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Avaaz Commendable Achievements


Avaaz was launched in 2007 as a civic based organization that controls progressive causes and promotes global activism on matters related to human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, conflict and climate change. With the support from Service Employees International Union, Avaaz was founded by groups and individuals. The groups were Res Publica, a community made of professionals from the public sector promoting civic virtueand MoveOn.Org, a non-profit organization from America advocating for public policy. Individuals include Ricken Patel and Tom Pravda, among others.

Avaaz has supported many issues, for example, it helped a global public mobilization engine to deliver the end of fossil fuels,a climate change campaign. Moreover, Avaaz led the civil uprising before the Syrian Civil War sending internet communications to protesters training activists and supplied medical facilities. In 2009, Avaaz setup web proxy servers allowing protesters upload videos during the Iranian presidential election protests among other issues.

Ricken Patelis the president of Avaaz and its executive director. Avaaz used to be fund by different foundations, but since 2009, it does not allow donations or payments above $5,000. Avaaz depends on individual members’ generosity.

The organization has a team of campaigners in over 30 countries managing Avaaz global campaigns. Communication to the members is done through emails. Campaigning tactics are always employed such as email-your-leader tools, videos, and online public petitions. Members make suggestions of campaign tactic, and the tactics are sampled weekly by specialists.

After finding the potential tactic, tester emails are polled to ten thousand Avaaz members. The email that receives more response is shortlisted and opened up to all Avaaz members.If Avaaz members confirm to proceed, the staff ensures the campaign is supported by petitions, messages, funding campaigns. Avaaz is focused on uniting practical idealists globally.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

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Cassio Audi Builds a Different Career For Himself


Cassio Audi is proving that one career does not have to be the only career path that you choose. He is someone that actually made it to the entertainment field, but he still had a desire to move toward something different. He would do this with ease and people would be impressed with the transition from music to business. Cassio spent years as a part of a band, and even worked on writing lyrics for his band when he was not serving in the capacity of the drummer. He is someone that has proven that perfect career choice can be followed up by a completely different career choice, and people can still be successful and two different things.

Cassio Audi has been able to write music and play on songs for his band that received critical acclaim. Fans were also impressed with the offerings that were made by the band. Cassio is someone that has proven that people can get a new spark of energy. He put his mind towards something else completely different. It is true that Cassio has been able to receive a great amount of praise for the early work that he did as a drummer for biker, but this would only be the beginning of his success in the world of business. What he would eventually do is carve out a path for himself that allowed more people to see his business side.

Cassio Audi has transitioned into a powerful businessman. He has been able to play in some concerts and build a reputation as a prolific songwriter. This was something that he really enjoyed, but he would have more time to actually build a better career in the world of finances. Cassio created a great music career and he also created a powerful business career.

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Avaaz: Bringing Voice and Action to the People


Being quite young, Avaaz is a remarkable organization making ripples in the global pond. Launched in January of 2007, Avaaz takes its name from a Persian transliteration meaning voice or song. It is a US based civic organization originally formed in New York, and now has teams of campaigners working from over 30 counties. Currently at 44 million members, Avaaz is a member funded organization keeping out donations from foundations and corporations and keeping personal donations below $5,000.

Avaaz’s president and co-founder Ricken Patel studied PPE at Balliol College and received a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. He has the background to run this organization after serving for the International Crisis Group. Once stated Avaaz “had no ideology per se. Our mission is to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.”

The purpose of the group is to give people a voice. They have a petition platform integrated online to start your own petition whether it be locally, nationally, or even at international levels. Avaaz promotes global activism in every country whether it be on human rights, animal rights, poverty, corruption, and even climate change. Their methods range from topic and issue but can include petitions, phone ins, rallies, support for independent press in areas of conflict and demonstrations such as sit ins. Campaigns originate from within its members. One such campaign was the coordination of the evacuation of British photographer who was wounded in Homs. In another they sent over $2 million of much needed medical equipment into the rebel held areas of Syria.

Find more information on Avaaz by following them on Twitter @avaaz.

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Casio Audi and his earlier career concerning Music


Casio Audi lately availed the gain of a network which is connected to the profession that he partook in the course of his service at the financial firm. Worthy to note is also her decision making in favor of venturing within the business globe as early as was appropriate. As he began, he had nothing apart from being a supporter and fan of the famous Viper at its time of creation.

The year 1985 came along with the transformations following the formation of a music group by Casio Audi with his colleagues. The band activities are what Audi often kept himself busy with. In the course of doing this, he was yet to make decisions to enter the business world.

