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IDLife: Your fingerprint to wellness


IDLife is a health and wellness company specialized in healthy nutrition. IDLife offers personalized plans for nutrition and supplementation to support any goal, from weight losee to overall wellness. IDLife products include vitamins and supplements, energy shots, nutritional bars, protein powders, and skin care. Combined with exercise, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle, IDLife can help achieve optimum wellness.

IDLife is a Frisco, TX based company founded in 2014. IDLife was founded by CEO Logan Stout who leads the company with the rest of the executive team: President Laura Brandt, COO and General Counsel Mark Bennett, and CFO Joe O’Connor.

Stout is an entrepreneur and former professional baseball player whose career in the sport took him to the World Series 16 times. His background as an athlete has helped shape IDLife. Other athletes and celebrities have also come on board as brand ambassadors including Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom and Darwin Deason.

Every IDLife customer experience begins with a HIPAA compliant health questionnaire on the website to customize recommendations. The questionnaire goes through a personal history including questions about personal, dietary, lifestyle, physical, medical and medications. Based on the results, an individualized plan is developed for nutrition and supplementation for each individual.

Recent partnerships with fitness tech innovator Garmin reinforces IDLife’s commitment to supporting their customer’s overall wellness. Through the partnership, IDLife customers can purchase a Garmin Vivo tracker on the IDLife website. The tracker continuously collects data on various wellness data points – including sleep and activity metrics – and streams them to the IDWellness app. This allows the customer to report more accurate measurements when using the app and track their progress more effectively. With this holistic approach customers have access to a 360-degree view of their health, and can tailor IDLife products that will work best for them.

IDLife offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all products, making it easy for people to try out a regimen with confidence. All products are non-GMO, soy free, gluten free and hormone free. For more information about IDLife, the company, and its products, visit https:

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James Dondero: The Brilliant Leader Of Highland Capital Management


James Dondero is an iconic name in the financial industry because of the leader of one of the biggest financial firms in all of Texas. The company that James Dondero runs is known as Highland Capital Management and is regarded as one of the tops in its field. The company has gained an incredible reputation through the years owing to the amazing tier of business services that they offer them. James Dondero is one of the principal people working at the company has believed that the future of such a large corporation rests upon his shoulders. He knows the responsibility that he has to take on, which is why he has been working hard to attain his goals and reach the high up position that he currently is in. He is a one of a kind business leader who believes in motivating his employees rather than commanding them to do the job at hand. He is one of the biggest motivational interests in the entire country and is someone who is working for the betterment of the financial sector. Even though James Dondero has been working in the financial sector for so long, it hasn’t taken away from the learning experiences that he has had to take on. James Dondero believes that every encounter that he has had can teach him something valuable, which can, in turn, contribute to the incredible amount of skill that he has.

Today, James Dondero leads Highland Capital Management with the skill and finesse of a great leader. The company has prospered incredibly under his name to emerge as one of the top people in the field of finance. The company has even increased the number of strategies that they implement and has given people a new reason to seek financial help. James Dondero is a man with a plan and believes in achieving only some of the very best when it comes to the world of finance. He, therefore, decided to put some policies in place for the betterment of the company, so that it could grow in a proper direction and one day be the firm it was destined to be.

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The Success of Oncortaget Journal


Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed and open access medical journal based in the United States. The term Oncotarget includes all cellular functions, molecules, and pathways common in cancer and aging, lymphocytes and neurons, atherosclerosis and neurodegeneration, cancer cells, and microbes. It publishes papers online on a weekly basis. Besides, each issue can be printed on demand. It covers research based on all aspects of oncology. It was established in 2010 and is usually published by Impact Journals.

The journal is indexed and abstracted in Index Medicus, BIOSIS Previews, Science Citation Index Expanded, and Scopus. Oncotarget has a mission of ensuring that scientific results are widely and rapidly available, eliminating the border between specialties. It also focuses on maximizing the impact of research through insightful review, linking different fields of biomedical science to foster the application of clinical and basic science to avoid diseases. The journal has also enhanced exceptional discoveries are shared them widely and what Oncotarget knows.

With a leadership of the most prominent scientist, Oncortaget helps researchers contribute to the progress of science. The success of Oncotarget has prompted the launch of other sections beyond oncology such as Neuroscience, Cell biology, pharmacology, metabolism, Cardiology, Endocrinology among others. Its impact factor is at 5.168, with the ResearchGate data. It is based on the average citation counts from work published in the journal. It has enabled people whose journals are mistakenly rejected by leading journals to submit their papers to them with peer reviews sourced from the other journal and a rebuttal letter and more information click here.

