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Omar Boraie Brings Back the Jobs


When we find ourselves in a difficult situation it often only takes one person to save us. This was certainly true for Omar Boraie and the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is because of Omar and his dedication to New Brunswick that the city is a thriving economic center today.


Omar Boraie has often been described as a kindhearted man who runs a compassionate company that truly looks out for the well-being of the city. The Boraie Development LLC has made it their personal mission to help New Brunswick reach new heights and achieve the same greatness that European cities such as London and Paris have. Four decades of hard work and they are now seeing the fruits of their hard labor.


If you were to log on to, you would find that Omar Boraie and his company have invested over $150 million into New Brunswick. While these investments have been profitable, the corporation kept none of it, and instead reinvested the money back into the city. has written an amazing article on what these investments were able to do.


According to Patch, these investments were focused on constructing the four pillars necessary for New Brunswick to thrive. These areas were; creating loving communities for loving families, gaining new businesses to create jobs, maintaining current businesses, so unemployment does not rise, and creating a reason for middle-class professionals to stay.


Omar Boraie did many things to create loving communities. While they all cannot be listed here, does report on one of the main ones. Omar Boraie allied with New Jersey Stage to provide a free summer of Disney movies for families in the area. All in all seven movies were shown over a period of three months, and over 7000 families were impacted by this outreach.


Omar continued by focusing on the business side of New Brunswick. He was able to work with Johnson & Johnson so they would not relocate to another town. This kept employment steady in the city. You can visit his website



From here, he was able to easily convince other businesses to come to the area. He built class A office space for new young professionals relocating to this area.


While New Brunswick will always have the Omar Boraie’s heart, he has expanded to building a massive 250 room apartment complex in Atlantic City, New Jersey. All funds go to support the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey.



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