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A Wealth of Information – Agora Financial


A top priority for many people is ensuring their golden years are lived in comfort. People want to multiply their wealth and safeguard it for the future and their children. In today’s world, it is advised that individuals become proactive in their financial decisions. Depending on brokers or others who are only interested in taking your money and earning a profit, can be quite dangerous. Some cases of fraud have ended up in the national news, snake-oil salesmen leaving people broke after making wild promises of financial wealth.

The only real way to ensure you don’t find yourself a victim is to take responsibility for your money. For those who are bewildered in knowing where to start, Agora Financial is the best place to launch. You can find copious information on financial data that will coincide with your financial goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in long term strategies or doing something like investing in penny stocks, you will be learning information through a 100% independent and bias-free source. 

Agora Financial has a team of experts who bring a mixture of experience and knowledge. They include but are not limited to: a Harvard trained geologist, a Pulitzer Prize nominated-journalist, and a former hedge fund manager. Analysts set out all over the world to study trends first hand. This means you will have access to information before the general mainstream when it becomes too late to invest.

Agora has been solid in their predictions concerning the market. They have rightly predicted a number of trends and did so well before any other source. They predicted the spike in oil prices and the rise in biotechnology. With this track record, you can be sure the future predictions will offer you valuable insight to help your personal financial future.

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Learn about Talos Energy and its venture in Mexican offshore


Talos Energy is an independent oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas. It focuses on exploration, production, and development of oil and natural gas in foreign countries. The company was started in 2012 and has gained vast experience in the field over the years.

They are experts in buying assets in and around the Gulf of Mexico region and the Gulf Coast with an aim to optimize, explore, and exploit the property.

Talo Energy ventures into Mexican waters

Talo Energy is an organization willing to go to new heights to achieve individual goals. After the Mexican government allowed foreign firms in the energy market, Talo Energy sunk a new well in the Mexican waters.

They collaborated with Premier Oil Plc a London-based energy company Sierra OIL & Gas a Mexican company to drill the well. The announcement was mas made by Premier. It is the first offshore project to be done by any other company apart from the state-run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos since oil in Mexico was nationalized in 1938.

The well that is located in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco has estimated 100-500M barrels of crude oil according to the premier statement. Drilling will take ninety days, and the company will incur 16M dollars. Talo Energy and the two companies won the venture in 2015.

Talo Energy is in charge of the well and owns 35% of the project while Sierra and Premier own 40% and 25% respectively according to a statement released by Premier.

According to Elaine Reynolds, an analyst at Edison Investment Research Ltd, a London-based company, being the first non-government project since the Mexican waters were opened for private enterprises the well is more likely to be keenly watched by other players in the market. The structure of the project shows that the project has high geological chances of success.

According to another analyst, Charlie Sharp from Canaccord Genuity Ltd, the well is one of the most favorable wells to drill in the oil industry due to the implications of the Mexican market.

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Cassio Audi – Remembering Rock


History never fails. It often repeats itself, especially in this regard: Newer and greater things tend to result every time. Good things came for Audi Cassio when he left music, before originally obtaining his bachelor’s degree in finance. He is also noted as having multiple LinkedIn skills and references, which are now available upon request. He has truly seen and done at all. This skilled 1980s Viper drummer is now a skilled finance advisor who is not to be messed with.

He continues to reside in Brazil and services his local communities there. What’s also interesting to note is that all of the Viper’s bandmembers were 13- or 14-year-old teenagers when the band began. These highly-talented vocal and instrumental musicians could not have been more remembered in their time for their uniqueness and their dedication to their skill: Many generations know of their existence and desire their return.

Viper Group Members
Felipe Marchado
Pit Passarell
Yves Passarell
Andre Matos
Renato Graccia
Cassio Audi
Sergio Facci

Find more information on Cassio Audi on his Facebook page.

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NuoDB Today’s Platform for Tomorrow’s Success


New innovative and dependable, are all terms that can be used in conjunction with NuoDB. Today’s solution to all your company’s database management needs. NuoDB is considered new in that the company offers the latest in expandable database systems, through maintaining continuous accessibility and reliability. Innovative via its 3-tiered approach which is unmatched it the industry. Helping scale the predictability of available storage, while offering automated disaster recovery. Dependable as measured in its ability to run anywhere continuously. Benefits of which no company can afford to be without.

