it’s safe to consistency use. When it’s all said done, there is no competition at this point in time.

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