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Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s TechStyle: A Progressive Company Leading Fashion and Ecommerce


Adam Goldenberg is the founder and Co CEO of TechStyle. His partner is Don Ressler. Adam started his career in tech startups when he was just 13 years old. A very young and precocious man. He started his own bulletin board system which evolved into a gaming and gambling site called Gamer’s Alliance. When he turned 17, he sold the website to Intermix (at the time, they were owned by MySpace). As a result of his success at such a young age, Adam was offered a position as chief operating officer at Intermix. He became the youngest COO of a public company in history. After his departure from Intermix, he formed Intelligent Beauty – which would go on to create companies like DermStore and JustFab.

Adam Goldenberg grew up with technology, he used it his entire life. When he went on to form his new companies, he was determined to use the full force of technology to create lasting experiences for his customers. He believed in the benefits newer technology posed for ecommerce. Everything he builds and designs is meant to drive greater efficiency and more customer relevance. When he achieves this end, his cost of customer acquisition drops, and overall lifetime value grows.

TechStyle was a financial innovator from the very beginning of the company. Their first technology product was FashionOS – a unified technology platform for ecommerce and fashion technology. Building the application from the ground up cost roughly $70 million. The six main components behind FashionOS are: a personal styling system, an enterprise data management system, the supply chain and fulfillment system, an omni-chanel retail system, the ecommerce system, and the CRM membership system.

The company has been a major pioneer in the marketing sector if ecommerce. They have revamped the way that online retailers sell their products. The enterprise personal styling system was paired with a highly sophisticated algorithm with professional personal stylists in hopes of providing a better and smarter shopping experience for customers. The Fabletics brand under the umbrella of TechStyle has been noted as a leader in predictive analytics. They take the market by storm and move progress forward. The next bi technology investments will be made in machine learning algorithms and heavy personalization.

Don Ressler agrees with Adam on these phenomenal decisions and loves the company’s direction. It is worth noting that TechStyles is funded by venture capital and has achieved double digit growth every year since their beginning.

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