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From Seed To Tree


The president of OSI industries, David McDonald, is certain that this company has to grow. In order to offer more to customers, partnering with clients tends to be a great help for the business. Being such a large organization, it’s a requirement, first and foremost, to offer more food choices. Being sufficient and convenient is the grand goal for OSI.

In order to keep the motto, that the food is healthy and tasty, as it was previously stated, the company wants to make food choices more sufficient for consumers to keep business flourishing. Since this plan is allowed to operate in 16 other countries besides the United States, this would be a sporting chance to boost those numbers on sales. It is no surprise that it has been announced that OSI Industries has a 200,000 square foot facility that supports this massive growth.

Now that it is beginning to spread through to Europe, new doors are to open for OSI Industries. Being able to partner up with global markets around the world would certainly bring in good money.

One has already partnered with OSI. Baho Food, another manufacturer for deli meats and snacks. They have five processing plants in Germany alone, including the Netherlands. Directors and line managers are brought together to create a growth strategy that could be the key for these combined companies.

Local in nature, all thanks given to China in 1992, when it was a corporate decision to expand at the time, there is comfort for local businesses with the world-view that one size fits all. There is a massive picture for this OSI, since it’s position is viewed as a global leader and a large scale operation. Despite all that, it maintains an entire team with the same goal; To understand local cultures and tastes.

So, can this powerful influence be recognized? Of course it can! In a way, it is a small world for such a huge industry. Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO of the OSI Group, has full faith that he has what it takes to hold up the OSI name. With a blooming academic background in finance and accounting, he serves as the energy and life behind the growth of OSI. With a long history with founding the Industry, he states that innovation was always a part of him and that is how he got his work at OSI.

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