Oncortarget will start publishing two issues per week instead of the one issue they were previously published due to increased demand. Oncotarget is giving alt-metric article reports free. They are doing that to provide a real-time tracking of articles in digital and traditional media channels on Facebook before accruing of traditional citations and Oncotarget lacrosse camp.

Oncotarget editors evaluate the manuscripts based on scientific novelty, merit, presentation and quality of data regardless of the authors’ sexual orientation, race, citizenship, and religious beliefs. Information in the manuscript is only disclosed to the authors, reviewers, and members of the editorial board. Therefore, the information is treated with confidentiality. Peer review is usually obligatory and essential as it helps editors make the right decisions, and they comment to the authors so that they improve on their manuscripts and what Oncotarget knows.

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Doe Deere life in a nutshell and how she is inspiring others to be themselves


If you ever seen Doe Deere she stands out. With playfully colorful hair, makeup on fleek, and clothes to match you may think she is a movie star. With her whimsical style and ethereal makeup she moves to the beat of her own drum. If you heard of her then you know the self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” is the founder of Chief Executive Officer of everyone’s favorite cosmetic line Lime Crime.


Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia on June 15th, 1981. She was a very imaginative and creative child who also was ambitious at heart. She started her entrepreneurial journey when she was a school kid. At just 13 years old she sold temporary tattoos to her schoolmates and convinces them that they were in style. If worked and her business made some money. She also enjoyed doing it. When she turned 17 Doe packed up her suitcase and flew all the way over the Pacific Ocean to New York City. She wanted to pursue a career in music, and New York City was the place to be! Her band was called SALT SKY. One of her fellow band mates became her husband. Through that experience she and Mark (her husband) learned to work together harmoniously. Doe lived in New York City for 14 years, from 1998 to 2012.


Turning the tables on other women and how she can inspire them is by being a role model. Doe advises her fellow ladies to follow their hearts. If you are naturally good at something, tune into it. You never know what will come of it. Doe grew up feeling alone and different, but those differences is what made her unique and helped launch her brand Lime Crime. Doe says being in touch with yourself helps foster your inner talents that can become your career. She is a perfect example of fostering her creative nature. She felt drawn to bold, bright, and unusual colors which were not being sold on the market. It was all about the au natural look that consisted of neutral and baize tones. She wanted lots of color and found that other women wanted the same. In 2008 Doe Deere launched Lime Crime. The highly pigmented vibrant colors became an instant hit. Not only is the makeup fun and bright, but it is certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. You can look your best without harming our furry little friends. Doe wants to inspire people to freely express themselves without fear. That is why she is leading the way as a role model. She says you express your individuality by what you wear and put on yourself. She also loves to inspire other women to follow their dreams as entrepreneurs. Doe offers to help when needed. Women log on to her social media channels to ask this successful businesswoman their questions. She happily answers and also attends public events to mentor those who need it. Doe Deere has attended Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo to inspire budding businesswomen. Learn more:


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Rocketship Education-Expanding Parent Participation


Rocketship Education is a network of public charter schools. This network is non-profit and works with parents and teachers to create quality public schools. Rocketship Education is based out of San Jose, California. The network strives to put children from San Jose’s low income community on the path to college. Rocketship Education launched its first school in 2007 and it now has 13 different schools. The Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) has stated that students, who are living in poverty in San Jose, are gaining more than a month of additional learning for every year that he/she attends the charter school. At Rocketship Education, parents get to participate in choosing a teacher who will be hired months before the classes begin. Parents are beginning to participate in the job interviews for the teachers starting at the first Washington D.C. location. Preston Smith, executive officer and co-founder of Rocketship Education, stated that parent participation has always been the core of the program. The network has received a lot of their attention from their blended learning style. Parents participate in the interview process in some way at every location. There are times where three to six families at each location will go through training to do panel interviews. Every Rocketship Education location has five core values. These values include: respect, empathy, responsibility, and persistence. The fifth core value is decided on by parents and teachers. That value is intended to represent the schools character and vision. Most of the programs that are taught at the schools are instructional. Therefore, it includes social-emotional learning that is taught about three times a week. This program is intended to give students opportunities to establish relationships and make responsible decisions on a day-to-day basis. Rocketship Education strives to create a positive school experience for students.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny: The Passionate Scientist and His Quest on Treating Cancer and Aging


Mikhail Blagosklonny received his Medical Doctorate (M.D.) in general medicine as well as his Doctor of Philosophy in biomedical research plus cardiology from Saint Petersburg State Medical University I.P. Pavlov, a Russian medical University. He was appointed as an Oncology Professor in the year 2009 at the NY-based Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Mikhail was appointed as an Associate Medicine Professor in 2002, at the NYMC (NY Medical College), in Valhalla, NY before taking a role as the Senior Scientist at the Albany, NY-based Ordway Research Institute.Mikhail held that post until 2009 when he got appointed as a Professor of Oncology, at the NY-based Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The research interests of Mikhail include cancer plus they are targeting cancer therapies protecting normal cells from getting damaged, and the biogerontology (underlying aging mechanisms) and anti-aging drugs and Mikhail’s lacrosse camp.

