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Richard Mishaan, Designer Of The Elite Combines The Luxurious With The Classical


Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, the Columbian-born Richard Mishaan combines the luxurious with the classical. It is not surprising therefore that he is rated as one of New York’s leading architectural and interior designers.

One does not make it to the Elle Décor List A and also the AD 100 unless one os very good indeed at one’s work.

The two books written by Mishaan, namely Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, both of them published by the Monacelli Press at Random House are collectors’ items. Mishann firmly believes that for one to evolve as a person and indeed as an artist, one needed to travel and get exposed to the cultural heritage of the world. For him, any design that drew its inspiration from heritage became timeless and pristine.

Mishaan, who never shies from expressing an honest opinion feels that appreciating design is more about having an innate aesthetic sensibility than how expensive anything is to buy. Mishaan has been unique in that he has been using both different eras and adapting styles around that for over thirty years, while everyone had hopped on to that bandwagon only in the recent past.

A case in point is the way that he has designed a home of his in Cartagena in his native Columbia. This consists of a 16th-century residence close to a historic district Mishaan’s ode to antiquity is present in the shape of a pair of original heavy doors, a traditional Spanish arched foyer. At the same time, he equipped it with all the 21st-century comforts that one is used to.

There are very few designers in New York City who have this intuitive and organic sense of what is aesthetically pleasing. Mishaan has that, and this is what makes him unique and different from the others. He never tries to conform to a trend or take advantage of it.

On the contrary, he transcends trends in a way that makes his designs timeless, like he. Designers like him come along once in a while, and people know that. That is why there will be no other like Mishaan.

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