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Oreo Debuts Red Velvet Cookie



Oreo has done it again, they’ve taken a truly iconic flavor and turned it into a delightful cookie. Oreo is selling a limited edition Oreo in Red Velvet flavor.

The red velvet confections will go on sale nation wide on February 2nd and will be joining a long list of oddly flavored Oreo cookies. For decades Oreo focused their business on the traditional Oreo that featured sweet, vanilla cream sandwiched between two cookies. In the 1990s they began selling multiple other incarnations, but didn’t cross over into the “weird” until the last five years.

Over the summer, for example, Oreo began offering a watermelon-flavored confection, and a Root Beer Float flavor soon followed. Banana Split Oreo’s were also made available during that time. Today, Oreos can regularly be found on the shelf in everything from Very Berry, to Birthday Cake flavoring, and Red Velvet is soon to join the ranks.

While there is no official word on how these red velvet wonders will taste, the pictures released suggest the cookies were be red velvet flavored, and the creamy middle may try to mimic the traditional cream cheese frosting found on a red velvet cake.

In the last 10 years, the popularity of red velvet has soared nationwide. Once considered a southern cake, the cocoa-flavored, cream cheese frosted confection has garnered fans across the world.  Red Velvet is one of my favorite confections, I recently ate my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich’s family recipe which was to die for. I hope these cookies can keep up.

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