He is chief editor of Cell Cycle, Oncotarget, and Aging, which as of the year 2013, the journal was ranked the second position in the aging research field. He’s an associate editor of Cancer Biol Ther (Cancer Biology plus Therapy) as well as a member of Cell Death & Differentiation editorial board. Also, he is the founding member of 700forscience, which is a commercialization experts group that helps in creating a system of grassroots support, for innovative biotechnology projects. He has formed a theory about the possible TOR signaling role in aging and cancer as well as recommended using rapamycin, which is a drug that is popular, for cancer as a possible life extension treatment. He’s recognized as one of the impassioned rapamycin advocates in longevity research and what Mikhail knows.

He’s a philanthropist, a professor, a researcher, plus an average person who wants to ensure  that people worldwide receive the best treatment possible regardless of their economic standing. He’s especially interested in medical research field focusing particularly on studying both cancer and aging. Mikhail is mainly interested in the connection between the two and the reason why cancer affects older people more above a certain age. He continues to do research that has and is going to continue to be helpful within the field of Oncology and more information click here.

He is an influential person as a researcher and a professor as well as an expert in his field. Mikhail has been an inspiration to his peers as well as students who want to go on expanding on his research afterward. Mikhail has the goal of finding out a means, not just to treat cancer, but to do it in an efficient way that won’t be painful and costly as the present-day treatments and learn more about Mikhail.

Mikhail has made a lot of progress within his interest field and is hoping that his findings are going to inspire other people all over the world to continue from where he would discontinue because of future studies on He believes that cancer treatment, a deadly and tragic disease, won’t be a treatment that is a luxury in the future for people who are rich or have money; instead, it will be an easy plus a cost-effective treatment.

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Rick Smith: ‘Safe And Sound’


Richard A. “Rick” Smith, is a businessman and the chief executive officer (CEO) of a company known as Securus Technologies, Inc. He has worked for the company as CEO for more than eight years. Various online sources report that Smith is the person largely responsible for taking Securus Technologies into the future.


Smith’s Education

Following his graduation from high school, Smith chose to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology. There he earned an associate’s degree. He next attended the State University of New York, Buffalo.

There he completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Smith went on to complete a master’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York. Finally, he completed his formal education by earning an MBA at the Simon School at the University of Rochester and movie produced by Rick Smith.


Smith’s Work History

According to his professional resume, Smith has previously worked in a number of different fields including (but not necessarily limited to) business development, finance, information technology, operations, and telecommunications.

Smith held several different positions from 1972 until 1998 while he was working for a business known as Global Crossing North America Inc. Those positions included chief information officer and controller. He has also been employed as business development director, director of network plant operations, Midwest telephone operations vice-president, financial management vice-president, and frontier information technologies president and learn more about Rick Smith.

Smith worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc. from 1998 to 2000. He was the company’s CFO (chief financial officer). He became the president in 2000. Three years later, Smith was promoted to CEO. He served as such until 2007.

The next year he signed on as president and CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc. He became company chairman in 2009. More recently, in 2015 Smith and company announced they had signed an agreement to acquire the electronic payment business known as JPay Inc. Today the company reportedly offers more services and products than any of the competitors and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.


Rick Smith & Securus Technologies, Inc.

Smith also recently told the press that Securus Technologies, Inc. actually receives thousands of emails and letters. They indicate that their customers appreciate how the business provides consistent services and continue to help keep the world a safer place. Smith also said that safety is an essential part of meeting the company’s goal to responsibly “protect and serve” their clientele and more information click here.

At present, Securus Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has a team of trained field technicians, a call center, and the largest VOIP Corrections calling platform anywhere. The business currently has over $700 million in acquisitions, patents, and technologies. Securus Technologies’ various products and services are offered to more than 2,600 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies in North America and

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Foreign exchange market with Greg Secker


Foreign exchange market is a decentralized international platform for currency trading. It is the largest liquid market with an average of $5 trillion daily trading volume. Forex trade is made all day, unlike the stock exchange. Forex trading is all about transacting using a suitable currency, be it the US dollar or the sterling pound. Either way, anyone can make profits whether the market is up or down.

