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The Career of Drew Madden


The daily operations of medical practitioners have changed for the better as a result of the prowess of Drew Madden. Drew graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Lowa University and possesses an unfathomable passion in information technology. Mr. Madden’s area of specialty is medical systems. He has come up with a system that helps medical practitioners to store patients’ information in a way that is easy to access even in the future. The incredible career of Drew Madden started in Cerner Corporations where he offered his expertise for four years. He would later move to Nordic Consulting Partners in the year 2011 and was named the president of the organization. He served in this corporation for four years before moving to a company known as Evergreen.

The contribution of Mr. Madden to the overall growth of Nordic cannot be understated. He used his passion for electronic medical records to establish and maintain partnerships with numerous companies, which in turn saw Nordic getting to greater heights. The revenues of the company increased significantly as a result of Drew Madden’s positive impact. Most of the accomplishments of Drew while at Nordic are attributed to the fact that he used exceptional business strategies. As a result of Madden’s positive impact, Nordic was able to deal with EMR challenges that it was faced with.

By employing his excellent leadership skills, Drew saw Nordic rise its ranks to be recognized as one of the best companies in the healthcare market. It superseded companies that had been in business longer than itself, as a result of having a strong team behind it. Under the leadership of Drew, Nordic won the coveted KLAS Award for being the most exceptional consultation provider. Drew Madden is a managing partner at a firm known as Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Unlike other companies, Evergreen operates with the belief that every person plays a significant role in making a difference in the world. They offer advisory services to numerous EHR platform. Its primary goal is to see to it that people advance their careers and work closely with healthcare organizations.

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How Sentient AI Is Revving Up AB Testing


Historically in retailing A/B testing is a restrained experiment using two variables. Most often, in online marketing, it was the current website vs. the same website with one change.

With Artificial Intelligence tests can imitate a natural mutative course by running many variations at once. Multiple and varied tests can be run across one buying process. At the same time Artificial Intelligence is actually learning what adjustments are leading to actual sales.

It is almost like a Customer Service Representative talking with a customer. A Rep. who is constantly listening, making decisions and adapting her approach to make the sale. Almost like a conversation with the potential buyer to learn what they want and lead them to the buy button.

Traditional AB testing takes time — usually weeks or months, and many variables are left out. You want to be able to analyze profits, costs and projections. Correct algorithms and advanced A/B testing eliminates looking at one variant at a time. Many amalgamations at one time can measure what combinations work best, reaching conclusions much faster. Also consider that studies have proven that the rate of effectiveness of traditional A/B tests is one in seven.

A sales funnel is often broken down into steps. Step one is awareness phase, then interest phase, followed by evaluation phase. Decision and purchase are the next phases, and of course, the goal.

The bottom line is you want to know how well sales are doing on your website. Sentient AI functions at a much more rapid pace than old A/B methodology. Using algorithms alongside statistics provides the ability to evaluate shifts in these phases. You can see what elements and factors work together and motivate consumers. Sentient AI’s dynamic system enables you to measure hundreds of combinations and designs leading to the ultimately effective A/B test. This along with disciplined interpretation can result in very strong optimization.

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The Mayor Of Porto Alegre Thinks Public-Private Partnerships Will Bring Brazil’s Financial Crisis To An End, According To Felipe Montoro Jens


Porto Alegre is one of the biggest cities in the South of Brazil. The city’s mayor, Nelson Marchezan Júnior, is doing something about the economic crisis. The recession put his city and other Brazilian cities on the road to financial ruin. In order to get his city moving again, Nelson Marchezan Júnior wants to expand the public-private partnership program, and he wants infrastructure specialist Felipe Montoro Jens to help him evaluate reports, discuss concession contracts, and approve the bidding process. Public-private partnerships are also on President Michel Temer’s list. But Temer is going one step beyond the public-private partnership. Temer wants to several sectors of the economy to go private.