The rising British tune connected to heavy metal as well as the Iron Maid is the source of motivation and inspiration that Casio Audi had. By the springs’ information, he mostly engaged himself with the tool as he was passionate about it. The implication that can be drawn from his way of handling duties is that there were high chances of her attaining more rewarding junctures about his music career.

The attitude of Cassio Audi being connected to drums extended to several regions globally after the release of The Killer Sword that consisted of songs like the Nightmare, Killera, and the Princess from Hell.

The conclusion from the analysis done in connection to the group in line with the release, the group, was gifted in addition to being talented. Another thing that is important to acknowledge is the fact that the English language was not their first. The indication of the direction that they headed is that they were connected to the attainment of huge goals that they longed for and even beyond.

Looking at education, Casio Audi is a Business Administration graduate and is presently equipped with a lot of extra skills that help him facilitate success in his endeavors.

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James Dondero: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Many businessmen in America have achieved great success. Not many, however, have capitalized on that success and founded their own business. Even fewer have donated millions of dollars from that company for philanthropic purposes. James Dondero, founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, L.P., is one of those few.

A University of Virginia alumnist, James Dondero was a dual major in accounting and finance. While working hard to graduate with high honors, James Dondero was also hard at work entering the Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984 as an analyst. He went on to earn dual certifications as a certified management accountant and as a chartered financial analyst.

With this experience under his belt, James Dondero went on to become a corporate bond analyst at American Express in 1985. After several more years of corporate experience, James Dondero went on to found Highland Capital Management in 1993. This company is responsible for over $14 billion dollars in asset management. They offer many options and solutions for retail and institutional investors. Highland has many different affiliates, including NexPoint Advisors, NexPoint Residential Trust, and NexPoint Capital. They have also been the recipient of several awards. Such awards include the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunity, Morningstar’s top ranked healthcare long/short equity fund, and, most recently, Morningstar’s 5 star designation for Global Allocation, which was awarded in 2014.

James Dondero currently serves as President of Highland Capital Management. He is also on the board of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is Chairman of the board for NexBank, NexPoint, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Aside from his professional successes, James Dondero is an active philanthropist in his city of Dallas. Via his company, he donated $1 million dollars to the Dallas Zoo and the same monetary amount as a challenge grant to help complete funding for The Family’s Place. The company has donated $2 million dollars to Southern Methodist University to expose students to policy making and study abroad opportunities. They also support Education is Freedom, a program seeking to provide financial assistance to at-risk youth seeking a college degree.

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A Wealth of Information – Agora Financial


A top priority for many people is ensuring their golden years are lived in comfort. People want to multiply their wealth and safeguard it for the future and their children. In today’s world, it is advised that individuals become proactive in their financial decisions. Depending on brokers or others who are only interested in taking your money and earning a profit, can be quite dangerous. Some cases of fraud have ended up in the national news, snake-oil salesmen leaving people broke after making wild promises of financial wealth.

The only real way to ensure you don’t find yourself a victim is to take responsibility for your money. For those who are bewildered in knowing where to start, Agora Financial is the best place to launch. You can find copious information on financial data that will coincide with your financial goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in long term strategies or doing something like investing in penny stocks, you will be learning information through a 100% independent and bias-free source. 

Agora Financial has a team of experts who bring a mixture of experience and knowledge. They include but are not limited to: a Harvard trained geologist, a Pulitzer Prize nominated-journalist, and a former hedge fund manager. Analysts set out all over the world to study trends first hand. This means you will have access to information before the general mainstream when it becomes too late to invest.

Agora has been solid in their predictions concerning the market. They have rightly predicted a number of trends and did so well before any other source. They predicted the spike in oil prices and the rise in biotechnology. With this track record, you can be sure the future predictions will offer you valuable insight to help your personal financial future.

For more information on Agora Financial follow them on Facebook.

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Learn about Talos Energy and its venture in Mexican offshore


Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas. It focuses on exploration, production, and development of oil and natural gas in foreign countries. The company was started in 2012 and has gained vast experience in the field over the years.

They are experts in buying assets in and around the Gulf of Mexico region and the Gulf Coast with an aim to optimize, explore, and exploit the property.

Talo Energy ventures into Mexican waters

Talo Energy is an organization willing to go to new heights to achieve individual goals. After the Mexican government allowed foreign firms in the energy market, Talo Energy sunk a new well in the Mexican waters.