An advantage of trading in Forex is that it is effortless and easy to start since you can begin with 250 US dollars. Forex has demo accounts for a personal training on how the Forex platform works. You need to trade online making it easier to make trades anywhere and anytime.

The First success tip for successfully trading on Forex market is choosing appropriate software. The software you use will determine your chances for making profits. One is kindly advised to investigate other options available and pick the suitable software that best suits them. Secondly, find a successful mentor to lead you to a suitable trading style and method. Thirdly, stick on one long-term trading strategy, learn it well and understand it to avoid confusion. Another important tip is to keep your fear, regret, frustration, anger emotions out of your trades because it only worsens results.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and philanthropist globally known as the master trader. The England born trader graduated from the University of Nottingham with a bachelor in agricultural and food science. Greg began working at Thomas cook financial services as a trading technologist. Greg later became Mellon financial corporation vice president. At Mellon, he learned and followed best financial traders footsteps. Greg later resigned from his position at Mellon and started his own companies to work together to allow Greg to help people become skilled operators so that they can improve their lives. His companies include Knowledge to Action Group, Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index, and Smart Chart Software.


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Vincent Parascandola-A Financial Services Executive Icon


Vincent Parascandola is an accomplished financial services executive at AXA Advisors in New York City. He currently holds the position of Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. He has over 25 years experience in the securities industry and has held a securities registration for the duration of his tenure.


Prior to his current position he held a number of increasingly responsible executive roles including President of the Advantage Group, and prior to that worked at MONY Life Insurance Company where he held a number of important executive management roles.

Because of his driven success he is requested as guest speaker at GAMA’s National LAMP meeting and uses that platform to inspire future financial advisors in the field.


Vincent’s ability to mentor his executive management team has lead him into the leadership role that he has today. At AXA Advisors he is tasked with the responsibility of meeting sales goals, recruiting and retaining of executive level management, and as a driven coach and mentor he is also responsible for the development and training of new financial advisors.


At AXA Advisors, he is also responsible for the continued growth and profit of the company as well as business expansion and community and employee relations. As a business executive he can help his customers meet their financial goals and help them keep their business on the right track.


With driven success come rewards. Some of Vincent Parascandola’s accolades include GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award. During his early years he earned the title National Rookie of the Year.


Vincent Parascandola holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University. Check out his Facebook page for more information.

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How Why Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes The Internet of Things Will Bring Marketing Into The 21st Century


When people think of marketing they might think of the popular show Mad Men which depicts an era of advertising, a component of marketing, as it was during the 1960s. Through that lense marketing looks as though it is all about wheeling and dealing, selling snake oil and coming up with visually appealing advertising campaigns. While visuals are no doubt an important part of running a successful marketing campaign it suffices to say that marketing is much, much more than that. Marketing is a discipline that is both an art and a science. It requires a flair for writing and creating innovative ideas and the ability to understand important marketing tools such as the SWOT analysis and the customer journey. Marketing is much more than slogans, catchlines jingles and crisp videography or beautiful photographs. It is understanding how to tie all of those things together in a way that will influence a customer to take a very specific action. That said, however, in order for a marketing campaign to be effective a marketer must have enough solid information about the target demographic and on how consumers behave with regard to the product or service that is being sold to them.

While having a gut instinct or intuition about how to anticipate changes in the marketplace can be valuable at times it is best to make decisions about how to reach out to a consumer demographic based on solid data. These days there is more marketing data available to marketers and the companies that employ them then there has ever been because of the internet. This information is valuable but due the Internet of Things technology has the power to yield even more useful data about consumers’ behaviors and expectations. According to technology enthusiast and entrepreneur Jason Hope the Internet of Things will likely be one of the most important trends to impact how marketing is done in the coming years. One of the things that Jason Hope pointed out in an article for the website is the fact that the Internet of Things has a lot of potential to impact way that marketers are able to approach the concept of the customer journey.

They will likely be able to know more about the series of touch points and actions that a customer takes that eventually leads to them purchasing a product or a service. In his article Jason Hope notes that these devices, whether they are smart sneakers or smart watches, will be able to collect real time data on how they are being used that can be connected to a marketing team’s CRM software that can result in demystifying the customer journey and giving marketers up explicit tactics that they can use to reach the customer. Marketers will also be able to access information such as knowing where an item was purchased and the exact time that it was purchased which might be useful in helping them determine the best times to send out marketing messages via email or social media.

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