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The Career of Drew Madden


The daily operations of medical practitioners have changed for the better as a result of the prowess of Drew Madden. Drew graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Lowa University and possesses an unfathomable passion in information technology. Mr. Madden’s area of specialty is medical systems. He has come up with a system that helps medical practitioners to store patients’ information in a way that is easy to access even in the future. The incredible career of Drew Madden started in Cerner Corporations where he offered his expertise for four years. He would later move to Nordic Consulting Partners in the year 2011 and was named the president of the organization. He served in this corporation for four years before moving to a company known as Evergreen.

The contribution of Mr. Madden to the overall growth of Nordic cannot be understated. He used his passion for electronic medical records to establish and maintain partnerships with numerous companies, which in turn saw Nordic getting to greater heights. The revenues of the company increased significantly as a result of Drew Madden’s positive impact. Most of the accomplishments of Drew while at Nordic are attributed to the fact that he used exceptional business strategies. As a result of Madden’s positive impact, Nordic was able to deal with EMR challenges that it was faced with.

By employing his excellent leadership skills, Drew saw Nordic rise its ranks to be recognized as one of the best companies in the healthcare market. It superseded companies that had been in business longer than itself, as a result of having a strong team behind it. Under the leadership of Drew, Nordic won the coveted KLAS Award for being the most exceptional consultation provider. Drew Madden is a managing partner at a firm known as Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Unlike other companies, Evergreen operates with the belief that every person plays a significant role in making a difference in the world. They offer advisory services to numerous EHR platform. Its primary goal is to see to it that people advance their careers and work closely with healthcare organizations.

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