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Oncotarget: Leading Online Medical Journal for Oncology


Cancer has been around for thousands of years, and the disease has already claimed the lives of millions of people. The disease does not have any cure, and scientists all over the world are still working on their studies and research to find the cure for cancer. Luckily, two oncologists from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute have created a platform where scientists can communicate with one another and share relevant data and information about the disease. Andrei V. Gudkov and Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny are two of the brightest oncologists in the world today. They created Oncotarget in 2010, with the primary objective of creating a platform that can be accessed by anyone on the planet. Oncotarget allows the scientists to post their discovery about cancer and share it with their colleagues, and at the same time, the information they posted would also be subject to be reviewed by their peers. Watch this video on Youtube.

Oncotarget releases new articles twice a week, and the majority of it focuses on oncology. Some of the most important articles that are widely shared among the scientific community are about cancer treatments and new methods in fighting the disease. One of the most significant discoveries this year about cancer treatments was made by the researchers at the University of Glasgow, led by Dr. Stephen Tait. The researchers at the University of Glasgow discovered a new method on how to eradicate cancer cells from the body, and they called it the Caspase-Independent Cell Death or CICD for short. The method requires the patient to go under the CICD process, and throughout the procedure, the CICD would locate the cancer cells, fights them, and then alarms the immune system to finish off their business. This method is known to be more effective than other treatments, because they entirely eradicate the cancer cells, and there is virtually no chance for the disease to return.

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Compared to the expensive and dangerous treatment available today that causes severe side effects, CICD treatment is proven to be safe. The scientists are already sharing this method through Oncotarget, hoping that one of their colleagues will be able to do further experiments about the treatment and try it to a human host to see if it will work. Humans need more time to find the perfect cure for cancer, but they will still experiment to see what other substance can be used to fight off the incurable disease that has claimed so many lives. Learn more about Oncotarget at

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