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Securus Technologies: Attempting To Keep Inmates Safe


Former prison corrections officer, Robert Johnson, now works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. Securus Technologies intercepts,and sometimes blocks, cell phone calls between prisons and the outside world.


Robert Johnson knows first hand the importance of Securus Technologies service for prisons across the nation. Robert Johnson was a victim of a crime committed within the prison system.


Seven years prior, Robert Johnson was at home with his wife getting ready for work, when he heard a loud bang on his front door. He realized his front door had been kicked open, and this was more than likely a hit.


Two weeks prior, Robert had intercepted some contraband intended to go into the hands of a major prison gang. Robert, with 15 years experience working in the prison system, was very good at detecting contraband. Confiscating contraband entering Lee Correctional Facility was Robert Johnson’s main responsibility at the time of the incident. The contraband he confiscated was worth about $50,000 to the prison gang.


The intruder entered, and Robert called e intruder into the hallway in an effort to protect this wife who was still asleep in the bedroom. Job son and the intruder had a brief struggle, but Johnson was pushed and he stumbled backwards. The only thing Robert remembers is seeing a gun pointed at him, then waking up on his bathroom floor. He had been shot six times in the stomach and chest area.


Robert Johnson died twice during his life saving surgery, but he just was not ready to give up on life. Doctors say it is a miracle he is alive.


The intruder, Sean Echols, had been recently released from prison, and was found guilty of attempting to kill Robert Johnson. Sean Echols was sought out and contracted through prison contraband that included a prison cell phone and a green dot reloadable card. This is why Robert Johnson stands behind what Securus Technologies does because of what he has gone through, and what he has seen.


Robert Johnson also recalls during his years of working for the correctional institute a 9 month old baby was murdered by a contracted killer because someone in prison didn’t like something the baby’s uncle did.


Securus Technologies has blocked over 1.7 million inmate cell phone calls over the years, and they do this through a phone network they built in order to keep these institutes as safe as possible and to prevent incidents such as these.


Securus Technologies only blocks unknown phone numbers, and allows phone calls from known phone numbers to go through as well as calls to 911.


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A Shout Out To Securus Technologies For Great Work


The company, Securus Technologies is the leader of the public safety industry, and when they were called upon to create a technology that would keep correction facilities safer, they did just that. They created the Video Visitations. The correction facilities are pleased with what it has done of them.


Since the Video Visitations allow the customers the chance to see and hear their loved ones, they are happier. This makes for a calmer and safer facility for everyone involved. Since the company was glad to create something that has worked so well for their customers, they have invited them to their Dallas, TX location for a tour and presentation. The people will be able to see what they are working on at the present time, and why it will help so much. It is just another way that Securus Technologies is showing their customers, the country, and the world how important their technologies are to guarantee the public’s safety.


Securus Technologies is coming up with new ways to solve and prevent crimes on a weekly basis by creating new technologies to do so. They are in constant demand across the country, and one of their biggest customers is the government. They are contracted to work in their correction facilities to induce safety. They use techniques like videos, investigations, interviews and more to create a safer environment for everyone involved. There are over a million prisoners that they must deal with every year, and they do so with great success. Their goal as a company is to make the world a safer place for everyone, and they surely will reach this goal because of the dedicated and professional staff that they have. The public will be interested in seeing what they come up with next to induce the public’s safety.

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Securus Technologies – Leader In Civil And Criminal Justice Technology Domain


In today’s age, the technology is playing an integral role in just about every sphere of life and world in general. And, when it comes to crime prevention and civil space, things are no different. Market leader in this segment that offers world class technology is Securus Technologies.



The company offers a wide range of services that includes information management, monitoring products, application and services, public information, biometric analysis, incident management, and so on. As an employee of the public safety agency, I have personally felt the difference in how fast the results are achieved by using the technology offered by Securus. The company also continues to upgrade its technologies, services, applications and build new criminal and justice related technology, which collectively helps in promoting a safer society.



