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Essential Information on NuoDB SQL Database Technology

NuoDB SQL database technology is an SQL system for distributed deployment in the cloud. It is a NewSQL database with traditional SQL databases features and incorporates the characteristics to support scale-out procedures in cloud computing activities. Application programs use SQL statements to communicate with NuoDB. NuoDB groups data components into atoms for easy transmission. NuoDB Inc. software vendor develops and market NuoDB. The software has advanced over the years and is currently in Release 2.0.3.

The database is using the tiered approach that comprises of multiple and redundant storage managers(SM) and transaction engines (TE). This strategy assists in scaling data in the cloud. Adding SMs and TEs helps in boosting database capacity. The SQL database was to align and expand IBM relational database rules and enhance data security. NuoDB partnered with CauseSquare in 2017. NuoDB was the official database for social engagement that connects organizations and causes with volunteers and donors.

NuoDB is a data company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB serves Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, UAE Exchange, and Alfa Systems. Gartner Magic Quadrant recognized the data entity for operational database management systems and visionary for its applications. Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey founded the company in 2008 as NimbusDB before changing to NuoDB in 2011.

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