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How Richard Mishaan Design is Dominating an Industry


Richard Mishaan Design has been servicing New York City with high profile and high quality interior design work for the better part of the past 25 years. From high rise buildings to Soho Apartment buildings, Richard Mishaan Design has always been right there. The man behind the company, the titular Richard Mishaan, has already established himself as one of the best in the industry and now it seems like he is being awarded and recognized as such. Richard Mishaan recently announced the release of his second book, “Artfully Modern” which was released to quick commercial success on Amazon. In order to commemorate this success Mr. Mishaan hosted an elaborate dinner party for his supporters and past customers.


The dinner was hosted at the Margaux at Marlton Hotel and it featured a warm reception for Mishaan’s work. Among the attendees were past clients, family and friends, fashion icons, and local artists as well. Mishaan’s work has been widely recognized and his newest book makes a great entry into what makes Mishaan so special in such a crowded and hard to nail down field. One of Mishaan’s many friends and former clients is Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn who said that his work is able to make something equal parts beautiful and unique, “You never walk in and say, “This is a Richard Mishaan room’ because it’s his expected look; instead you say, “What a fabulous room!”


What makes Richard Mishaan Design so special is that he never caters to the conventions of the industry. Most interior designers like to use as much money as possible in order to give a luxurious and lavish appearance. Richard Mishaan Design is far more interested in creating an incredible and unique room with layers, textures, colors and accent pieces. Mishaan’s work tends to stand on its own, not needing those vagaries.

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