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Supreme Dragon Airs Out Their Dirty Laundry


When a restaurant or business closes it’s typically the employees your hear complaining about how horrible their employers were. That is the complete opposite of what has occurred recently in the case of the Supreme Dragonrestaurant in Rowland Heights, California. According to Flavio Maluf, when their restaurant started to go downhill, instead of taking the appropriate actions and properly training and working with the employees. They turned to Yelp where they took it among themselves to let the world know that they would be closing shop. They also let us all know their true feelings behind why they needed to.Their final statement was “We, supreme dragon decided closed the business for while instead having our formerly staffs or chefs hurting our reputation.” Good news is you will still be able to enjoy all of the wonderful food at Supreme Dragon. That is if you want to conduct business with Supreme Dragon.

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Restaurant That Serves… Cocaine?


What do you think of a restaurant that serves cocaine? Do you think that it shouldn’t even be considered to be a restaurant at all, or are you in support of it? Do you think that the place should be shut down or would you go there yourself?
Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to this sort of thing, of course, but it i something to think about. Drugs can be harmful to the user and to others and if we allow someone to serve them in their restaurant, is this going to make them even more popular? Are people going to start using more likely because a famous chef thinks that using cocaine is okay?
There are a lot of things to consider. It would be interesting to have guests of the restaurants examined at one of psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen’s renowned clinics If you knew that one of your friends was going to this restaurant, what would you opinion be of them? And, would you tag along?

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Realizing the Mighty Punch of Nuts



There has never been a time in history where information has been so available to the public. But, even though people are cognizant of this fact, consciously or subconsciously, there is still a raging issues of poor nutrition, especially in the United States where obesity continues to become more cumbersome.

One of the most abundant and nutrient dense foods available to the public is…well nuts. Nuts are a powerhouse food that can provide protein, vital and healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants. The key to knowing what kind of nuts to eat is to do a little research and identify which kind of nuts a person can tolerate.

For example, Almonds are great for calcium intake, vitamin E, and flavonoids said Sam Tabar. Brazil nuts are wonderful for selenium intake and perfect for people with very depressed thyroid functions. Walnuts are great for omega-3’s and delivering antioxidants that fight cancer.

The important aspect to analyze when it comes to health is that human beings eat to live not live to eat. This mentality of living to eat has driven people to eat improperly and unhealthy. It is a human beings job to deliver the most nutrient dense foods into the human body for optimal performance and functionality. When this need is not met, it can lead to reduced performance, which will affect all aspects of live.

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Ramen Noodle Doodle


Well if you’re like me then you’ve been in college, and you’ve been broke. And usually you’ve been the two simultaneously. With only a few dollars left in your bank account, it’s really quite hard to figure out how to meal plan. Instead of just saying I can’t get anything for those 2 bucks and choosing to starve, turn to Ramen Noodles.

Ramen Noodles are a staple in any college kids cabinet as Susan McGalla is very well-aware. They were created by businessman Momofuku Ando because he thought that noodles were the cure for world hunger. Hey, even if they weren’t they were certainly the cure for hungry college kids on a budget.

According to Grub Street Ando would have celebrated his 105th Birthday just a few days ago. Google did a nice little tribute. He was the reason behind the little Google doodle on the home page.

Ando passed away in 2007 so he never got to see the doodle. He did, however, get to see the success of his popular Ramen Noodles. That’s something he’s can be proud of. I’m fairly positive that Ramen Noodles will be around for years to come due to their possibility. So, here is hoping that on Ando’s 200th Birthday he gets another Google tribute!

I’m beginning to think that Ramen Noodles will outlive people in that sense.

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The Downside of Processed Foods


Most people lead busy lives. This means that they have little time for cooking. For this reason, they appreciate the fact that they can go into the grocery store, find food of that has mostly been prepared, and then go home and spread a meal out on the table. Packaged and processed foods make life easier. However, more and more individuals are becoming concerned about the food additives that are contained in many processed foods.

One of the reasons why people are concerned is because of a recent study that was done involving two chemicals that are usually added to processed foods to thicken them stated Brad Reifler. According to article, these chemicals were given to mice, and the mice experienced adverse health effects because of it. They experienced inflammation, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, and other issues. Researchers would like to do studies on animals that have a diet that is more similar to humans, like pigs. Ideally, they would like to do the study on humans. In a study like this, they would compare individuals who regularly consume these chemicals with individuals who never consume them. However, since these additives are extremely common, it is difficult to do this study.

It is important for individuals to take their health into their own hands by learning about different chemicals and additives that are common in foods that they consume regularly. This will help them to make informed decisions about items they should eat and items they should avoid.

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Researchers May Have Found A Cure For The Peanut Allergy



A Melbourne-Based Study May Have Found The Key To Cure Peanut Allergies

Australian researchers from the  Melbourne-based Murdoch Childrens Research Institute have already made a huge impact on the lives of children suffering from peanut allergies. The study gave 30 allergic children a daily dose of peanut protein along with a probiotic. They increased the amount of the dosage over an 18-month period.

The probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus was used in the study. The dose prescribed was equivalent to eating about 20kg of yoghurt a day. When the trial ended, 80% of the children could eat peanuts without suffering a reaction.

