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Richard A. Smith, the man behind the success of Securus Technologies


Richard A. Smith was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies in 2008. Ever since he has been linked to this company. The company came into existence in 1986 and has been well known for providing advanced and up to date security solutions in the form of technology and software and other services. This enterprise has been a strong competitor in the world of inmate communication. It provides correctional facilities, works with various businessmen and owners of large homes. It has also been providing video as well as phone calls. This company stands among the top three competitors of the business of inmate communication.Mr. Richard Smith attained bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York situated in Buffalo. He completed his MBA from the University of Rochester. He has also completed his associate’s degree and M.D.A from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has also been affiliated with many renowned companies like Eschelon Telecom and Global Crossing North America in the past.

He started his professional journey in 1972 when he joined the Frontier Corporation. Nowadays, this company is known as Global Crossings. He has a great professional experience, and his career tells us about his positions in many well-known companies. He has worked on a variety of companies under the titles of Controller, Director of Business Development, Chief Information Officer, Network Plant Operations Director, President of Frontier Information Technologies, and Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. He has also worked with Eschelon Telecom first as Vice President and then as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Though out his career, due to its hard work and diligence, he has promoted many times to higher posts. With an immense dedication to his work, he soon became Chief Operating Officer (COO), President and much more.

One of his successful ventures is Securus Technologies. With his honest commitment to work, he took this company to new heights of success and led it to compete with the best companies in the same sector. This enterprise reached a milestone in investing more than six hundred million dollars for its growth and services. This huge achievement was announced and highlighted by Richard himself in 2015. Securus Technologies has served more than three thousand clients until now which is a huge success. Richard aims to grow this company and make it the best among its competitors. For this purpose, he has been working really hard on introducing latest technologies and software. Innovative ideas are circulated in the company that can leave a remarkable mark in the field of inmate communication. His past work experience has also helped him in it.

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ClassDojo-Changing the Classroom for the Better


ClassDojo is recreating the classroom and helping to connect all the important people involved in the world of education. That means not only the teachers, school leaders, and students, but also the families. ClassDojo is an advanced communication app made for the classroom. It enables teachers, students and their parents to connect and share photos, messages, and videos during the school day. ClassDojo is making it possible to bring really great ideas to life in their classrooms and even homes. ClassDojo is used in 90% of K-8 schools within the United States and in 180 countries for a reason.


There are many features of the ClassDojo app that make it so great. The Stories feature lets students stream videos and pictures throughout the day and Student Stories let students create their very own timeline of what they have learned. School Story lets school leaders share with the families connected to the school, and the Class Story helps teachers share with families connected to their class.


The Messages feature lets parents, teachers, and school leaders instantly message each other without having to make a dozen phone calls. The messages can even be translated into 35 different languages.


The classroom feature is made for teachers and students to build their very own classroom culture. they can choose creativity or teamwork, or any other values and skills, and share feedback on the progress they have made with one another. It is the simplest way for teachers and students alike to build an awesome and productive classroom of culture that they can share together.


ClassDojo Big Ideas is enabling teachers and parents to access original content that will help students to learn about important concepts such as social skills. ClassDojo received the Innovation by Design Award in 2016 has also received many other recognitions.

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