NuoDB is designed to process upwards of a million transactions per second, increasing marketing time for its accounts. NuoDB has developed the solution to your cloud database needs for years to come. Offering the solutions for transactional processing with tomorrows needs in mind. NuoDB meets the needs of its customers through innovative cloud base offerings, while providing unequalled reliability and dependability. Here is detail about SQL database.

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Zama in Swahili means Sinking Talos now have Zama.


You only live once therefore when a chance comes take it if it changes you let it. Just like in the bible Abraham spent 80 years before he could get a son for himself, it has also taken almost 80 years to mark the first time a foreign private company to sink a new off show oil well in the Mexican Gulf. Following Mexico’s historic constitutional energy amendments in 2013 affecting its deteriorating energy sector, the industry faces dominance by the Petroleos Mexicanos a state ran monopoly since 1938 when Mexico nationalized its oil industry.

About the countries Energy reforms, its goal is to allow foreign investors back to its state energy market. The changes approved the Mexican-based Sierra Oil and Gas owning 40% of the joint venture, Houston-based Talos Energy LLC with 35% of the total shares and Premier Oil a London-based company with 25%, to take part in the lucrative Zama project initiated in 2015 in the first round of bidding.

The Zama-1 project is as a result of the high geographical structure of the Sureste Basin, offshore the state of Tabasco, therefore having an estimation of up to 500 million barrels of crude oil. However, in the likes of Talos, this lucrative project is a significant milestone to be achieved. Ash Shephard signed the project. He is the commercial manager for Mexico spearheading at Talos Energy LLC.

Reports from Tim Duncan president on CEO of Talos Energy LLC reflect that them being a hard working firm, links them to the acquisition of a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc the Energy Resource Technology ERT) at the cost of $620 million. However, acquiring the assets in the Gulf of Mexico has had a positive impact raising the head count of field operators along the Gulf coast from 15 to 120. Being named among the top ranking local small businesses, Talos has moved from zero to heroes hitting the headlines by their frequent come back into the market ready to buy again. Therefore big thanks to Mexico since its drive has offered firms such Talos an opportunity to grow.

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The Musical Journey Of Cassio Audi


If you are someone who has studied the music industry, you would know that Cassio Audi has a remarkable career that goes back several years. Such rich history is why so many people enjoy using his services because they are so taken by the music that he has created. His music is a soothing element for his creative mind, and he enjoys music creation at the same time he is working on improving his career in business.


Back in the 1980s, Cassio Audi was a well-known drummer in the band Viper, and he was viewed as being the kind of musician who had the ability to change the sound of an entire band by using just one instrument. ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ made it their most celebrated song and it displayed all of Audi’s talents in the musical world. The drum beats on the album were able to give it a signature sound, and he brought together a mixture of both classic rock and heavy metal rhythms.

Early Influences

At the very beginning of Cassio Audi’s career, heavy metal was beginning to take shape, and his band swooped in to take advantage of what this era had to offer. Early influences such as Iron Maiden gave him great influence and went a long way toward growing his drumming style. Such influence is heard in many of his songs, and the listeners will often notice the speed in his style compares to many of the metal bands that you will hear today. This is why Cassio Audi is known as being one of the true pioneers of the Brazilian heavy metal music scene.

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How Richard Mishaan Design is Dominating an Industry


Richard Mishaan Design has been servicing New York City with high profile and high quality interior design work for the better part of the past 25 years. From high rise buildings to Soho Apartment buildings, Richard Mishaan Design has always been right there. The man behind the company, the titular Richard Mishaan, has already established himself as one of the best in the industry and now it seems like he is being awarded and recognized as such. Richard Mishaan recently announced the release of his second book, “Artfully Modern” which was released to quick commercial success on Amazon. In order to commemorate this success Mr. Mishaan hosted an elaborate dinner party for his supporters and past customers.


The dinner was hosted at the Margaux at Marlton Hotel and it featured a warm reception for Mishaan’s work. Among the attendees were past clients, family and friends, fashion icons, and local artists as well. Mishaan’s work has been widely recognized and his newest book makes a great entry into what makes Mishaan so special in such a crowded and hard to nail down field. One of Mishaan’s many friends and former clients is Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn who said that his work is able to make something equal parts beautiful and unique, “You never walk in and say, “This is a Richard Mishaan room’ because it’s his expected look; instead you say, “What a fabulous room!”


What makes Richard Mishaan Design so special is that he never caters to the conventions of the industry. Most interior designers like to use as much money as possible in order to give a luxurious and lavish appearance. Richard Mishaan Design is far more interested in creating an incredible and unique room with layers, textures, colors and accent pieces. Mishaan’s work tends to stand on its own, not needing those vagaries.

