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Richard A. Smith, the man behind the success of Securus Technologies


Richard A. Smith was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies in 2008. Ever since he has been linked to this company. The company came into existence in 1986 and has been well known for providing advanced and up to date security solutions in the form of technology and software and other services. This enterprise has been a strong competitor in the world of inmate communication. It provides correctional facilities, works with various businessmen and owners of large homes. It has also been providing video as well as phone calls. This company stands among the top three competitors of the business of inmate communication.Mr. Richard Smith attained bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York situated in Buffalo. He completed his MBA from the University of Rochester. He has also completed his associate’s degree and M.D.A from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has also been affiliated with many renowned companies like Eschelon Telecom and Global Crossing North America in the past.

He started his professional journey in 1972 when he joined the Frontier Corporation. Nowadays, this company is known as Global Crossings. He has a great professional experience, and his career tells us about his positions in many well-known companies. He has worked on a variety of companies under the titles of Controller, Director of Business Development, Chief Information Officer, Network Plant Operations Director, President of Frontier Information Technologies, and Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. He has also worked with Eschelon Telecom first as Vice President and then as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Though out his career, due to its hard work and diligence, he has promoted many times to higher posts. With an immense dedication to his work, he soon became Chief Operating Officer (COO), President and much more.

One of his successful ventures is Securus Technologies. With his honest commitment to work, he took this company to new heights of success and led it to compete with the best companies in the same sector. This enterprise reached a milestone in investing more than six hundred million dollars for its growth and services. This huge achievement was announced and highlighted by Richard himself in 2015. Securus Technologies has served more than three thousand clients until now which is a huge success. Richard aims to grow this company and make it the best among its competitors. For this purpose, he has been working really hard on introducing latest technologies and software. Innovative ideas are circulated in the company that can leave a remarkable mark in the field of inmate communication. His past work experience has also helped him in it.

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GTL and Other Firms in the Industry Accused of Imposing High Phone Call Rates


After many years of complaints from the families of incarcerated and the relevant prison-rights groups, the Federal Communications Commission has begun their investigation on the increasing financial intricacies in the prison communication industry.

At the core of their investigation, the FCC have discovered that the private firms dominating the industry pay huge amounts of money to the state prisons and jails as concession fees. These fees, also known as commissions, give them exclusive rights to operate in the prison platform. Companies, therefore, compete to acquire these rights based on price and service quality and for that reason, they increase the phone calls rates to as high as $1.5 per minute. This is contrary to the 20 cents per minute rates imposed by commercial vendors outside the prison walls.

According to a resident who pays roughly $150 a month on phone calls in Allen Texas, these companies are profiting off of people in sensitive situations. For instance, Securus, an innovative company that controls 20% of the market shareSecurus imposes fees that comprise a charge of $2.49 for processing bills and an additional $5 payment over the phone.

Global Tel Link, the dominant player in the industry, imposes dozens of fees for basic services and calls including the establishment, maintenance and closing of an account. These are the fees that make up an approximated 40% of the average prison bills according to the Prison Policy Initiative.

GTL, Securus Technologies, and other companies in the industry claim that any rates below the 20 cents a minute would cut them out of the operating margin, preventing them from sufficiently providing call monitoring for security. Though the prison-rights groups believe that the companies would still make a profit at a cap of about 7 cents per minute, the FCC believes that its intention to allow correctional facilities to recover the costs of hosting inmate calling while addressing the issue of pricing in the industry is a step in the right direction.

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Securus Comments Off on GTL and Other Firms in the Industry Accused of Imposing High Phone Call Rates