Felipe Montoro Jens may not be a household name in the largest economy in Latin America, but when it comes to Brazilian infrastructure solutions, Jens is an expert. The 46-year-old business executive has an impressive resume. Jens graduated from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He has a bachelor degree in business administration. Mr. Jens also did graduate work at Arizona State University. He holds a master’s degree in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, which is on the campus of Arizona State University.

Mr. Jens has extensive business experience. He was a financial auditor and business consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and he was an Enron international financial executive and an energy consultant for Terna, an Italian energy company.

Mayor Nelson Marchezan Júnior wants to bring his city into the 21st-century, and he needs more public services as well as more public power to do that. But in order to get things moving in the right direction, the mayor needs the support of the deputy mayor and other government officials. Felipe Montoro Jens knows how to gain that support as well as organize and supervise public projects.

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What you need to Know about Mighty Fortress Church


Houses of worship have become a center of attraction these days judging from their architecture and decorations. In Minnesota, more than 25 churches can be categorized as beautiful. When speaking about beautiful houses of worship, factors such as architecture and rich history can be used to describe them. Below are some of the churches that deserve this title.

Assumption Chapel, Cold Spring

This church was built back in 1951 and is popularly known as the Grasshopper Chapel. It was constructed after a tornado damaged the first structure. One feature that can catch your eye is the church’s Gothic style that was achieved using wood. It was constructed to facilitate prayers for the grasshopper plague that had infested the area back in 1871.

Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis

The design of this house of worship was inspired by a renowned church based in Cambridge, UK. It has a pointed center spire structure and features a Gothic style that heavily borrows from rural parts of England. Hennepin Ave was once ranked as the 2nd tallest building in the state for its pointed center spire structure.

St. Andrew’s Church, St. Paul

Though it is not operating as a house of worship, the facility currently operates as an arts academy. It comprises of colorful clay tiles roofing and a beautiful brick structure inspired by Spanish Romanesque and Mission Revival architecture.

Mighty Fortress Church

If you are searching for a house of worship that can help you deepen your relationship and knowledge about Christ, look no further. Mighty Fortress Church is the safe place to be when you have the desire to know Christ and what Christianity entails. As a house of worship, its vision is to build a responsive multi-dimensional ministry, which focuses on victorious Christian living and powerful worship.

Bishop T. R. Williams is celebrated as the founder and senior pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams spent the last 30 years as a minister of Gospel who teaches people about the knowledge and wisdom found in the Bible. Bishop Williams acquired his ministerial skills from Rhema Bible Training Center. He also attended North Central University for a BA course.

For more information on Mighty Fortress Church follow them on Facebook.

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The techniques of Sheldon Lavin that led to the success of OSI GROUP


Retaining the employees from Otto and Sons

After purchasing the Otto and Sons Company, Sheldon Lavin did not come in with new employees. Since Otto and Sons had established a good relationship with the employees, they had understood the operations of the company. Sheldon knew that retaining the employees with different management skills would change the culture of business operations. Having worked with the company as a financial consultant, Sheldon knew the rates that the employees were receiving. He ensured that he gave them the best rates to motivate their work. When he took over as the CEO, he had a tender with McDonald’s that was ongoing and more information click here.


Improving the quality of production

Production quality would involve a lot of things in the meat industry. Sheldon had more plans with his company than they already existed. He desired to control the market both within and without the United States. Improving the quality of meat means the company needed to adhere to the ISO standards of production set by the country and the state. After improving the quality of production, OSI GROUP received more clients every day. The demands increased, and the pressure led to the need for more employees. The company could afford to employ a couple of more employees to help with the process of growth and expansion and what Sheldon Lavin knows.


Having plans for expansion

Being a financial consultant, Sheldon had learnt the mistakes that most companies made in the bid to expand their businesses. The few companies for which he worked gave him sufficient lessons on how to go about his financial plans. Improving the quality of production and the product would create more demand in the market. The demand would grow beyond the boundaries of the country. When the demand grows, there will be more needs of how to improve the services, and this would lead to the expansion of the services. Sheldon Lavin went with this idea to the market, and it led to his success as the CEO and Sheldon’s lacrosse camp.