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Cassio Audi: A Fine-tuned Company Executive


Cassio Audi is an experienced company executive with over two decades primarily working within the Brazilian corporate sector. His extensive experience has seen him work for large corporations and startups. However, the nature, size and industry notwithstanding, Cassio Audi has always left an excellent track record operational and financial success. He started out with a Bachelor’s degree at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo where he specialized in Business Administration. After his 1994 graduation from the university, he later furthered his education at Universidade de São Paulo where he graduated in 2000 with a Master of Business Administration degree.

His solid academic background set Cassio Audi on a successful career path, which began at JP Morgan Chase in 1992 as a trader where he specialized in equities and asset management. After four years, he left the company to join Dow Chemical as a senior financial analyst in 1996. As a finance director at Gillette’s operations in Brazil, Cassio Audi oversaw all key financial operations of the company. After 8 years with the Gillette, he joined Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc. in 2006 where his two year tenure as the chief financial officer saw the startup raise up to $1 billion in equities while also restructuring and reorganizing the company’s financial operations. Between 2008 and 2016, he held several executive positions in various organizations including GVMI, Rossi Commercial Properties and Rossi Residencial where he served as chief financial officer and managing director, chief executive officer and chief financial officer and investor relations officer, respectively.

Musical Career

Cassio Audi’s professional versatility is reflective of his vast skills and talent base. In 2016, he walked down the memory lane by joining the Viper music band on stage to perform one of its old tracks, ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’. Like he did between 1985 and 1989, he was on the drums. During his time with the pop and rock band, he was a drummer who helped with the arrangement and writing of three tracks.

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Talos Energy’s Development And Exploration Activities


For the first time in a very long time, a company has sunk an offshore oil well into the Mexican Waters. On May 21st, Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil PLC, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas began drilling the Zama Well. Drilling process is expected to take around 90 days to complete and could cost Premier an estimated amount of 16 million dollars. The three companies were given the opportunity and right to drill in the area as of 2015. Because of the location of the drilling the structure has a high success rate according to Edison Investment Research which is a London-based company. It was also stated by Canaccord Genuity that the Zana Well is one of the most exciting wells to have drilling activity this year in the Mexican market.

Talos Energy LLC is a company that is privately held in Houston and is focused primarily on oil and gas. The organization is headquartered in Houston and is considered a portfolio company that is affiliated with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global. In 2012, they were committed to 600 million in equity. Talos is a private company that focuses on upstream oil and the acquisition of oil and gas properties. Most of their work involves the area of the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The organization’s primary passion and pursuit involves seeing production and exploration of oil and gas. They based their expertise and acquiring assets in the Gulf of Mexico regions. Talos currently owns over 33,000 square miles of seismic data. Their technical team of professionals understands how to reprocess the information and optimize it to attract joint venture opportunities.

Their management team and specialists have spent most of their careers in the lower Gulf Coast of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. In the last 70 years, they have been able to progress and use advanced drilling techniques that would heighten the development and exploration activities in the area. The combination of their extensive technical skills has allowed them to be very successful in the specific region.

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Allscripts, NantHealth, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Join Forces


Within the field of oncology it is critical for care providers to design custom care plans for each and every patient. Each cancer case is unique, because the individual that has the cancer has a unique background, life situation, and goals. While care providers have always worked with the tools that they had in order to discuss treatment plan options with their patients, it was often a difficult task. The data is always changing as more and more research is conducted.

A new technical program designed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts, and NantHealth, will face these challenges head on. The program’s operating system was built under the influence of hundreds of oncologists and includes 2,700 treatment plan options applicable to a wide variety of cancers. Because the database of cancer treatment outcomes is so vast, it is a powerful tool to have all of the evidence surrounding various treatment regimes all available at the touch of a finger.

The program connects oncologists to new data about drugs as the evidence comes into the field, and is updated automatically. It also allows care providers to order the treatments that they need in a safe and efficient system.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) began collaborating with Allscripts and NantHealth last year in order to begin planning this valuable tool. CTCA is a network of hospitals focused on adult cancer patients across America. The first CTCA hospital was opened in 1998, after the founder (Richard J. Stephensen) watched his mother undergo cancer treatments and was not satisfied with her care.

The CTCA organization grew to become a network of five hospitals. The approach of the oncologists within the CTCA network is patient centered. They provide treatment options such as chemo and immunotherapies, radiation, and surgery. They also include alternative treatments and include emotional support and well being in each care plan.

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