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Louis Chenevert: The Path to Success


Born in Quebec, Loius Chenevert has become arguably one of Canada’s most prolific businessman. He earned his bachelor’s degree in production management at HEC Montreal. Loius pursued his career in production management straight after campus and had worked with top American multinational firms. His career took shape at General Motors (GM), where he worked for 14 years. At GM, Loius served as the production general manager before moving to Pratt & Whitney Canada. Pratt & Whitney is an industry leading aerospace manufacturer and is where Louis sharpened his aerospace technical know how. After working for six years with Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert was elected as the president of the company. He became president in 1993.

He later moved to United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC is an American multinational institution which researches and develops new technology. Headquartered in Farmington, Connection, UTC focuses on numerous technological fields and has stakes in the airplane engine development, airplane systems, elevators, HVAC systems, fire and security systems. This clearly was a career step up for Louis Chenevert and had a rich history in developing technological products. Chenevert had a very successful legacy in the aerospace industry, and one of his most notable projects was the narrow-body jet engine development. Wider body airplanes experienced more drag hence required powerful engines to compensate for the flaw. Major players in the aerospace industry were developing narrow-body jets and needed an efficient jet engine. This would help airlines cut down on fuel costs without compromising on passenger capacity. The narrow-body jet engine was Louis Chenevert pet project at Pratt & Whitney. Under the guidance of team, they came up with a revolutionary new design that enabled the engine burn hotter thus generate more thrust. The engine was built using new material which had a higher payoff. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

While he was working at the UTC, Louis Chenevert convinced the management to invest in high-quality technology. This move helped change UTC’s fortunes. The company grew and created thousands of manufacturing jobs in the U.S and Canada. UTC has grown exponentially and acquired smaller technology firms. It’s contribution to the tech scene is unrivaled. As the CEO of UTC, he invested heavily in the future of the company and left an indelible mark. Loius knew that investing in the technological trends would help keep the company ahead of its competition. He pushed for this motion even after he left the company. Read more at Bloomberg.

Chenevert stepped down as the CEO of UTC in 2014. He took up the role of Exclusive Advisor at Merchant Banking at Goldman Sach. He helps the bank identify and invest in the aerospace sector. His extensive experience dealing with aerospace technology gives him an added advantage at capitalizing on investments. He played a vital role in shaping UTC into what it is today, and it will be difficult for future CEOs to match his record. His extraordinary business acumen helped him make significant deals at UTC. UTC was making profits during the recession thanks to Louis Chenevert. He is highly sought after by major firms due to his patience and company foresight.


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