Making the employees comfortable

Sheldon Lavin was a bright chap. He knew that employees were assets in the industry and high levels of employee turnaround would be detrimental to the growth of the company operations. For this reason, Lavin ensured that the employees were compensated properly for their work so that they do not feel dissatisfied. The most performing employees were to be promoted so that they can use their skills to influence a larger population and his Linkedin.

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From Seed To Tree


The president of OSI industries, David McDonald, is certain that this company has to grow. In order to offer more to customers, partnering with clients tends to be a great help for the business. Being such a large organization, it’s a requirement, first and foremost, to offer more food choices. Being sufficient and convenient is the grand goal for OSI.

In order to keep the motto, that the food is healthy and tasty, as it was previously stated, the company wants to make food choices more sufficient for consumers to keep business flourishing. Since this plan is allowed to operate in 16 other countries besides the United States, this would be a sporting chance to boost those numbers on sales. It is no surprise that it has been announced that OSI Industries has a 200,000 square foot facility that supports this massive growth.

Now that it is beginning to spread through to Europe, new doors are to open for OSI Industries. Being able to partner up with global markets around the world would certainly bring in good money.

One has already partnered with OSI. Baho Food, another manufacturer for deli meats and snacks. They have five processing plants in Germany alone, including the Netherlands. Directors and line managers are brought together to create a growth strategy that could be the key for these combined companies.

Local in nature, all thanks given to China in 1992, when it was a corporate decision to expand at the time, there is comfort for local businesses with the world-view that one size fits all. There is a massive picture for this OSI, since it’s position is viewed as a global leader and a large scale operation. Despite all that, it maintains an entire team with the same goal; To understand local cultures and tastes.

So, can this powerful influence be recognized? Of course it can! In a way, it is a small world for such a huge industry. Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO of the OSI Group, has full faith that he has what it takes to hold up the OSI name. With a blooming academic background in finance and accounting, he serves as the energy and life behind the growth of OSI. With a long history with founding the Industry, he states that innovation was always a part of him and that is how he got his work at OSI.

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Lime Crime Takes Inspiration from Polly Pocket For Latest Product Line


The latest product line from Lime Crime has taken inspiration from Polly Pocket. This make up brand is one of the most creativity based make up companies in the market. One of the best things about Lime Crime is that it inspires women to step out of the box for their best looks. One of the best things to do when it comes to beauty, fashion and progress is to challenge convention. This is one thing that Doe Deere continues to do with her make up line. She creates new products on a regular basis that inspires people to explore their artistic side with make up.

The new products come in three didn’t pastel shades. This brings about a look that is very similar to the Polly Pocket dolls. One of the best aspects of Lime Crime is there is always some kind of new product. The colors that are offered for lipstick and other forms of make up go far outside the usual red and other similar tones. These particular product lines can bring some kind of nostalgic value to the customer. For one thing, they are reminiscent of the product line that made the owner one of the coolest and most popular kids in school.

Lime Crime is one of the brands to look into for people that are bored with convention. Lime Crime is available everywhere. Anyone who is interested in buying a product from the Lime Crime brand can either get it by finding out which store carries the products or actually ordering it online. The pocket candy pallet product line is available online. Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime is always finding inspiration to come up with products that bring forth something satisfactory. People who are artistic or curious can enjoy this candy palette line.

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Neurocore Helps Where Medication Fails at Depression


If any one has depression, the solution is simple. All that is needed is to go to a doctor and get dosed up on some drugs. This couldn’t be so much farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of people who have said that they were given treatment for depression that did not work. One of the reasons is that many of these people have a root cause for their depression. Often times, it is something that has happened to them that they have not fully recovered from. Fortunately, they can find better treatment with Neurocore.

For people who are wondering what Neurocore is, it is a company that focus on mood and personality disorders. Among the disorders that it is focused on treating are depression. anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and other mental disorders. One of the reasons that it is effective at this is because it takes time to look at how the brain works and then comes up with a treatment that is going to fix the individual plan. It is not always going to be a pill that needs to be popped. For some people, it is going to be different types of therapy. Then there are cases that do require medication to be injected.

