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How Why Entrepreneur Jason Hope Believes The Internet of Things Will Bring Marketing Into The 21st Century


When people think of marketing they might think of the popular show Mad Men which depicts an era of advertising, a component of marketing, as it was during the 1960s. Through that lense marketing looks as though it is all about wheeling and dealing, selling snake oil and coming up with visually appealing advertising campaigns. While visuals are no doubt an important part of running a successful marketing campaign it suffices to say that marketing is much, much more than that. Marketing is a discipline that is both an art and a science. It requires a flair for writing and creating innovative ideas and the ability to understand important marketing tools such as the SWOT analysis and the customer journey. Marketing is much more than slogans, catchlines jingles and crisp videography or beautiful photographs. It is understanding how to tie all of those things together in a way that will influence a customer to take a very specific action. That said, however, in order for a marketing campaign to be effective a marketer must have enough solid information about the target demographic and on how consumers behave with regard to the product or service that is being sold to them.

While having a gut instinct or intuition about how to anticipate changes in the marketplace can be valuable at times it is best to make decisions about how to reach out to a consumer demographic based on solid data. These days there is more marketing data available to marketers and the companies that employ them then there has ever been because of the internet. This information is valuable but due the Internet of Things technology has the power to yield even more useful data about consumers’ behaviors and expectations. According to technology enthusiast and entrepreneur Jason Hope the Internet of Things will likely be one of the most important trends to impact how marketing is done in the coming years. One of the things that Jason Hope pointed out in an article for the website is the fact that the Internet of Things has a lot of potential to impact way that marketers are able to approach the concept of the customer journey.

They will likely be able to know more about the series of touch points and actions that a customer takes that eventually leads to them purchasing a product or a service. In his article Jason Hope notes that these devices, whether they are smart sneakers or smart watches, will be able to collect real time data on how they are being used that can be connected to a marketing team’s CRM software that can result in demystifying the customer journey and giving marketers up explicit tactics that they can use to reach the customer. Marketers will also be able to access information such as knowing where an item was purchased and the exact time that it was purchased which might be useful in helping them determine the best times to send out marketing messages via email or social media.

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