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How Sentient AI Is Revving Up AB Testing


Historically in retailing A/B testing is a restrained experiment using two variables. Most often, in online marketing, it was the current website vs. the same website with one change.

With Artificial Intelligence tests can imitate a natural mutative course by running many variations at once. Multiple and varied tests can be run across one buying process. At the same time Artificial Intelligence is actually learning what adjustments are leading to actual sales.

It is almost like a Customer Service Representative talking with a customer. A Rep. who is constantly listening, making decisions and adapting her approach to make the sale. Almost like a conversation with the potential buyer to learn what they want and lead them to the buy button.

Traditional AB testing takes time — usually weeks or months, and many variables are left out. You want to be able to analyze profits, costs and projections. Correct algorithms and advanced A/B testing eliminates looking at one variant at a time. Many amalgamations at one time can measure what combinations work best, reaching conclusions much faster. Also consider that studies have proven that the rate of effectiveness of traditional A/B tests is one in seven.

A sales funnel is often broken down into steps. Step one is awareness phase, then interest phase, followed by evaluation phase. Decision and purchase are the next phases, and of course, the goal.

The bottom line is you want to know how well sales are doing on your website. Sentient AI functions at a much more rapid pace than old A/B methodology. Using algorithms alongside statistics provides the ability to evaluate shifts in these phases. You can see what elements and factors work together and motivate consumers. Sentient AI’s dynamic system enables you to measure hundreds of combinations and designs leading to the ultimately effective A/B test. This along with disciplined interpretation can result in very strong optimization.

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