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What you need to Know about Mighty Fortress Church


Houses of worship have become a center of attraction these days judging from their architecture and decorations. In Minnesota, more than 25 churches can be categorized as beautiful. When speaking about beautiful houses of worship, factors such as architecture and rich history can be used to describe them. Below are some of the churches that deserve this title.

Assumption Chapel, Cold Spring

This church was built back in 1951 and is popularly known as the Grasshopper Chapel. It was constructed after a tornado damaged the first structure. One feature that can catch your eye is the church’s Gothic style that was achieved using wood. It was constructed to facilitate prayers for the grasshopper plague that had infested the area back in 1871.

Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis

The design of this house of worship was inspired by a renowned church based in Cambridge, UK. It has a pointed center spire structure and features a Gothic style that heavily borrows from rural parts of England. Hennepin Ave was once ranked as the 2nd tallest building in the state for its pointed center spire structure.

St. Andrew’s Church, St. Paul

Though it is not operating as a house of worship, the facility currently operates as an arts academy. It comprises of colorful clay tiles roofing and a beautiful brick structure inspired by Spanish Romanesque and Mission Revival architecture.

Mighty Fortress Church

If you are searching for a house of worship that can help you deepen your relationship and knowledge about Christ, look no further. Mighty Fortress Church is the safe place to be when you have the desire to know Christ and what Christianity entails. As a house of worship, its vision is to build a responsive multi-dimensional ministry, which focuses on victorious Christian living and powerful worship.

Bishop T. R. Williams is celebrated as the founder and senior pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams spent the last 30 years as a minister of Gospel who teaches people about the knowledge and wisdom found in the Bible. Bishop Williams acquired his ministerial skills from Rhema Bible Training Center. He also attended North Central University for a BA course.

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