There are a lot of testimonials that give information on how effective Neurocore is at treating depression. Some of them are from the patients themselves while others are from the friends and family members of the patients. They are willing to treat conditions of different levels of severity. For instance, there are people who have come to get treatment for depression that is not that serious. They have been happy about the results and have therefore recommended Neurocore to others so that they can see the difference that the facility makes.

For further information follow Neurocore on Facebook.

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SahmAdrangi: Bold Move for Success


SahmAdrangi is a businessman and an entrepreneur who is known for making bold decisions in running his own financial firm, Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He made it to the headlines recently because of his decision to buy stocks from a public company that is yet to be unveiled. According to reports, SahmAdrangi managed to raise $100 million from different sources, including several investors. He stated that the money will be used to buy most of the stocks of a still unnamed public company. It will be unveiled to the public soon, but as of now, details about the company are still a secret. Several experts are stating that this was the first time that a fund management firm would buy stocks from confidential sources, but they are praising the move as a brilliant and a bold one. SahmAdrangi hopes that the move would provide huge profit for Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, and he is optimistic that the money he will be investing would grow.This is not the first time that SahmAdrangi made bold decisions for his financial firm. In the past, the company has signed investment deals which ended up successfully.

More investors are putting their trust at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, because of the positive reputation of SahmAdrangi. According to some financial experts, SahmAdrangi is slowly becoming one of the youngest multi-millionaires in the United States because of his investment in different things. The majority of his wealth has been accumulated from the stock market, as well as other investment ventures.SahmAdrangi graduated from Yale University. He took up Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and soon after graduating, he decided to enter the corporate world and worked for several financial institutions. His first job was as an analyst for Deutsche Bank. He left the company after some time and transferred to Chanin Capital Partners, where he also served as an analyst. He would again leave Chanin Capital Partners for Longacre Fund Management, where he also worked as an analyst. Thinking that his career would no longer grow, he decided to quit being an employee and founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009. This has been one of the best decisions that he made because the financial firm that he established became successful in just a short period of time.

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IDLife: Your fingerprint to wellness


IDLife is a health and wellness company specialized in healthy nutrition. IDLife offers personalized plans for nutrition and supplementation to support any goal, from weight losee to overall wellness. IDLife products include vitamins and supplements, energy shots, nutritional bars, protein powders, and skin care. Combined with exercise, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle, IDLife can help achieve optimum wellness.

IDLife is a Frisco, TX based company founded in 2014. IDLife was founded by CEO Logan Stout who leads the company with the rest of the executive team: President Laura Brandt, COO and General Counsel Mark Bennett, and CFO Joe O’Connor.

Stout is an entrepreneur and former professional baseball player whose career in the sport took him to the World Series 16 times. His background as an athlete has helped shape IDLife. Other athletes and celebrities have also come on board as brand ambassadors including Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom and Darwin Deason.

Every IDLife customer experience begins with a HIPAA compliant health questionnaire on the website to customize recommendations. The questionnaire goes through a personal history including questions about personal, dietary, lifestyle, physical, medical and medications. Based on the results, an individualized plan is developed for nutrition and supplementation for each individual.

Recent partnerships with fitness tech innovator Garmin reinforces IDLife’s commitment to supporting their customer’s overall wellness. Through the partnership, IDLife customers can purchase a Garmin Vivo tracker on the IDLife website. The tracker continuously collects data on various wellness data points – including sleep and activity metrics – and streams them to the IDWellness app. This allows the customer to report more accurate measurements when using the app and track their progress more effectively. With this holistic approach customers have access to a 360-degree view of their health, and can tailor IDLife products that will work best for them.

IDLife offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all products, making it easy for people to try out a regimen with confidence. All products are non-GMO, soy free, gluten free and hormone free. For more information about IDLife, the company, and its products, visit https:

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