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Lime Crime Takes Inspiration from Polly Pocket For Latest Product Line


The latest product line from Lime Crime has taken inspiration from Polly Pocket. This make up brand is one of the most creativity based make up companies in the market. One of the best things about Lime Crime is that it inspires women to step out of the box for their best looks. One of the best things to do when it comes to beauty, fashion and progress is to challenge convention. This is one thing that Doe Deere continues to do with her make up line. She creates new products on a regular basis that inspires people to explore their artistic side with make up.

The new products come in three didn’t pastel shades. This brings about a look that is very similar to the Polly Pocket dolls. One of the best aspects of Lime Crime is there is always some kind of new product. The colors that are offered for lipstick and other forms of make up go far outside the usual red and other similar tones. These particular product lines can bring some kind of nostalgic value to the customer. For one thing, they are reminiscent of the product line that made the owner one of the coolest and most popular kids in school.

Lime Crime is one of the brands to look into for people that are bored with convention. Lime Crime is available everywhere. Anyone who is interested in buying a product from the Lime Crime brand can either get it by finding out which store carries the products or actually ordering it online. The pocket candy pallet product line is available online. Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime is always finding inspiration to come up with products that bring forth something satisfactory. People who are artistic or curious can enjoy this candy palette line.

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