They collaborated with Premier Oil Plc a London-based energy company Sierra OIL & Gas a Mexican company to drill the well. The announcement was mas made by Premier. It is the first offshore project to be done by any other company apart from the state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos since oil in Mexico was nationalized in 1938.

The well that is located in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco has estimated 100-500M barrels of crude oil according to the premier statement. Drilling will take ninety days, and the company will incur 16M dollars. Talo Energy and the two companies won the venture in 2015.

Talo Energy is in charge of the well and owns 35% of the project while Sierra and Premier own 40% and 25% respectively according to a statement released by Premier.

According to Elaine Reynolds, an analyst at Edison Investment Research Ltd, a London-based company, being the first non-government project since the Mexican waters were opened for private enterprises the well is more likely to be keenly watched by other players in the market. The structure of the project shows that the project has high geological chances of success.

According to another analyst, Charlie Sharp from Canaccord Genuity Ltd, the well is one of the most favorable wells to drill in the oil industry due to the implications of the Mexican market.

Find more information about Talos Energy follow them on Facebook.

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Cassio Audi – Remembering Rock


History never fails. It often repeats itself, especially in this regard: Newer and greater things tend to result every time. Good things came for Audi Cassio when he left music, before originally obtaining his bachelor’s degree in finance. He is also noted as having multiple LinkedIn skills and references, which are now available upon request. He has truly seen and done at all. This skilled 1980s Viper drummer is now a skilled finance advisor who is not to be messed with.

He continues to reside in Brazil and services his local communities there. What’s also interesting to note is that all of the Viper’s bandmembers were 13- or 14-year-old teenagers when the band began. These highly-talented vocal and instrumental musicians could not have been more remembered in their time for their uniqueness and their dedication to their skill: Many generations know of their existence and desire their return.

Viper Group Members
Felipe Marchado
Pit Passarell
Yves Passarell
Andre Matos
Renato Graccia
Cassio Audi
Sergio Facci

Find more information on Cassio Audi on his Facebook page.

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NuoDB Today’s Platform for Tomorrow’s Success


New innovative and dependable, are all terms that can be used in conjunction with NuoDB. Today’s solution to all your company’s database management needs. NuoDB is considered new in that the company offers the latest in expandable database systems, through maintaining continuous accessibility and reliability. Innovative via its 3-tiered approach which is unmatched it the industry. Helping scale the predictability of available storage, while offering automated disaster recovery. Dependable as measured in its ability to run anywhere continuously. Benefits of which no company can afford to be without.

NuoDB is designed to process upwards of a million transactions per second, increasing marketing time for its accounts. NuoDB has developed the solution to your cloud database needs for years to come. Offering the solutions for transactional processing with tomorrows needs in mind. NuoDB meets the needs of its customers through innovative cloud base offerings, while providing unequalled reliability and dependability. Here is detail about SQL database.

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Zama in Swahili means Sinking Talos now have Zama.


You only live once therefore when a chance comes take it if it changes you let it. Just like in the bible Abraham spent 80 years before he could get a son for himself, it has also taken almost 80 years to mark the first time a foreign private company to sink a new off show oil well in the Mexican Gulf. Following Mexico’s historic constitutional energy amendments in 2013 affecting its deteriorating energy sector, the industry faces dominance by the Petroleos Mexicanos a state ran monopoly since 1938 when Mexico nationalized its oil industry.

About the countries Energy reforms, its goal is to allow foreign investors back to its state energy market. The changes approved the Mexican-based Sierra Oil and Gas owning 40% of the joint venture, Houston-based Talos Energy LLC with 35% of the total shares and Premier Oil a London-based company with 25%, to take part in the lucrative Zama project initiated in 2015 in the first round of bidding.

The Zama-1 project is as a result of the high geographical structure of the Sureste Basin, offshore the state of Tabasco, therefore having an estimation of up to 500 million barrels of crude oil. However, in the likes of Talos, this lucrative project is a significant milestone to be achieved. Ash Shephard signed the project. He is the commercial manager for Mexico spearheading at Talos Energy LLC.

Reports from Tim Duncan president on CEO of Talos Energy LLC reflect that them being a hard working firm, links them to the acquisition of a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc the Energy Resource Technology ERT) at the cost of $620 million. However, acquiring the assets in the Gulf of Mexico has had a positive impact raising the head count of field operators along the Gulf coast from 15 to 120. Being named among the top ranking local small businesses, Talos has moved from zero to heroes hitting the headlines by their frequent come back into the market ready to buy again. Therefore big thanks to Mexico since its drive has offered firms such Talos an opportunity to grow.

For more information follow Talos Energy on Facebook.

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