The company recently acquired Jpay Inc, which has been highly active in the correctional facilities across the nation by offering services specific to correction space, such as email, e-payments, educational applications, entertainment apps, and so on. With Securus having acquired JPay Inc, I can feel that the upgrade in technology across the correction space is going to be really beneficial for the officials as well as the inmates. Through the technologies offered by Securus, I have personally seen how the lives of inmates can be saved by raising the alarm at the right time and segregate mischievous elements to take corrective measures at the right time.



The company in their recent announcement gave an open invitation to the investors, competitors, and potential clients to visit for a presentation at their Technology Center located in Dallas, Texas, which reflects their confidence in their offerings. The company has received an A+ rating, highest in its category, from Better Business Bureau, which clearly signifies the high standards in all spheres the company maintains, without any scope of compromise.



And, this is why I trust the company would help curb crime in and out of incarceration facilities and help make public safety and law enforcement agencies to be more effective in their services through the use of advanced technology.

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Securus Touts Its Two Million Annual Connections


Securus has begun a campaign to share the benefits of their visitation service that happens all over video. I have seen it in action myself, and I am pleased to say that it works like a charm. It is a stellar service that combines the best of both worlds. It works well as a system for calling prisons, and it helps me get the family together at least once a year. This article explains how I gather the family when I call loved ones using Securus system.


#1: What Is Video Visitation?


Video visitation is a Securus invention that takes a video feed from a phone or tablet, transmits it to a camera in the prison and allows two people to share a conversation. I see people I love as clearly as if they were standing right in front of me, and I have candid conversations with them about anything we choose. I feel comfortable and confident using the system, and I have stressed to family that it works.


#2: Convincing Others To Use Securus


I have convinced others to use Securus in the past, and I believe they are the perfect solution for someone such as myself. I have single family members who would prefer to keep in touch with someone at the prison, and they may call at their leisure using the app from Securus. I have downloaded the app on several phones, and I believe my brother uses it on his tablet. We simply want to remain as connected to our roots as possible.


I did not know that Securus existed at first, and they are raising awareness with their new commercials. I believe others will find the service in the same manner I did, and it will enhance their relationship with someone who is still in prison.


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Securus Technologies Innovating Civil and Criminal Justice Technologies


Russell Roberts, the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Securus Technologies, said, “We exist to Serve and Connect to make our world safe. With the largest IT development staff in the corrections industry, Securus helps improve public safety and reduce the inconvenience of incarceration – making everyone’s experience better.” Securus Technologies located in Dallas, Texas, is changing the way law enforcement and correction facilities use technology.

Securus Technologies is currently being used by more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies across North America. Their services help provide public information, emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and much more.

One of the features Securus Technologies boasts is it’s Video Visitation. This allows people to visit inmates in the convenience of their own home. This helps people avoid the long lines, limited visitation times, and travel costs. For inmates, they also get to have a sense of being at home viewing their loved ones with this method. Security wise, this keeps direct contact from inmates and their visitors. I believe saftey for all those involved is drastically improved. Registering for a Video Visitation is also streamlined from in-person visitation. For more information you can visit the official page for Video Visitation.

You can also download the app here >>

Securus Technology sales team is expanding by adding John Bell as the Senior Vice President of Sales. With his addition, the team is looking to accomplish goals such as:

  • More targeted presentation of fully bundled products to decision makers
  • More face to face presentations and interactions per month
  • Better utilization of the Securus Technology Center for presentations
  • Improve customer knowledge of Securus product set
  • Create an advanced sales associate training program

Here you can learn more about the expansion of Securus Technology’s sales team.

The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard A. “Rick” Smith, is very optimistic about the future of his company. He boasted, “With each release, our product set becomes larger and we move further ahead of our competition. This isn’t possible without a great team, a single state-of-the-art [inmate phone calls] platform that all of our customers have been migrated to, and the investment strategy necessary to continuously improve technology for our constituents: family and friends; inmates; and corrections agencies.” Securus Technologies is #1 in their field for a reason and their future innovations are sure to change civil and criminal justice fields.

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