Mimi Tang the lead researcher said, “These findings provide the first vital step towards developing a cure for peanut allergy and possibly other food allergies. We focused on peanut allergy because it is usually lifelong, and it is the most common cause of death from food anaphylaxis,”

More research is needed to confirm whether patients will be able to eat peanuts as they age stated Sultan Alhokair. The researchers plan follow-up studies with the children. Some of the children in the study did experience some negative reactions, so the researchers advise parents, not to try the procedure at home. Tang said the treatment should only be done under the supervision of a doctor.

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Oreo Debuts Red Velvet Cookie



Oreo has done it again, they’ve taken a truly iconic flavor and turned it into a delightful cookie. Oreo is selling a limited edition Oreo in Red Velvet flavor.

The red velvet confections will go on sale nation wide on February 2nd and will be joining a long list of oddly flavored Oreo cookies. For decades Oreo focused their business on the traditional Oreo that featured sweet, vanilla cream sandwiched between two cookies. In the 1990s they began selling multiple other incarnations, but didn’t cross over into the “weird” until the last five years.

Over the summer, for example, Oreo began offering a watermelon-flavored confection, and a Root Beer Float flavor soon followed. Banana Split Oreo’s were also made available during that time. Today, Oreos can regularly be found on the shelf in everything from Very Berry, to Birthday Cake flavoring, and Red Velvet is soon to join the ranks.

While there is no official word on how these red velvet wonders will taste, the pictures released suggest the cookies were be red velvet flavored, and the creamy middle may try to mimic the traditional cream cheese frosting found on a red velvet cake.

In the last 10 years, the popularity of red velvet has soared nationwide. Once considered a southern cake, the cocoa-flavored, cream cheese frosted confection has garnered fans across the world.  Red Velvet is one of my favorite confections, I recently ate my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich’s family recipe which was to die for. I hope these cookies can keep up.

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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping with

18 is one of the best sources for finding creative food stories and news. And this year, you can refer to the website to get great gifts for your family and friends. 

For the adventurous person on your list like Dr. Daniel Amen, select a few savory teas from Numi. The company creates teas that taste like tomato soup or fennel broth. These teas are perfect for cold and flu season, and are a welcomed stocking stuffer. 

There’s also something for the people who have a sweet tooth on your Christmas list. For instance, you can purchase a canister of mini short bread cookies, created by chef Carla Hall. Mexican hot chocolate and black forest crinkle are among the delicious flavors to choose from. These mini cookies also make a great addition to your holiday spread. 

Food-inspired gifts include the aroma fork, which emits pleasant food scents that can help the picky eater in your life eat more vegetables. 

Visit today for more gift ideas your friends and relatives will love.

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Rogue Ale Brewing Company Combines Hot Sauce with Stout Beer For an Interesting Christmas Gift


Rogue Ale, an Oregon based brewery, is at it again. The company that is known for their unique and fun concoctions, are now taking pre-orders for a new brew; their Srirachi Hot Stout.

The stout, which uses real srirachi for flavor, promises to deliver a bit of heat with the dark richness of a stout. The stout at Rogue Ale is similar in nature of Guinness or Killian’s.

As a bit of a novelty, Sriracha Hot Stout would make a great Christmas gift for the beer lover in everyone’ life. The stout is packaged in a bright red bottle, with the Srirachi rooster emblazoned on the front. A green cap finishes off the package.

Rogue is planning to ship the beers, which run $13 a piece, on December 8th. They will also make their way into stores, although which chains has yet to be announced, sometime after that.

Rogue produces beers, spirits and sodas, among other beverages. They are known for their unique concoctions and flavor combinations, as Keith Mann has tried a few while in town. Rogue Ales was founded in 1988 in Ashland Oregon. Since then, they have partnered with several different companies to bring fun and unique ales and sodas to the market. Most recently they partnered with Voodoo donuts to create a Bacon Maple Ale, which was thought to complement the bacon maple donut, available at Voodoo Donuts.

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Friday Fish Fry Gains Popularity


For many across the United States and around the world, Wisconsin is known for several things such as beer, brats, cheese and the Green Bay Packers. Another thing that makes Wisconsin famous is the venerable fish fry.

The Friday fish fry includes a heaping helping of fried fish, usually cod, with is then paired with a basket of french fries to accompany the hearty meal.

On Friday nights, people of all ages flock to restaurants, taverns and supper clubs across the state to partake in an institution that dates back to the 1800’s. From Ashland to Milwaukee and from Grantsburg to Green Bay and all points in-between, cities and towns share in the tradition of eating fried fish and coming together as a community.

The tradition began with the European immigrants who saw the abundance of rivers and lakes as abundant resources to supplement their way of life and diet. Since many Wisconsin immigrants were Catholic and were not allowed to eat meat products during the Lenten season, the concept of the community fish fry began to take root. Even international visitors like Igor Cornelsen has tried things out.

The fish fry also allowed certain business such as speakeasies and taverns to stay open during the Prohibition Era since the odor of frying fish could easily mask the smells of these establishments. The Friday fish fry has helped cement the best traditions of food, family and friends in the great state of Wisconsin.

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