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Eli Gershkovitch Sets the Pace for Canadian Craft Beers


Millennials are continuously changing how business is being done across the world. While it’s no stereotype that Canadians love their beer, the country’s millennials seem to prefer craft beers to traditional mass market beers. Large corporations such as Miller Brewing Company and Budweiser are seeing a drop in sales of their products.

Although the per capita beer consumption in the country is on the decline, the craft beer popularity has been a significant boost to the income levels of small brewers. For instance, brewers such as Quebec McAuslan had over $20 million in beer sales last year, and Ontario Craft Brewers manufactures over 400,000 hectolitres of beer in a year. The two companies are no longer being considered as small brewers.

Canadian craft beers are not only doing well within the country but also internationally. During the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championships, Canadian craft breweries impressed the judges by winning 24 awards, including 10 gold medals. One of the best performing Canadian craft brewers in the competition was Eli Gershkovitch, the CEO of Steamworks Group.

Gershkovitch started his career as a lawyer, but soon developed an interest in craft beer. In 1987, he began research on the beer business and soon opened a bar in Gastown. His quest to create something of value, coupled with knowledge around liquor licenses and laws, enabled Gershkovitch to establish Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995.

As CEO and founder of Steamworks Group, Gershkovitch is not your conventional corporate leader. This man is visionary and innovative, but surprisingly casual and values the freedom of employees. With this attitude, Gershkovitch has propelled his company to its current full-scale capacity, refer to this site, Today, Steamworks Group is now able to produce up to 20 times craft beer than when it started. The company has introduced over six craft beer brands including, Pilsner and Pale ale. The products are available in 85 government liquor stores and other private retailers across the country. So far, Gershkovitch has been able to live to his mantra, “Grow to meet demand or demand will shrink to meet you.”

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